Foo fighters looking for feedback

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was working while at the beach and paused for a spontaneous attempt to play the Foo Fighters song “Learn to Fly. “ Before the rotten tomatoes come flying, this was just one attempt and I want to use it as a learning opportunity. :rofl:I just started the strumming sos course and looking for suggestions how to mix up the strumming pattern moving from verse to the chorus per Justin’s lesson plan.

My wife recorded this spontaneously so didn’t want it to go to waste. No you tube yet until I master the song but tik tok is easy to throw a song on in a minute or two.


Hi Jeff,

Great song choice! It’s one of my favorite FF songs.

I have been working on this song for a while (on electric) so I’m pretty familiar with it. I can definitely tell that you are trying to work on dynamics with your strumming, which is good! My suggestion would be to try and pick one pattern for each section of the song and stick with it. Meaning, select one pattern for the verse, one for the chorus, one for the bridge etc… this doesn’t mean that you can’t work on additional dynamics (such as how hard or light you strum) within that one pattern, but try to keep the pattern consistent if you can. I noticed there were a couple times where the pattern you were playing would change a bit mid verse or chorus and it kind it takes you out of the groove a little bit.

Even though it may sound counterintuitive, I think keeping each section with it’s own pattern will actually make the different parts stand out a bit more and make the song seem more dynamic overall when you play. I can tell you are working hard to improve your strumming, so keep it up :+1:t2: I’d love to hear you revisit this song again after you’ve had a chance to work on it some more.


Chord changes sounding good to me Jeff!

I’m not familiar with the song, so can’t offer any constructive advice other than that your playing position here looks like a great abs workout!

Keep it up Jeff. Youre getting there.
Cool song choise by the way.

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Nice one Jeff. Chords and strumming sounding good on this one. In fact for me one of your better songs of late.

Great advice from @Jenndye429 there and I’m sure as you progress through the strumming sos course, your knowledge will grow and therefore so should your skill.

Really enjoyed it and a great song choice. Just a shame you didn’t dress up as an air hostess. :wink:

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Well done on that first attempt, Jeff! :clap:

Good on you to try to dig even deeper with your strumming progress. Jenn @Jenndye429 gave great advice already and I’d second that. You are well on your way and showing some nice progress already. :slight_smile:

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Good stuff Jeff but 0 out of 10 for posture. :smiley:

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for taking the time to listen and give some insight as to how I can improve. I really want to get away from the dull and boring strumming routine I’ve done for a year or more. This is a first step for me so more to come. I just have to put in the work and practice time.

I eventually plan to do this on electric and try out my shiny new boss katana amp. So many features to use and great sound quality.

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My posture is horrible. Getting old lol

Thanks Trond,

I tried this one like a year ago and couldn’t get it at all so here I am again giving it a go. It seems to be the most playable Foo Fighters song for beginners. I’m glad I made a dent in progress.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for stopping by to listen. My flight attendant uniform was at the cleaners getting pressed.:rofl:

Several have told me to do the strumming sos since last year. The advice shared was frequently similar, dynamics need work, etc. I just couldn’t get it down no matter what, so it wasn’t ignored just had a hard time improving anything. I’m still here though and finally committed to the strumming course. @TheMadman_tobyjenner was the last one to give me that needed kick in the rear lol.

A few surfers enjoyed the performance that day at the beach, so not a total loss. Thanks for the compliment.


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Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the listen and feedback. I really struggle with advanced strumming techniques so hopefully this course will give me a fresh perspective. This video was just a single attempt at playing this for the first time in about a year or so.

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Yes Gordon I will soon turn into the letter “O” with my posture. Haha. Im glad you thought it was a good start at learning the song. Have a good weekend.

Hey Jeff,
Boy, tough one for me to hear with the bionic ears and whatever that background noise is? Lots of wind type sound or something…

At any rate, I don’t know the song, but you seemed to have fun playing it and to me that is what music should be. Jenny offered far better work on points than I ever could. So I will tip my hat to her and what she said.

Keep up the work on this one as I think it has some great potential!

All the best and be well,

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Lots off background noise. Probability wind as you are on a beach.
I think it sounds good as you are playing the song spontaneous.
Maybe play a few single notes at the up strum and not the whole chord.
Old Faithfull could fit the song as well.

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to review the song. I was out at the beach that day with no microphone or recording equipment. I’ll be spending some extra time on this one to get it sounding better with even dynamics. Lots to do but decent first draft.

Thank you for the feedback. I’m trying to get a second strumming pattern for the chorus and bridge and work on the louder chorus per Justin’s strumming course. This will take me some time but I’ll get there.

After dealing with weeks of illness here is another attempt at the song. Still working on dynamics but somewhat better. In the spirit of Bryan Adam’s I played it till my fingers bled literally lol. Thanks for the listen.



Hi Jeff,
Your best guitar and singing with flying colors :sunglasses: :clap:
Well done :sunglasses:

Hi Jeff! The work you’ve put into the song definitely pays off! This is by far the best what I’ve heard from you! Lots of progress on strumming! Wow! Strumming SOS gave you an amazing push into the right direction. You keep that rhythm going!
Changing patterns throughout the song and singing at the same time is hard and you did a good job on that! What stands out for me is your adjusted attack on the strings, I sometimes had the impression before, as if you were hitting your strings too hard. Now it sounds much better! Also the “out of tune” thing, as it seemed to me in former recordings, has disappeared. Great! Keep on the good work, Jeff!

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