NGD (used)

Step away from the kitty !

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'cos I didn’t nick it? :open_mouth:

Cheers @Richard_close2u sorted. And I’m having fun :smiley:

things seem stable and you’ll forgive me if I don’t do the experiment :wink:

thanks Mari, although this was not my chosen colour. (it’s ‘sea-green’ btw) My 'Daphne blue one has faded nicely to a dirty grey I like and no doubt this will fade too, as it’s kept in the window bay :smiley:

‘Setting up’ is a bit of a stretch, but it did please me that I was able give it a good once-over looking for the main points that I would have been clueless about a couple of years ago :smiley:

There’s always a ‘trend’ :laughing: I’ll wheel it out at the OM at the latest :smiley:

You remind me of when I was sent out to the Outback in Australia as a junior doctor and had to undertake postpartum ‘repairs’ without previous experience. An experience I, and I’m sure the poor mothers even more, would prefer to forget :roll_eyes:

Mange tak min ven :smiley:
But then again, we know everything looks good on me (even fat Blues bros. :rofl:)

Cheers Robert, I had forgotten you ‘own stock’ in that company :rofl:


Just yoink it a bit.

When I’ve tried standard teles in store they all come off

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Happy NGD, Brian :partying_face::bouquet::guitar:!!
Enjoy the honeymoon time with your new guitar :heart_eyes:. I’m already curious to hear you playing it :smiley:.
I wish you lots of fun with it :star_struck:.

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Happy NGD Brian. Sorry to read that the Thomann one didn’t work out but that is a pretty sexy lady you have there.

Also, welcome to the G&L Tele Club. Two members strong so far and both off a Richard recommendation.

Nice price as well, especially that extra £30 off. Sweet!

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Are you talking about the rubber ‘nipple’ or the whole switch? :thinking:

Vielen Dank, @NicoleKKB :smiley:
I actually prefer the German ‘High-time’ over Honeymoon or lune de miel :wink:

Who else? :thinking:
I was happy with @Richard_close2u’s recommendation for my first leccy too, the Hagström Viking, although a large part of that was for the looks and name/heritage. I tell myself this one is for a more comfortable play, with improved sound and pleasing controls.
We should call ourselves the Terrible Tele Tubbies for our next performance :laughing:
If I bring my amp, we’ll sound Boss too! :roll_eyes:


:rofl: :rofl: What a great name. Surely for that we’ll need outfits? :smiley:

Me but other members are welcome also. :smiley:

I’ve got the stuffing sorted out- Just need a stretchy fleece and a ‘thing’ on my head :rofl:
Goodness, for some reason I had it in mind you had a Squier. Goes to show I was focusing more on your amp than axe :wink:

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From now I see you a little like this :grin:

I rarely laughed so hard when this came out …Bart de Graaff


Just the plastic bit…

Why did I even ask :rofl: Well, really just to test a theory. It’s said that Leo Fender perfected his vision of what his guitars should be at G&L. So I was wondering if he considered the fact the plastic knob falls off the pickup selector on Teles as a flaw or a feature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Because guitar enthusiasts are some of the saddest sods in the evolutionary pond…
nevertheless, I did the experiment just now and pulled the knob (firm enough not to fall off unless you’re ‘windmilling’)
In the pic you can see that Leo did indeed improve the design, whilst keeping traditionalists happy:
It’s a cross-shaped slot underneath with a wide (loose) and narrow (tight) option.
Oh my, such attention to detail :rofl:


Just out of curiosity. Why would you want your knob to fly off?

Oh no! I’ve been drawn in.


Hey, I’ve got gills, legs AND a tail! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the experiment, looks like Leo did fix it!

I dunno, why would you want your knob to fly off? :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: I’ve been racking my brain, JK but alas I have no answer.


I guess you weren’t counting me, since mine wasn’t from a Richard recommendation.


Sorry Alan, no snub intended.

Maybe we should have a, “show us your tele” thread.

I want a red and a purple one too.

Right on, bro!
I had forgotten your G&L service thread :roll_eyes:
I’m suspecting there may be another one or two G&Ls in the nearly quarter of a million community members out there :rofl: Apart from the shape, they are two different beasts. Yours is probably a higher quality build, made in the US with a different bridge and pickups?
Did you ever get around to trying out the MFD pups? If so, what did you think?
Cheers B

I have a G&L Legacy Tribute. But that’s a Strat-style, guitar not a Tele style one.



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Not yet. Been waiting for the next string change which will be coming up soon. I will report back when I’ve get them in.