For Loving Me, Gordon LIghtfoot

This is my first video, and it was hard to do, and then figure out how to make the utube, but I got it, I think.
The thing is I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I’m trying to learn the guitar. I have finished the first course, and have been practicing, and pulling out some old music as well. Be gentle…


Nice! I’m a big Gordon Lightfoot fan. You’ve done that one justice for sure.

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I’m so jealous of how well you strum with your thumb!! You always say “I’m not a singer”, but you’re singing and it’s perfect! I love your voice for the tunes you do. Please keep posting. You’re such a joy to watch!

I’m a big Gordon Lightfoot fan too. Great tune, and really nice cover, and for a first video too. You’re keeping a nice steady beat, and you have smooth chord changes. Pull out some more of that old music! :smiley:

Thanks so much for the nice words! I have a question though, what is “cover” mean? I have heard others use it, but don’t know what it is? I will pull out more old music!


My goodness, how nice. That certainly is encouraging. I will keep posting. I’m taking both my guitars this week to Jam with my daughter and 8 year old grandson on the ukelele! Maybe we’ll try to video some!

Tony, thank you for the encouragement!

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That was great playing! Never heard this song before.
Your strumming and chord changes sounded good, and your singing sounded cool!
Really enjoyed that! Thanks🙏

What an debut, Maidie :smiley:
That was great!

Someone fixed the hole in the bucket, dear Liza-
Now git back to that well and fetch some more! :laughing:

Hello Maidie,
This was a very nice first video, good to watch and listen…bucket problems???
nothing noticed…

Hello Madie, that was a great debut. You can certainly carry a tune. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Hi Maidie, very nice performance, I think that your playing and singing was fine!

Great stuff Maidie. You’re a better singer than you think! Well done on your first AVoYP.
Nicely played and sung.

Hi Maidie, “cover” means it’s a performance of a song originally done by another artist. Wikipedia has a good definition:

In popular music, a cover version, cover song, remake, revival, or simply cover, is a new performance or recording by a musician other than the original performer or composer of the song. Wikipedia

And your first was just as enjoyable as he second that I watched first, Maidie.

Playing is sounding good and as others have said, your singing is far better than you say.

I think when you put a little more in when going to the higher notes it improves. Perhaps it will help on this one to put a capo on and sing the whole a little higher. No need to be nervous and hold back.

Thank you so much tRONd (do I remember that your name is really Ron?) I showed my partner your video of Losing my Religion, which I loved. I may move on to Course 2 and see how I feel.

Brian, thank you so much. You all are so encouraging!

Thank you so very much, Roger. I was a bit nervous getting up this morning to see what my inbox would hold. I am very much encouraged.

Thanks James, I’m much encouraged!

Hi Darrel,
Thanks for your kind words. I love your icon, avatar?? Not sure of the correct name, but the cat with the moon. That is awesome. I see that you are also interested in photography- I dabble a bit myself.
I’ll be jamming with my family this next week, and looking forward to it.

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