First video posted, Come as you are

Hi all.
Having introduced myself recently I thought I would post my first video of myself playing.

I have been playing for just over 2 years and started learning the main riff to this song as part of Justin’s beginner course, grade 1, module 5 and I have been working on the song on and off pretty much ever since until, just yesterday, I managed to play it all of the way through for the first time, although I had to edit the solo into the video as I couldn’t change from chorus effect to gain while playing.
I seem to be having a bit of an issue with fret buzz, probably due to my sloppy fretting, and the bends during the solo are a little under pitch, but excusable I guess seeing as I have only just started learning the art of string bending. Other than the issues mentioned I am pretty pleased with this.


Sounds like progress is being made :+1: just keep on rocking.

Just work on your technique as part of your practice routine, the 1 minute chord changes are very helpful even if a bit boring. Strumming chords one string at a time will let you know which strings are buzzing.

Sounding good though, keep it up!

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Cool performance, I enjoyed it a lot so thank you for posting it!

I have noticed you only do downpicking on the riff and the solo. Is this intentional and you prefer doing it over alternate picking to add more punch to the riff and solo? There’s no right or wrong way but keep in mind that playing faster/busier songs, your right hand might get tired doing exclusively downpicking (unless you have a wrist of steel like James Hetfield from Metallica who downpicks everything).


Thanks for your feedback @glpguitar
I am aware of the benefit of alternate picking and I have just started trying to incorporate it in some of my playing. The problem with me using alternate picking on this song is muscle memory. I have been playing this riff using down picks for so long that trying to now play it with alternate picking will mean starting over again, playing the riff real slow. The solo however shouldn’t be too much of a problem to convert to alternate picking as I have only just learned that. I shall give it a try. :+1:

Thanks for the feedback @liaty

I have done the 1 minute changes on the basic open chords when I started with Justin’s course. Haven’t done any for a while though. I think the speed of the power chord changes here were pretty much up to speed, although accuracy of my fretting was perhaps a little sloppy, hence the fret buzz, so yes, I certainly need to work some more on tightening up my technique.

Good job Malcolm, you’re well on your way to rockin’ the stadium.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Excellent first recording, Malcolm. I thought your playing was generally pretty clean and rhythmic, building a solid foundation. You dialed in tones that really captured the vibe of the original.

Something to look at and review: your wrist angle looked a little bent just enough that perhaps it could cause you some pain later. May also be optical illusion on the video. You could experiment with guitar positioning if it is the case. It may help to raise the headstock a little so the neck angles up. Also looks like the neck is angling away from your body.

Something to think about for future: not sure how into using software tools you may be. To take this project up another level, you could consider making the rhythm recording, then playing that audio back and playing your solo over the appropriate chords. In post processing you can bring the two audios together as a combined audio for the video. If you really get into that then with the right software you can add the solo video as an insert when you play it.

All that just depends on how into that sort of thing you may want to get. You did do some video editing to insert the solo recorded after so thought I’d throw it out there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Bravo, look forward to your next as you rock on.

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Thats a good first post for AVOYP Malcolm. No technical critique from me as i’m not as far along as you are, but i enjoyed the listen. I look forward to hearing more from you along your journey. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratz on your first video! That is a milestone on its own!

You take me back to when I started, as this is the first thing I’ve ever learned; at a LAN party with more booze than pc’s.

Don’t worry about it not being perfect.
Being able to listen and identify what goes well and what doesn’t is the real asset here.
Also, nice approximation of thet typical sound.

Love to see more in the future!

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Thanks for the comment @LievenDV

Rest assured I will be posting more video’s in due course, Watch this space!! :grin:

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Thanks for the feedback @DavidP

I have taken on board your comment about my wrist angle. Up until now I have mostly been playing sitting down, so maybe I could do with tightening my strap a little for playing standing up and I will try raising the headstock as you suggested.

As for video editing, this is something I would like to learn more about at some point, but TBH I struggle to find the spare time to put in the practice that I should be doing on the guitar right now. Something for the future maybe when I have a little more time.

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Thanks @batwoman Rocking the stadium?, yeah, in my dreams!! (Nice thought though)

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Great focus sir! That pace on picking part was consistently quick. That stuff drives me crazy! There is s LOT going on there technically and to put on your first video, well done! As others have rightly said stay with it, it gets easier…. Rod

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Thanks @Rod58 This is one of many songs (probably too many) that I have been working on for a while. It’s far from perfect but I am quite pleased with the progress that I have made on this one.

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Sounding good Malcolm so congrats on your first AOVYP. Plenty of good advice added already, so happy just to listen. You found a good tone for the song which helped. Well done.

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Get in Malcolm, that was very nice. Welcome to the posting-videos-of-yourself-playing community, look out, it can be addictive :sweat_smile:


Nice video and great choice of song @laser_171825.

@DavidP Something I’ve always wondered, how do single guitarist bands do this live? Here is the same song live by Nirvana: Nirvana - Come As You Are (Live at Reading 1992) - YouTube. Around the 2 minute mark the solo starts, the main riff still plays. Who’s playing it? From what I can google it seems Kurt didn’t use a looper pedal.

Well done @laser_171825 , I can’t add more from a technique perspective from what everyone’s said already but nice one on taking the step and uploading a video, not an easy thing to do convince yourself to do but hope you take inspiration from it and give us some more. I’ll look forward to it! :+1:

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Loved it! You ripped that song :fire:

Keep em comin!! :grin:

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JK, I don’t have the best ears for transcribing etc but my guess this time the riff was being played on the bass while he played the solo. I believe sometimes bands also have additional backing musicians playing that are either at the back of the stage or even off stage.

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