First gig

Went to my 1st gig last night. Pretty cool. We had 11 people on stage (including 2 accordions!). I tried to play along. I was watching another guitarist who seemed to know the songs. He became my cue as to what chord I needed and when to change. Maybe next week I will get the courage to actually stand up at the mic and play something. I think I can find a couple songs that the crowd would enjoy (no rock for them!). I can now see how doing this can really help improve your playing.
Each player would go to the mic and tell what they were about to play and in what key. I really need to go back and review the lessons on which chords are in what key. That would help a lot in knowing what chords will probably be played.


Bravo, Michael, sounds great and no doubt that playing with others is one of the best ways to improve

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Great stuff, I sure learned and continue to learn heaps from such gigs

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Well done Michael :metal:

Make sure you play what you enjoy! (It will show) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations Michael, I’m trying to build my confidence to play in an OM sometime. Well done you :wave::wave::wave:

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Hi Michael, that sounds great. Congrats on your first gig. I admire your courage. Great you enjoyed it and want more of it now :smiley: .

Congratulations Michael,

That’s cool.

Yep that’s how it is done. Usually, when its the blues, the also mention 12 bar or 8 bar, and ‘quickchange’ or ‘turnaround’, so you know when and what to change. The risk of looking to another guitar players fingerboard is being too late :wink: and, its usually the singer / lead instrumentalist who signals when you should stop (e.g. move into an outro), and allocates the solo’s, if any, so its even more important to be aware of what he signals. Its embarrassing for newbees to keep playing the chord sequence, after everybody else has stopped playing. (I know, I have been there…)

How many guitar players were there? Electric or acoustic? Percussion, Bass?

How true!

Nice one Michael. Glad to read you enjoyed the experience.

Sounds great Michael and what a way to help improvement and embed some music theory in a practical way! I hope you’ll be returning!