Freddie King - Hide Away cover

Been a while since I have posted any recordings, but have been working on this one slowly over the past couple of months after being inspired to tackle it from Justin’s lesson here.

I had been working through the Essential Blues Lead Guitar course but realised I didn’t really know how to play any blues songs, so went looking through his lessons and this one seemed fun. I really like Freddie’s style so thought I’d give it a go. It’s broken up into 5 themes and a bridge and initially I thought I’d just learn theme 1 but then later decided to tackle the whole thing.

I believe Freddie plays it fingerstyle with a thumb pick, however I didn’t really want to learn fingerstyle (and don’t have a thumb pick) so I just played it with a pick, which Justin indicates is a fairly legit option anyway. I also haven’t exactly followed the song note for note, although it’s pretty similar and I kept it at 90% speed as 100% is just a bit beyond me at this stage (even 90 was a real stretch, but thought I go for my max speed as a capture of my progress). Maybe one day (in the distant future :joy: ) I’ll try tackling the John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers/Eric Clapton version which is pretty awesome :metal:

I was going to record this using my LP style Solar but I found that the high e string would often slip off the fret which made things a bit tricky, so I switched to my other Solar that doesn’t have that problem. Has anyone else experienced that with their guitars? If so, any tips on how to work with it or get it fixed?

Recording took… a while! :roll_eyes: :laughing: I wanted this to be a record of where I was at with the song and therefore do it as a single play through without any edits (and believe me I really wanted to edit it! :joy:). I kept messing up random parts throughout the song and especially struggled with the quick hybrid picking in theme 5. Eventually I decided that I was never going to be 100% happy with it and done is sometimes just better than perfect.

So here is the last one I recorded with two camera angles via two instances of OBS running simultaneously. Audio captured in Reaper. Edit rendered in Davinci Resolve. Guitar is running through my Tone Master Pro using a 65 Deluxe Reverb with a delay pedal adding a small amount into the mix (I messed around with lots of different tone options, but this just happens to be the one that got recorded :sweat_smile:). The backing track is the original from 1961 with the guitar removed using

Hope you enjoy. Any feedback, comments, suggestions very welcome :slight_smile:


Spare bedroom blues :grinning:

Great playing Jeff! The TMPro is working great for you - loved that tone.

The playing was spot on, the break at 1:40 looks like a right b*tch to play, but you nailed it!

You do know, don’t you, that metal players are not allowed to play blues?

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Whoowhoo, Jeff, that’s absolutely brilliant :star_struck::clap::clap::clap:! So cool :sunglasses::fire::sunglasses:.
Seeing you to play blues is something new to me. But what an enjoyable surprise. And the tune you chose is amazing. Love it :heart_eyes:.

Fantastic progress, Jeff​:+1:. Watching your hand flying over the fretboard makes it look so easy - though I know it isn’t. Great rhythm, as well :star_struck:.
Maybe a bit too much of reverb :thinking:. But I guess this just my very personal preference :innocent:.

Jeff, that was highly enjoyable. All the time and effort you’ve put into it, was definitely worth it :clap::clap::clap:.


Death metal t shirt. Death metal guitar. Death metal guy. Playing the blues!

That was pretty good, sounded great and looked fun to play. I love stuff that mixes rhythm and lead/fills on one guitar.

Surprises… the blues brothers bit near the end. The movement up the fretboard (was that the bridge?).

Tone was great btw. Love the TMP :joy:

I’m curious what you mean by the high E slipping off the fretboard on your LP. Is it popping out of the nut?

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Great cover of a great song - well played Jeff.

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Very cool Jeff, and very well played mate.
Alot of great techniques on display there, and an awesome groove all the way through. Great production too.
Hats off :clap:.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks for sharing, Jeff, this was a very enjoyable listen. Great playing, great tone, great everything really. Can’t give any feedback or suggestion, because I’m not sure I’d be able to play it myself. At least not today.
But the next recording has to be metal. This forum lacks some good heavy riffs.

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Wow Jeff, ya did real good on that song.
A real enjoyable listen and it seems pretty pretty much how I think this song sounds.
Ya did real good. Very good playing!
I to like your all metal gear/shirt too, but doing the blues. Cool. I like doing that kinda thing to. That is, using gear that is genre specific, but doing something other than the genre it was supposed to be doing. Perfect.

I don’t do metal music myself, but I notice metal players seem to fret the notes different than other folks. The fretting hand appears kinda flat?
I can see that in your playing this blues song. But still having the fretting hand kinda flat. If that makes sense.

Thanks for the share. A real fun listen.
Ya did the song justice.

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Holy Antipodean blues, guitarman! That was sweeeet playing Jeff. I loved the groove and that was some very nifty finger work as well. Great tone. Very impressive stuff. :ok_hand:

Surely you need a tele though if you’re going to be playing lots of blues? :smiley:


Very impressive Jeff! :clap: :clap:

Can I just say that I think your skills have really grown so much from the first time I saw a video of yours on the community. Every time you post another one, I am just in awe of how good they are!

The TMP sounds great! I feel like the tone you used still had a little bit of a metal edge to it. I think it’s embedded in your DNA at this point :laughing:

Can’t comment on technique as I have exactly 0% expertise in blues, but I really enjoyed it. You are hereby hired as the 6th (virtual) member of DyeV :rofl:


Fabulous, Jeff, needless to say while I always enjoy watching your play, I could fully enjoy what you were playing in this one :rofl:

Like JK, I had a good laugh when you slipped into the riffs that are popularised by The Blues Brothers.

Great tone and feel. Are we reincarnating death here :rofl:



That was pretty darn good, Jeff. Very well played, you made it look effortless. I’m really digging this blues adventure that you are on. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Thanks Phil! :smiley: Oh man, I’m in love with that thing! Just got to make sure I’m not spending all my time just tweaking tones and actually play guitar! :laughing:

It really is! :confounded: I must’ve practicing that on loop hundreds of times and still really struggle with it. This song has helped me focus in on areas of my playing that need more attention.

:rofl: Isn’t Sabbath just a heavy blues band? :thinking: At least according to Iommi :wink: :laughing:

Thanks Nicole!! Really appreciate you checking this out! :smiley:

Thanks again! :hugs: I’ll admit that this did actually feel like significant progress. When I first looked at learning it, I had no expectation I would end up playing the whole song, it felt a bit overwhelming, but as I worked through it I eventually started to get it under my fingers and am very happy with where I’ve got to so far :slight_smile:

:laughing: Fair enough! That was a consideration for me. I changed my tone for this a ridiculous number of times, all with varying amounts of reverb, some with hardly any and others with crazy amounts :joy: This was towards the latter but was one that felt inspiring to me, we all have different tastes as you say :sweat_smile: :wink:

:metal::smiling_imp: :joy:

Thanks JK! :smiley: Yeah, so fun to play! I want to get a better handle on that type of playing so I can do more when improvising. This has definitely helped towards that in any case.

Haha yeah the Blues Brothers bit surprised me too, which is actually considered the bridge I believe. Could be a good one for those working on that lesson of Justin’s? The Clapton version plays it a little different, but also fun.

I’m besotted with that thing! :heart_eyes: :joy:

So what’s happening is that the string slips just off the edge of the fret, not out of the nut. Therefore muting the note. Looking closely at the two guitars, the rounding off of the fret wires is perhaps a touch heavy on the LP making it too close to where the high E string is positioned? :thinking: Maybe I need to have it re-fretted? Doesn’t always happen but enough to be annoying. Could be my poor technique too, I tend to pull a little on the string I think, hence why the evertune setup works for me (or helps to hide my flaw! :laughing:)

Thanks Paul!! :smiley: Really appreciate you checking it out mate :slight_smile:

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Thanks Shane!! :smiley: Really means a lot coming from a blues man such as yourself :slightly_smiling_face: Glad you enjoyed it :hugs:

Thanks so much, Artem! Appreciate you checking it out mate! :smiley:

:rofl: 100%! It is coming! Watch this space :metal::smiling_imp:

Hi Jim, thanks so much! Really appreciate you checking it out! :smiley: :+1:

:joy: Yeah an odd contrast I guess, but like you say, it is fun mixing it up! :laughing:

Hmmm interesting observation?! :thinking: So your saying the fretting fingers are laying flatter towards the fretboard across the strings rather than angled more downward directly onto the string? If so, this could be that I spent a bit of time trying to teach myself to mute more with my fretting hand. At high gain things get muddy really quick. I’ve certainly not got that technique nailed but something I’m conscious of doing. Hopefully I am on the right track here :slight_smile:
Thanks again! :sunglasses:

This made me literally laugh out loud! :laughing:

Thanks so much, Stefan!! :smiley: Thanks for taking time to check it out and for your kind words :smiling_face:

:laughing: You know, that’s not a bad idea mate! :thinking: :joy:


Not what I was expecting when I clicked on your post Jeff but that was some super cool playing. Awesome stuff!

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Thanks Jennifer!! :hugs:

Thank you! I do feel like they are slowly coming along, this one in particular felt like good progress. The process of making a recording really helps with that I reckon. Playing it back and seeing/hearing the little (or sometimes not so little! :laughing:) errors in my playing certainly helps to focus attention on what needs improved. When just jamming along, I can easily let them go, which is okay too, but perhaps not the best way to work on getting the finer details sorted.

haha you know it!! :metal::joy:

:smiley: :partying_face: :joy:
DyeV is my favourite new band so that is an incredible honour and a privilege! :blush: Thank you! :rofl:

Thank you, David! Really means a lot! :hugs:

:laughing: I was thinking about you a lot when putting this together actually! I had your voice in my head every time I tweaked the tone a little bit too much towards distortion… still ended up pretty gain-y but I certainly tried to go for a more bluesy high gain approach :sunglasses: :joy:

I know, right?! :joy: I guess it wasn’t such a iconic riff when he recorded it in '61? Although, perhaps it was with the Peter Gunn show being popular at the time? Interesting that he included it, I guess Mancini (or whomever owned the rights) must’ve given their okay for it? :thinking:


:rofl: Love it, James! :laughing: :+1:

Thanks James! Super appreciate you checking this out and your kind words :hugs:

So am I! Plenty of metal still being played but mixing it up is inspiring :smiley:

:laughing: I bet! :rofl:

Thanks Eddie! :smiley: Really appreciate you checking it out mate! :smiley: :+1:


I definitely will. :metal:
And even gonna participate in a couple of month. I come up with a riff that I think sound cool and wanna try to make a whole song out of it now. The guitar part, at least.

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Awesome! Can’t wait to hear that! Great stuff mate! :metal::astonished:

Loving this! Can’t really add to the other comments, just really great stuff👍

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Jeff, that was really good… I have to admit when I saw Justin’s lesson I thought, I would love to do that after the first few tries of a few notes, I decided that it was something for another time.

So good on you for giving it a go and persevering to get it that good. Very inspirational, maybe I need to go and have another look because I would really like to be able to play that.

Bravo to you.

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