G&L service response

I had a question about the pickup cavity on my G&L guitar and after searching on the internet I thought maybe I should just send them an email. Got a friendly reply back a few hours later with the answer, and saying that I should contact them if I needed any more help.

That’s what I like about dealing with small companies. :clap:


The folks at G&L are top notch. Memo is a treasure and goes out of his way to be helpful.
If you haven’t found this site yet, check it out. The G&L Enthusiasts Website (guitarsbyleo.com)
Not a lot of traffic but tons of info and a great resource.

Yes, it was Memo that got back to me. And I did come across the G&L forum - that’s one of the places I was looking for the answer to my question.

I must say, I’m glad that G&L are better at building guitars than they are at building websites. As a web designer, I find all their sites a little painful to navigate. I guess “retro” would be a polite description. :wink:

So, @ChasetheDream , do you have a G&L yourself?

Yes. I have a few G&L guitars.
Tribute Blues boy semi hollow
Fullerton ASAT Classic
CLF Research V12
Fullerton Blues Boy solid body
Fullerton Commanche
I rotate the guitars daily so that each one gets played every 5 days. Currently the rotation is quicker as the semi hollow blues boy and the V12 are tuned to Open D and Open G and get played more often. I have two other guitars tuned to Drop D and Double Drop D so the alt tuned guitars are in a 4 day rotation and the other G&Ls are in a 3 day rotation. The alt tunings are part of my module 18 lesson plan.

Yes, you do seem to have “a few”. :wink:

Wow, what a nice selection. And I just looked at your learning log and you also have Taylors. Great choices. I’m a big fan of Bob Taylor since I watched his YT video about his approach to preserving ebony.

Does the G&L ASAT classic have alnico or MFD pickups? Mine came with alnicos but I am very curious to try the MFDs so I bought a set. I plan to swap them in some time soon and see if I like them.

For great MFD pickups and one of the best bridges on an electric guitar, try the ASAT Special or the ASAT Deluxe.

My ASAT Classic has MFD single coil pups. It is a 2013 model. I like the pups!

@Richard_close2u These are all the deluxe models. Do you mean the bridge on the right here, or the standard box style on the others?

I guess they decided to make an alnico version for the tele purists who wanted that exact sound. When I put in the MFDs I’ll report back.

Ah, it’s OK. I found the special. It’s got the bridge separate to the pickup so I guess you mean this one.

Of those four we have, left to right …
Special (with the great bridge)
Your fifth is Special too.

OK - so it’s the saddle lock bridge you are referring to. It does sound a very interesting design innovation but I don’t think I’ll be able to try it any time soon.

This is an ASAT Deluxe.

Although not with MFDs.

It is a separate model although they also seem to put the word deluxe on some of the others, confusingly.


This one is not too far from you (ebay)

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Yes, mine is also called “deluxe”. I’m not really sure what that means. :confused:

You’re a bad (or good :thinking:) man, Richard. My Thomann G & L delivery has been delayed and I could cancel and this one does come with an extra set of pickups that I could ‘experiment’ with…
But 155 miles to south Wales is at least a 7 hour round trip in the car :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Is that all? That’s considered “just around the corner” in Australia. :smile:

… which I discovered when I was working as a doctor in Brisbane and they sent me for a week to Cunnamulla :open_mouth: :rofl:

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Yeah, that’s “just up the road” from Brisbane.

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My thoughts are with you on this Sunday… :mending_heart:

Fortunately you are not completely guitarless, but I wouldn’t be…cough…beeep…happy about it myself :grimacing:

Greetings and I send you anti bounceofexpectationcookies :smile:

It’s all good Rogier, I’m looking forward to it, but don’t really mind when it arrives as long as it does.
Being a stingy git, I can’t resist a bargain, so had obviously checked out eBay and the likes before buying new. Nada.
When @Richard_close2u shared the above I thought something new had come up and was tempted to cancel my order and drive down to pick it up. I prefer the colour actually, but it’s twin humbuckers, which I was not really looking for :slightly_frowning_face:. It’s also less of a bargain than I thought, as the Deluxe is about £130 cheaper than the Special.

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