French language songs

So now I can’t restist any more to post another classic

Driving along Promenade du Solei in Menton and then along Cote d’ Azur… :heart_eyes:, sigh!!!

And then this well known guy came and picked it up:

Well… If we lift the rock restriction… then there is of course this melancholic song as well…

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Just a French language thread. The rock is Toby’s head :laughing:


no guitar and a bit fed up of the cliche of french = Piaf … we’re not in the 40s 50 s anymore …

there , its french , with a guitar ( lute is a kind of guitar ) and even older than Piaf

The best of two worlds :sunglasses:
This was our greatest singer in my eyes with an equally great wife/girlfriend (no lovers who shared bed, but everything else). …And I mean Ramses and Liesbeth


That was very kitschy and very, very beautiful, Rogier :slightly_smiling_face:

Starting to wonder to we “need” a non-English-language song thread then, because besides your Heideröslein (or what was their name?) and Zwangere Guy I actually don’t know any good acts performing in Dutch resp. flemish e.g. … :nerd_face: :thinking: :smiley: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Aaa, then there is still a world to discover :sunglasses:… but baby steps, very little people, steps… next door the bathroom is being demolished and I am without music all day long (headphones longer than 10 minutes don’t work for me)… I thought a good time to listen to French music here :joy:

Nice one Rogier, even if there are some ‘unintelligible’ parts :rofl:

Back to the ‘purists’ Manu Chao (sings in Spanish/ Italian/French & English) but has a whole album in sung only in French. It is gentler than much of his other more ‘energetic’ output, but very beautiful. Siberie m’etait contee

Helno est mort is a dedication to his friend Helno (from the band Les Negresses Vertes) who died from a heroin overdose at the age of 29 :cry:

Here’s a more up-tempo version of J’ai besoin de la lune (originally on Siberie…) :sunglasses:

An when one hears Manu Chao , one has to think La mano negra too !!!

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Amadou & Mariam are a blind musician couple from Bamako, Mali.
they sing in African, French and English
Damon Albarn from Blur produced Welcome to Mali

and In African and French

Manu Chao produced the album Dimanche a Bamako :sunglasses:


Aah… Did I really forget “Senegal Fast Food”? Of course that’s French…brilliant song :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s travel a bit to the North-East from Senegal to Algeria…and end up here. Probably one of the best known Raï-songs, and for the most part in French

Veronique sanson

No French for me since High School over 40 years ago so I went for “half & half”…

Michael Bublé’s version of La Vie En Rose with Cécile McLorin Salvant, this is a beautiful rendition of the Classic that I first heard back in French class all those years ago (Edith Piaf’s version I think)!!!
Loved listening to many of these songs!!! Thank you everyone for this “French Connection”!!!


Hiya all,

French hard Rock from a time long past :innocent:

From the same period, a very nice song, the lyrics are pretty sad however :

These date from my teen years, a long time ago in a gala… oops

One of the greatest moments in the history of, if not music, well, then cinema:

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Let’s keep the music flowing!