Fumbling fingers

I get so frustrated trying to switch from chord to chord. I know the finger placement, but my fingers get real tentative and fumble around trying to get “set” in the proper position. I probably need to slow down and do multi placements of the same chord. Any other ideas or drills to do? Thanks

Did you try Justins exercises for this?

Also: I have thin fingers which doesn’t allow much surface area of the fingertip available.

That would be a simple topic to look up? How to change chords?

Thats basically what the beginners 1 course is all about ?

Hi Harry,

Have you gone through grades 1&2 of the beginners course? There is an exercise called one minute changes (and later perfect fast changes) that would probably really help you develop the skills needed to change between chords.

If you haven’t done the beginner’s course, I would recommend starting there. If you have done it, I would go back and spend some more time reviewing what you’ve learned with extra focus on one minute changes along with the chord perfect practice.

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Not really an issue


thank you all

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Don’t forget the app if you have it. Nothing like chasing the karaoke to make you get those chords down in time. Or the metronome, but the app is more fun.
Just start with it slow.

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Hi Harry, any chance you’ve been away from guitar for a while? I’ve noticed that as my callouses become harder (which is still happening well over a year into this adventure), it’s easier to depress the strings cleanly. The nice thing is that all practice helps develop those callouses!

Possibly an advantage if anything, less tendancy to mute adjacent strings.

Something that is emphasized over and over in Justin’s courses is that going slowly and deliberately is key to learning new guitar skills as they are required.

The metronome tip is gold, really useful. I’ve found it stops me from trying to run before I can walk. At times it feels painfully slow to start something at 30bpm, but being able to progress something that I’m working on in small increments and a few weeks later realising that I’m comfortable at 50-60 and sounding ok is very very satisfying.

Patience my friend, patience…

Hi Harry, Richard @Richard_close2u gave this tip in another thread, maybe it’s worth a try?


@harryr3 In case you’ve not seen it, in the One Minute Changes app, under the chord dictionary section you can edit which basic chords you’d like to focus on &/or add additional chords. It’s a super handy way of narrowing in on the chords you’re finding tricky. Keep plugging away, little by little each day. The progress may not immediately be obvious but you’ll find that the number of changes you can do in a minute slowly creeps up. Hang in there and you’ll start seeing results.

Oh, yes, I remember that suggestion from Richard. It did help a lot. Still do it when I need to start using a less familiar or new to me chord. I also find I tend to “lead in” to a cord with a certain finger, with the other fingers following, rather than all fingers at once. I work on this by conciously leading with different fingers until they all can “lead” ten go do them all together.

The One Minute Changes app is good, but I think better is using the Musopia app in this situation. Set it really slow. The song is fun and motivates better than a metronome at the stage our OP is at. IMO
This type of learning is right where the Musopia app excels.

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Been there… and still doing it… but not so much now. For me, improvement came over a period of several months, and practice, practice, practice.
I’ve also learned that there are certain times of day that are better for playing. Late afternoon is good for me, mornings… not so much. Maybe try changing your practice time of day.

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