French language songs

Ca suffit!
Poor @mickschindler’s intro thread is being swallowed up by well-meaning folk sharing French songs :laughing:
On the old forum I had a thread for German songs, as I had lost touch with the German music scene since my teenage years and was looking for recommendations (Where are you now @max_mue ? :wink:)
Feel free to post any French language tunes here, as long as you think they’re good.

I’ll kick it off with one of my favourites, by Noir Desir: Le Vent nous portera. I only discovered years later that Manu Chao (who I’m sure will feature later) plays guitar on this :open_mouth:


Humble apologies old wise one, carried away was I with such bounty.


my apologies i got carried away but he asked for french songs :smiley:

Well, over here we have (had) some good ones:

Arno (already mentioned in the other thread, but he had better songs then that one):

And you can’t talk about French language songs without mentioning Jacques Brel

More recent: Stromae of course

And Angèle

Different styles, all with their own merits, I guess.
And I’ll save you from Soeur Sourire :wink:

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I guess I should reiterate it wasn’t just French language songs, the radio channels are full of middle of the road tat or euro pop that I would not cross the road for. What I was seeking about a decade ago and yes now if you have it, is full on rock songs. Think ACDC etc Free, Sabbath, Rainbow etc etc that was what I was struggling to find. There are a million pop songs and lots of accordions, I get them every time I visit SuperU or Intermarche, it was full on inyour face rock and roll and that’s what is missing. :sunglasses: :metal: :sunglasses:

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It’s definitely not French music, but the lyrics are in French:

That’s exactly the complaint I heard earlier this week from a French speaking colleague: all Belgian metal (and rock) bands these days are Flemish. There certainly are some exceptions out there, and some will sing in French, but they’re often hard to find. Certain genres sound better in French, French sounds better in certain genres?

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Completely agree Els. Real French rock and French lyrics are really hard to find. :cry:

John and there you go. French yes Rock no. :sunglasses:

Ok, this in only partly in French, but it’s definitely rock:

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John I’m looking for French Rock songs, not English songs with an odd phrase thrown. I could name hundreds like this and have listened to them since the early 60s. I think you missed the point but yeah great song BTW.

Sans mots :smiley:


Sans rock !


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Did like that Bro !

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One from the 80s

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OK deeper dive giving some results. This is more of what I am looking for peeps.

Attentat Rock

Found more in the last 20 minutes that the last 10 years but please feed me more of the above or similar if you have it.


Oh pooh my YouTube feed is now filling up with “chansons françaises médiocres” and a Serge Gainsbourg overdose. Funny love a bit of Serge.

Time for bed.


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Noooooooo ou est la rock n roll !!!

If this is not the type of French song you’re looking for, then Je Suis Desolè!

Maybe these?