Fly Me To the Moon (Ukulele!)

Well it’s only Day 8 so don’t expect too much! This is a fun song to play though, figured I’d post this one from my current 3 song uke repertoire (the other 2 being Stand by Me, from Justin’s lesson, and the Monkees I’m a Believer, because who doesn’t want to hear the Monkees on ukulele??!!:joy:)

Actually I guess I could play hundreds of songs now that I know a handful of chords, but there’s really only a select few that sound any good on uke. The other way of looking at that of course is that nothing sounds good on ukulele, so play anything you want!! :smiley:


Day 8! That was great Mari. Strummed chords all over the neck and picked melody notes too. Well done.

The uke does have a unique sound and you’re right that only certain songs will sound good but you’re certainly on the way to becoming a bit of a uke maestro!

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Lol thanks Gordon, I’m enjoying it quite a lot. Thankfully I’m on vacation last week and this week so it hasn’t entirely distracted me from my true love :guitar:

good job Mari. I haven’t picked up my ukulele since i was about 6. :grinning:
The only thing I do with it is dust it once in a while.

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Thanks Rick, I haven’t figured out where to put it yet so it’s in the middle of things and handy to pick up and (try to) play. Apparently it’s also a wee bit annoying to other people in the house!!

That was great Mari. I’m currently trying to learn that song on the guitar (alot more basic though, there’s no way I could pick out melodies like you did with it). You did a fabulous job with it. I’m very impressed.

You’ve certainly inspired me. I might just have to pick up that ukulele that I’ve got on display in the living room and try to learn how to play that instrument too.

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Thanks James. That’s a song I’d love to learn on guitar, one day. i learned it for ukulele here Fly Me To The Moon (Ukulele Fingerstyle) With Tabs - YouTube . He’s got a tutorial too, but it was easy enough to just follow the tab.

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Hi Mari,
That was nice :sunglasses:
I have no idea what it is with those things, but it just sounds funny,…it’s on my long list of ‘things to buy’ :smile:

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Thanks Rogier, I have no idea what it is with those things either, just that somehow I acquired an intense wish to have one! :smiley:

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This would be a big hit around campfire


That sounded superb, great example of what a proficient guitar player can do with a ukelele :smile: I have my uke on a wall gathering a dust as well but any holidays given I will probably pick it up again :smile: all the best!

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Beautufully played Mari! Encore!

This song elicits very fond memories for me about a great period of my life. You just brought them all back for a visit with this lovely rendition. :grinning:

Cheers, Shane

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Day 8 ? ! ? Respect. :bowing_man:

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Great stuff Mari, especially at day 8! It was a good choice of song to play and you played it very well, I hope that you’re enjoying it being as it was me who tipped you over the edge to get one :joy:
When you start playing Uke at first the re-entrant G sounds a bit strange especially when you start adding melody that requires that string to be played. I’ve got one of mine set up with a low G so it sounds more like a guitar, there’s some songs that sound better that way.

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@adi_mrok @sclay @TheMadman_tobyjenner @DarrellW thanks guys!

Adrian, that’s what holidays are for - music! :slight_smile:

Shane, that’s nice to hear :slight_smile:

Toby, I don’t expect to progress quite as quickly as in the first 8 days now lol. I might finish learning the basic chords though, that would be helpful!

Darrell, yes you were the tipping point lol. It’s really quite a fun little instrument to play though, so no daggers being sent from me to you!! I was looking at a couple of videos with a low G, and saw that depending on the uke the string might not fit perfectly into the slot in the nut. I’m happy with the high G for now, but may check out a low G at some point.

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Well done Mari. Love it. :heart_eyes:

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Mari don’t tempt me. :smiling_imp:

In your capable and experienced hands anything would sound good.

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That sounded great, Mari. The uke for me always makes me think of Hawaii and tropical paradise … given our gloomy and rainy weather than is a happy association.

8 days … yeah, I’d probably need 8 months and get nowhere close :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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@dennise @batwoman @DavidP thank you :slight_smile:

Maggie, I’m pretty sure I recollect the particular opinion you have of the ukulele, because I had the same opinion! No idea how I travelled from there to here, but I’m having fun anyway :slight_smile:


Well that’s pretty neat, Mari. It sounded great in your capable hands. A great talent to have. Well done!

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