Folsom Prison Blues/Pinball Wizard - Mashup Cover By LBro

This is a cover of cover done by “Puddles” the clown. He did a really nice job on this and you should check out his version. I took the liberty to make this more of a “make it your own” deal. In that I changed up verse 1 to include more Cash Folsom Prison parts as I think the prior attempts fell short in this area. I hope you like verse 1 and the rest of the production.

This is a one man band affair and as such, my surgically repaired thumb got a good workout on guitar. I am happy to report it is doing pretty well and is about 95% fixed. The remainder of issues is from arthritis I think. But, I am very happy with the results! It sure helps to play a bar chord when you have a thumb! :wink:

On the production and mix, I used a lot of double tracking on the guitars. I have this in the DAW at a tempo of 220bpm. I wanted to do 1/8th note strumming in some parts, but at this tempo I was only able to do quarter note strumming. I still have much work to do on strumming, so please be kind there! :smiley:

Here is the YouTube link:

Happy New Year and may 24’ bring you much satisfaction on guitar and in your musical pursuits!


that’s funny, I do a I IV V mashup in my solo set where I do the exact same thing!

Great minds think/stink alike :smiley:
Great version :smiley:

That was great! love it.

That was fun. I have heard anything like that before.

That was great stuff, LBro! :smiley:

Very entertaining video that fit the lyrics and music really well. Great overall production, very well done. :+1: Your vocals are quite “cashy”. :smiley:
Never would have guessed you had some hand issues from listening, playing sounded really good to me. Hope your thumb is doing much better now.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

That was well played, sung and produced entertaining recording. Pleased to hear the thumb is doing well. All the best for 2024.

What a great mash up LB. It’s a :+1: from me. :smiley:
Very entertaining and cleverly done. Well played, sung and produced.
In my head I’ve been trying to fit the lyrics of Folsom to the melody of Pinball Wizard but it doesn’t seem to work that way round. :smiley:

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Just saw this on the Ewe Toob and just had to pop over as I was somewhat intrigued, especially being a BIG Who fan. Seen a few Puddles covers but not this one but hey it works, so well done LB.

Glad the thumb is healing and when its fully recovered, I hope you can reverse engineer this one and see if you can fit the Cash lyrics over The Who’s original ! :rofl:

Have a great new year my friend !


Edit - Gordon must have hit reply same time as me. Ignore him, I’m sure you can do it :rofl:

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Fair enough mate. BTW - Lets hear what you got going on your mashup!
I will do the thinkin, you do the stinkin! :smiley:


Ahhhh, good ole Johnny Cash mixed with The Who??

WHO would have thunk it would sound so freaking hip!!! Oh, wait LBro did!! :wink::+1:

Glad to here you have the thumb mobility back!! I have seen other members bounce back as well. I always think, “Man if I was them, I sure would miss playing!!”. So it’s soooo nice to see all the ones that have, back at er!

Rock on brother!!

Hi Paul,
Glad this one resonated with your ears! You could do worse and then again, I am sure you can do better! :laughing:

Hi Trevor,
I am with you as I never heard this mashup before. I found it on YouTube via a friend who sent me a link. I think it is a pretty cool deal and works well. I only covered it, did not write or think it up.


Very nice. I look forward to more.

Fabulous, LBro.

Your working over of verse 1 was spot on. Good news that you are able to play those parts, which all sounded good. Loved the instrumental interlude.

And a fun video for the eyes to feast on.

Rock on!

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much for the kind words. I tried hard to sound like Cash. Glad you picked up on that and enjoyed it. On the hand issues, I am just getting back into guitar play now. It sure is nice to play pain free and with no thumb “lock ups”! It is vastly improved and I am very please with the outcome of the surgery!

I hope your new year is full of wonderful projects on your end and keep it up on guitar!

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Well done. Who doesn’t like a good mashup? I did a Ring of Fire/I’m on Fire mashup a while back. Fun stuff. You brought the two songs together masterfully. Nice project and well executed.

Hi James,
Thanks for the good vibes in your comments! Yes the thumb took a 30 year turn for the good. I am in my 60’s now and it has not felt this good since I was in my 30’s! :smiley:

Take good care and have a great 24’!

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@ToshS - Where are you? You are big on Cash, so I was hoping you would see this and chime in sir?

All the best in 24’ for you and yours!

Hi Gordon,
Thanks on you kudos and for taking this one for a spin.

I would not even know how to proceed with doing this the other way around. Someone said this was a I, IV, V progression. I am not sure, but perhaps the Who’s Pinball Wizard is not based on that type of progression? In addition I only modified a bit of the first verse. This mash is a cover of a mash done by a couple other artists. So I can’t take credit for thinking it up.

All the best to you in 24’ and may it bring you much guitar happiness!

Fun rendition of a great song! Keep it up.