Girl From The North Country - Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan Cover Song by Adi & LBro

I tapped Adrian (Adi) on the shoulder to see if he wanted to cover this song. He said yes and did a smashing job on both guitar play and vox! Neither of us had ever heard this classic. I don’t know of any other duet where both Cash and Dylan teamed up to produce such an offering.

You should have a go at the original. The timing is a bit wonky in their version and I am not sure why. I almost think it was a practice session that the record company released, knowing they had something unique.

The full credits are at the end of the song and explain who did what. It also tells us the video is from Maui. Not exactly a far North Country experience, but the contrast is fitting:

Enjoy and let us know what you think…
LBro (& Adi)


Well done to the both of you! That was a superb production! Great vocals, playing and mixing!

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Excellent, I did look it up and don’t see (or hear) anything lacking.
You made a great team for this production, I liked it very much!

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What a marvellous partnership and collab LBro ad Adrian. Some goose-bump moments as the vocals unfolded, applause at the sparkling guitar tones and admiration for the masterly way in which you mix LB.

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Just in case you want to take in the original. You can find it here:



Hi LBro and Adrian,…
Fantastic,… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :bouquet: :bouquet: :man_bowing: :man_bowing:
A super vibe came out of my screen,…I find it difficult to put into words and otherwise I will only fall into superlatives,…but it had everything for me that makes a collaboration between 2 enthusiasts music players good… :sunglasses:

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Being a big fan of both Dylan and Cash, most of the times it can be very difficult for me to enjoy a cover of their work without going back to the original.

It’s not the case with this one, the performances are beautiful and emotional, and the production is so great, making everything sound raw and as if both of you were in the same room together.

Bravo, I’ll listen to this more and more.

Oh and about Dylan and Cash recording together, a bootleg version of a Nashville session they did together was published, you can listen to them make up lyrics as they go and just having fun, it’s great stuff.


That was a really good collaboration, great job.

Wow guys, that was terrific. You really caught the vibe of the original but at the same time made it your own. Your voices and guitar play were wonderful. Terrific production too. Well done both of you.

I bought the original Nashville Skyline vinyl way back when and this track was always one of my favourites. I think the track must have been from a practice session as at one point they both sing different lyrics. One sings “please say hello” and the other sings “remember me” to one who lives there. Their timing is off too.
Dylan’s voice is completely different on the whole album compared to his other stuff.

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Wow, that was amazing! What a wonderful co production! :raised_hands: :+1:

No need for saying anything more then this: awesome job guys!!

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Cracking job guys and enjoyed listening to that.

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Absolutely incredible guys. There is nothing more I can add that hasn’t already been said. Flawless performance and you both complimented each other so well. What a way to start the day! :sunglasses:

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When @LBro taps you on the shoulder, just jump up and the do the collab! That was a nice rendition of a classic that is near and dear to my heart. A simpler time and place for me, that’s for sure. I appreciate you guys breathing new life into this track and sharing it. Well done guys!

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Thanks so much for the comments and feedback! It is good to hear we struck a chord for you on this one!

All the best,

Thanks Darrell,
We aim to please. This was not really a strict cover, yet it was fairly close. For sure we did aim to clean up the timing and missed words in the original.

Keep on and be well!

Hi Maggie,
You are in a kind mood and I thank you for the great comments! Thanks on the mix. I think Adi had the most input on his guitar tones and his feelings on that really helped!

Take it easy and all the best to you!


Excellent rendition, collaboration and production.

Wow guys I really can’t remember the last time I heard the original but that was a really great cover. Super collab peeps.



Anything Dylan-esque will do for me.
Great job on everything is about all I need to say.

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Thanks LBro for invitation to collab, it was a blast and my second collab in a row and ever! :grinning: for those interested in total I think there were 4 guitar tracks, mostly 2 playing together and once I think it was 3 tracks at once.

Also would like to say thanks to all who gave it a listen and even more gratitude towards those who enjoyed it! Means a lot as ever! :heart_eyes:


Did I miss the first one? It shows how far you have come on this adventure. You my friend are a inspiration for all us beginners and I’m sure that when the time is right you will find the right band mates. Until then I look forward to more collaborations that you do with LBro and the others.

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