Gertjan's learning log

Gertjan’s learning log


Hey all!

It is finally time to create my learning log as a form of accountability to myself.

I am stealing some layout ideas from other posts (mainly from Todd, sorry, I just love the structure you’re using :wink: ) to keep things clean and organized. Actual videos will be posted in seperate threads, with links to those being added here.


Started playing: 30/09/2022

Beginner Grade 1: Complete
Module 0: Complete
Module 1: Complete
Module 2: Complete
Module 3: Complete
Module 4: Complete
Module 5: Complete
Module 6: Complete
Module 7: Complete

Beginner Grade 2: In Progress
Module 8: In Progress





  • Ibanez RGR321EX
  • Ibanez S5470 TKS
  • Fender Player Telecaster


  • Fender Mustang Micro
  • Yamaha THR II 30W


  • Boss RC10-R looper pedal
  • Digitech The Drop

Good job, Gertjan. I look forward to tracking your progress as you update.

Hey Gertjan, great stuff, you are well on your way.

I came to the unfortunate discovery that stage fright hits me pretty badly when recording for AVOYP causing me to screw up every single attempt pretty badly (ranging from timing being off, hitting the wrong strings to actually fingering the wrong strings).

After about an hour and 20 attempts, the best I got is a recording where halfway through I realized it was going “okay”, and right after this realization my pick just flew out of my hand.

I am posting this recording here to help me get over my stage fright, and while feedback on the playing is welcome, keep in mind that it isn’t my “real” consolidation song yet. This is simply the attempt that suffered least from my stage fright.

Mad world - there went my pick

I never expected to get stuck in grade 1 because if stage fright and not because of not being able to play the required things. Let’s hope I get over this soon so I can continue on to grade 2! :slight_smile:


Nice job Gertjan

Timing was good with a steady rhythm.


Nothing wrong with that. You’re doing very well for grade one.
You have good timing, your strumming was nice and steady, chord changes where smooth. The only thing I’d suggest is to practice not looking at you fretting hand.
You have a trance like stare at you fingers and this can develop into a really bad habit which is very hard to break.

Thanks for catching that! Usually I don’t stare that much, but I did it during recording in order to distract myself from the stage fright.

Now you mentioned the bad habit I’ll quit doing that though, I’ll try to muscle through the stress without introducing other issues.

I think you did a really good job with the stress.

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Bravo, Gertjan, that was great. Playing along to the app and in addition to other positives already mentioned, I noticed the fingering of the G chord … the 2 finger version, muting the A string.

I liked the dynamics in the chorus, scaling back to one strum per bar. I do suggest that you continue to strum each beat of the bar and just skip beats 2 3 4. You’ll have noticed that Justin makes a strong point to keep the hand moving.

As others have said, you are doing great. Keep on keeping on!

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Thanks for the feedback!

The scaling back was partially choice, partially because I had to.

Usually I do scale back, but a few bars later. This time however I noticed my pick started to slip so I decided to scale back a bit sooner so I could readjust my pick grip. This is also why the transition to the scaling back sounds a bit abrupt, usually I try to do it a bit smoother.

The annoying part is that I lost my pick AFTER having a firm grip on it again, I still don’t know what happened. When rewatching the clip it’s almost like I can see the pick being catapulted away.

I plan to follow the advice given in both my topics and just doing one long recording of an entire session devoted to the song, and I cut out the best playthrough so I can post that as an actual AVOYP thread.

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Just had an afterthought on the pick.

Try carrying one around with you, use it as a bit of a fidget toy. Twirl it round in your fingers etc - don’t think you need to go as far as the chip wave card dealer trick but just get used to spinning it around in your fingers for a few days.


(Not me :rofl:)


Well done Gertjan. You’re doing really well. The movement of the pick is normal and takes some time getting used to readjusting it automatically. Just don’t grip the pick to firmly. @liaty is spot on with carrying a pick about with you and adjusting the position of it in you hand as you do other daily things. Just don’t accept to play cards with him if he invites you for a game.


Hi Gertjan, that was very good. Nice steady rhythm and smooth chord changes. We’ll done.

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I posted my first AVOYP which you can find here.

If it’s good enough to pass grade 1, I plan to start grade 2 tomorrow.

I am flattered that you like my log style. :slight_smile: I do like organizing data.

Glad to see you’ve made it to Grade 2! I hope to join you there soon!

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