GDPiper169 - March 2022 - I'll Follow You Into The Dark + Who'll Stop The Rain + Mash-up of 4 developer songs

I hope I did this correctly. I’ve “played” for years but never took it seriously until I retired a little over a year ago. I played portions of maybe 100 songs but could only play 3 - 4 all of the way through. I found Justin Guitar and am on a mission to advance from beginner to a competent player.

I’ll Follow You Into The Dark


Who’ll Stop The Rain


4 developer songs


Your video is unavailable on YouTube

Gregory, I’m sure if you follow Justin’s Grades from start and onwards you’ll achieve your goal. It’s worth starting of from the beginning to refresh, close gaps, and resolve any bad habits. You’ll power through much of it and ensure the foundation is strong.

As Sandy said, the video is not available. When you upload a video you need to set it’s visibility. To do that now go to ‘Your videos’

Once there you will see the Visibility of each video listed

Click the dropdown on visibility to edit

Yours will be set as Private which mean only you can view.

Unlisted means that only people with the link can view, such as if you share the link in your AVOYP post. The video will not display on your Channel or appear in any search results.

Public is visible to all, appears on your Channel page and in search results.

Look forward to watching when you’ve edited the visibility.

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Same for me as well Gregory.

Follow David’s screenshots and advice, se we can see what you are up to!

Rock’n in the dark!

Thanks. I’ve never put anything on YouTube before. I changed the visibility. So I’m hoping it works now.

Thank you David. I’ve edited the visibility. I thought I selected unlisted. I may have messed up on the publish date as well.

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Unfortunately still show as private, when you changed to unlisted did you click Save as well? Might have not saved changes

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Thanks for your help. I edited my post with a new link. I emailed the link to a friend and he could open the video. This is the 1st time I’ve done this, so there’s a little bit of a learning curve.

I can now play your video and it sounds good. I can see you’ve been playing for a while even if you’ve only recently started focusing on improving. The video is very narrowly focussed on your strumming hand and I would suggest pulling the camera back so we can see a fuller picture of you playing…if nothing else it’s more engaging for the viewer/listener.

That’s pretty impressive playing, Gregory. Sounded really good.

Look forward to following your progress.

Thanks. Just using my cell phone and I’m not sure anyone will appreciate seeing me. :grinning: I’m pretty old. I suppose I can set it across the room and get up to start it and turn it off. Don’t know about the sound quality (volume). I haven’t done any of this before, but I’m sure I can improve on it.

I thought the sound quality was fine. If you look at others who have recorded with phones they seem to manage with it a 3-4 feet away. Honestly it would be much better.

You can always “crop” the start and end of the song to stop us seeing you start and end the recording.

Thats really good, more than beginner level. As others have said I would have preferred a wider angle video.

Hello Gregory,
Sounds good, clearly to hear that you’ve been playing for a while :sunglasses:…now show yourself, don’t be so shy sir :blush:…there are a lot of old men here :shushing_face:
Greetings ,Rogier

I will show myself in the next one, or at least try to show both hands. Frankly, this song uses basic chords. I think it’s the picking/strumming that is interesting.
Thanks for the comments.

If you’re playing fingerstyle like that, you are not a beginner. Really enjoyed it.

This community is full of ‘oldies’ Gregory. Welcome and I look forward to more from you. Have a look here.
Older guitar students / Can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?

Now it works and this was a pleasure to watch, really loved the strumming pattern not an easy one to play straight from the bat. Love the song and I think you did justice to it, I recognized it straight away :slight_smile: all the best

Very nice work Gregory.