Flowers On The Wall

I just think this is a fun song with a fun tune. I hope I did it at least a bit of justice.

I call it my retirement theme song. When asked what I did today I can respond “counted flowers on the wall”.

Fun song, 2nd video. I tried to get the guitar in the video at least a bit. Notice my microphone screwed onto my dog Roxy’s stick and literally stuck in a hole on my desk.
I’m a true beginner I guess! (hoping this works), video poor, all is done on an old out dated laptop. Only add on is the mic.


OMG! I have promised myself so many times over the last couple of years that I would look up the chords and learn this. One of the finest songs ever to be used in a movie
You absolutely killed it. Laid back, powered right though it, punk style :smiley:
Hey, at least you have a mic :wink:

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Thanks Brian. Very much appreciated!

It Is a fun song. Once you hear it just makes you want to keep singing it :grinning:

That was great Mike I have not heard this in years, christ I must have been 10 when I first heard this on the radio. Great song and an energetic well performed cover. :+1:

@brianlarsen ahoy on the Wirral, what was the film reference ? After the Greek references earlier today or was it yesterday, I slept, the mind is foggy but something stirs. Help me ?


Don’t know. But I’m going to find it. You guys have me curious.

That was great Mike, you’re coming along nicely. And it makes a big difference being able to watch you play. So thank you for taking on board the suggestions to post videos. Keep up the good work.

Was it Pulp Fiction?

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YES. And I feel stupid because I knew that. Just forgot.

This was the scene and just listening to it the now I can say you sung it better than Bruce Willis

Doh me to but I am getting old. Now need to find that footage. Great job Mike !

Saviour !

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And it all comes flooding back. Now off to find Zed :wink:

Now that Mike’s covered a Pulp Fiction Song, Reservoir Dogs is calling out, maybe Hooked on a Feeling :sunglasses:

Shoot :rabbit: :hole: :rabbit: :hole: :rabbit: :hole: :rabbit: :hole: :rabbit: :hole: :rabbit: :hole: :rabbit: :hole: don’t go there !

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James you are not helping at 2345. I’ve just bounced from Pulp Soundtrack to Dogs and settled on Desperado with its epic tracks. What’s in the guitar case ?

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Well the same can’t be said for you my friend. It’s 22:48 and the dogs are just settling down after all the fireworks and was just thinking what can I watch and now you’ve gave me a good suggestion

Enjoy James. I am off to my digital collection as the YT “soundtrack” I found is off the wall track wise quality wise let alone content wise. Be careful out there. Strange Face of Love is a good cover I learnt years back, must revisit.

@MiJoy Mike sorry for the hijack but these things happen when an epic film track is covered, so I guess will blame @brianlarsen That way we all get away with the chaos. :sunglasses:

You will have to post a cover of it mate. Night Night

Yes, but to be fair Brian did point us in the direction of a good cover and I wouldn’t be surprised based on his comment if he does a cover of your cover so respect.

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I have to find my uke first…
They’re so feckin’ small :roll_eyes: :rofl:


That’s a mighty tasty burger.


There just a long way away Dougal :telescope: