Genesis: Firth of Fifth Solo; Steve Hackett "The Steppes"

This is my first vid using the Sustainiac pickup I had installed on my white strat. I made the backing track for this:

Mtron Pro for the Mellotron strings and choir
Minitaur for the Taurus bass pedal sounds
No drums this time - woohoo!!!

This is Steve Hackett’s version of the solo. He uses a Fernandes Les Paul for the sustainer (which I think used to belong to Gary Moore). Not a flash solo the way Steve plays it, but his touch and nuance is superb.


Ooh - really tasty Phil.
It was worth the cost of the admission ticket. :slight_smile:

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Wow, just wow!
That was amazingly beautiful, it’s one solo I haven’t had a go at but have always thought about it. I don’t have that type of pickup but I do have an Ebow so hmmm need to take another look - it would keep me busy for quite a while :laughing:


Awesome! You really captured the feel of the original there, especially with the keyboard parts as a background, and loving the use of the bass pedals driving the Minitaur.

The tone was perfect, the volume swells beautifully done, and some really nice vibrato too.

How did you get the overtone at the end? Is that a function of the Sustaniac?

Nice one!



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That was excellent Phil, thanks for sharing this. I will now go and listen to the album again. Well done. :smiley: :star_struck:


Wow so good thanks for sharing gave me goose bumps Love Genesis sore them in concert and loved the reference to Gary More
:guitar: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Amazing Phil. Didn’t know the piece by name but I’ll look it up after hearing your performance.

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Hi Phil ,
Well, with a pickup like that it’s easy to play … :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Nooo :boom:,that is amazing :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :man_bowing:

I really love this style and will definitely look it up, I have no active memories of hearing this before… really well played :sunglasses: :clap:


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Mesmerizing, so beautifully played.

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Sounds terrific Phil!! I can only imagine what more you’re going to give us with this in your arsenal now!

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Very nice! Definite essence of Genesis.

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Beautiful. The production was great too, the other instruments unobtrusive and letting your guitar shine. The piece sounded a bit like Focus in their quiter moments. Lovely piece, well played Phil.


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Another stunner knocked right out of the park. Congratulations on such a sensitive performance.

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Thank you very much everybody for the kind words!

I was prepared to give a full refund if you didn’t like it Richard.

Yes, the sustainiac has two modes - normal and harmonic. On mine they’re selected by the middle tone knob. With hindsight I’d probably have gone for a toggle switch option, but it’s not too bad.

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WOW ! This was great Phil ! Your taste, skills, enthousiasm are comminicative. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing my friend. Just after pushing the “reply” button, I will listen to it again. Love it. Thanks Phil !

As a long time Genesis fan (especially of the PG era) that was very good. Thanks.

Is that as opposed to the Daryl Stuermer version?

Doesn’t the chap from Metallica have Gary Moore’s Les Paul? Or is there more than one?

Even if I could play the notes (I can’t) I wouldn’t have a clue what to use to get the sound that you are playing! What’s the box on the floor that your foot is on? What does it do? Does this go straight into your laptop or is there an amp somewhere?

Apologies for all the questions but how do you learn all this stuff? I have enough to worry about with guitar and amp! I do have a second-hand Boss DS-1 (bought on a whim!) but don’t really know how or when to use it.

Thanks Stuart, it was always a favourite of mine - love the bit where the volume goes up and the Tony Banks wall of keyboard sound kicks in for the last chorus.

Yeah I meant Hackett as opposed to Stuermer. Daryl’s version is a bit shreddier :slight_smile:

Apparently the guitar was Garys:

The box on the floor is an amp and effects modeler. I just go guitar->modeler->laptop
The modeler allows you to select which amp type you want to imitate and also select which effects you want to add. Here I’m adding a bit of distortion, reverb and delay. Your Boss DS-1 would be fine for the distortion.

I had a go at doing all the instruments in another Steve Hackett tune: “The Steppes” from the album “Defector”. I’m using the sustainiac again!


AWESOME X 2, Phil. Very well done. Cool video tricks, too.

Wonderful Phil, you take my breath away! There’s obviously some weird psychic thing going on as well - I was going to ask you after your last performance when you were going to do The Steppes :crystal_ball:. I remember seeing Steve perform this back in the day as the first number in his set; the nice gentle flute lulled us into a false sense of security - when he came in with the guitar part it practically plastered us against the wall :grinning:

Although it’s beyond my abilities at the present (not to mention the feat of memory) this it’s just the sort of fun I’d like to have with my playing. Are you transcribing these yourself, if so even more kudos to you!

Best, Godfrey