Fitzcarraldo - The Frames

This week’s offering. Thanks for the lovely welcome and kind comments last week

Went to their gig last week. Glen Hansard specifically (of Falling slowly fame) usually has a different backing band but they were all suck with COVID so he pulled in old The Framed buddies for a four hour session of wonderfulness.

Anyhow, this was a tune I tried to learn during lockdown and couldn’t get to grips with it. Came back from the gig last week and everything seemed easier. It’s far from perfection but I like it.

The original hits me in the guts everytime


Gotta love Glen Hansard & the Frames :sunglasses:

Crackin’ tune and really well performed.
Amongst the best thing I’ve heard here in AVOYP :smiley:
in particular I thought the backing vocals were inspired! :astonished:

I agree with Brian’s assessment Dom. That was fantastic! My two sisters went to see Glen Hansard in Wexford a couple of months back and said he was amazing.
Super stuff and keep ‘em coming.

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Phenomenal playing and vocals Dom!

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I’m afraid I don’t know the song and the band, but I enjoyed this a lot, everything, your singing is really fantastic, but what really caught my ear was the sound of the acoustic guitar :blush:

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Fabulous performance, playing and singing, Dom, and well produced.


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Thanks again everyone. Twenty four hours after recording, I hate it. This is something I’ve grown to accept even just recording music for myself, privately. The hate will come.

Now. Do I hate it really? Probably not. I’m hyper critical of myself, inside and outside of music. Damaging and destructive talk to myself, which can be affected by my general mood significantly on a given day. (I’m very nice to everyone else)

But once you press publish, it takes on a life of its own that you can’t influence anymore. Is that true here? Definitely not. This is a learning environment. People are learning. People are exposing themselves (figuratively) in the quest for improvement and enjoyment.

So sing like nobody’s watching? Well I’m in a kitchen with three dogs and nobody is watching. Not yet anyway. I’m not doing this to punish myself. One of these days I’ll wake up dead and hope I wake up singing.

I spoke to an experienced performer recently about singing in public. His observation on audience detractors? Hand them your guitar and ask them if they would like to do better? I’m not sure I fully like that idea but ultimately…

Whatever you do today is good enough for today so well done and thanks for the music!!!

A link to The Frames playing it. (The subject matter, a terribly interesting true story in itself)


Dom, that was marvellous. Really well played and sung.

An artist I’ve not heard of before so I’ve added a couple of his albums on my Spotify to listen to.

Hi Dom, I think most of us are hard on ourselves at times. It took me a long time to get used to and like the sound of my own voice. It was so weird to me to hear a recording of my singing voice.
I still don’t rate myself as much of a singer but have come to realize and accept that there are songs I can do a reasonable job on and others that no matter how much I want to sing them well, I just can’t. I think singing is also subjective in that there are certain singers that will sound good to one person and are not another’s cup of tea. Is Adele a great singer ? Yes absolutely! Is Bob Dylan? Probably not but I know who I prefer to listen to . Same goes for performing.
From your posts so far you have got plenty of talent (both playing and vocals) so trust yourself. Nobody no matter how good appeals to everyone, and if someone doesn’t want to listen then they won’t. Keep doing what you are doing!


Hi Dom, this was amazing - fantastic playing, singing, and whisteling :star_struck:.
You can be very proud of you.
Yes, many of us have this little (or not that little) perfectionist sitting on their shoulder, constantly whispering to your ear, what could have been done better. But particularly in this case, don’t listen to it. Your performance was extraordinary. Really much to like :smiley:.

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Class myself as a beginner who likes exploring new sounds, techniques and styles of playing.

I think you do yourself a disservice Dom, certainly more than a mere beginner. Sounding very polished, slick and experienced. Nice job sir :sunglasses:

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You’ve poked a sleeping dog with this one, Dom :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Might be just the festive season, but bringing this band back into ‘the frame’ is pushing my nostalgia buttons…
Where did you see them? The National Concert Hall? I see they did a busk for the homeless gig too :smiley:
Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I’ve just looked up the chords and lyrics and put my fiddle player (Chris) on standby for further instructions. Maybe I can get my son to provide a rhythm section too…
I’ll need all the help I can get not to make a (sleepy) dog’s dinner out of this :laughing:

There are not many here who produce music that ‘strangers’ would listen to and like :rofl:
I actually enjoy (occasionally) looking at previous recordings. It reminds me of the fun and excitement I had learning them and sometimes even think bits were quite good for the stage I was at.
i may be deluded… but happily so :smiley:
Better get back to business though… This Irishman has a boat to pull and there’s a mountain in the way :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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Love it!!!

They played two sold out gigs in St Canice’s Cathedral in Kilkenny. It was quite something. It’s a stunning building at the best of times. Yep hours of new lockdown music and two hours of their favourites. Lots of love, laughs and stories thrown in for good measure.

Of all the bears to awaken, I’d love to be confronted with a snarling beast with the face and roar of The Frames.

Very kind Nicole. Thank you so much

Thank you Tony. Really wouldn’t class myself much more than a beginner. I am venturing into playing by ear rather than supplied chords or tutorials.

It’s more time consuming but it’s forcing me out of my comfort zone but into an exciting learning process. I’m just hoping it doesn’t lend to bad habits.

Wise words Eddie. I need to remind myself of that often. When it lands, I find that I play much more freely, especially in public.

The sweet spot so to speak.

Thanks twistor

Thank you Silvia

This is excellent Dom I loved everything about it. :clap:t2: :smiley:

How did it I miss this one? Although unknown to me it was a superb performance, really top notch production all over! Well done!