Girl From The North Country - Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan Cover Song by Adi & LBro

That was superb, very polished and professional :wave:t3: :wave:t3: :wave:t3: loved it!

No you haven’t, probably forgot that Nutshell had a bass line recorded by Luka :slight_smile: also haven’t recorded anything else for a while as I am still fighting one song, although getting closer to perhaps close this chapter for now. But not without a recording in place :grinning: again many thanks James, I think that if I was able to learn to play in a satisfactory to my own taste level so can anyone else :slight_smile: all the best!

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Hi Trevor,
Thanks for the comments and stopping by!

Thanks Toby,
We do our best to please the Madmen of this world mate!l All the better, when they stop by for a listen!

You know Richard that Dylan and his label used to block anything of his posted to YT and other places. I hear he has a new label and now I still get a CR infringement, but am allowed to post it. So, that is great news to you and others that have posted on our offering! Thanks for the kind words. I will take a Bravo any day!

You bet Adi,
It worked out well to collab together. Your guitar play and vox were exciting additions to this production. Maybe down the road we can do another? Just have to see…

All the best to all and be well!

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That was fantastic LBro and Adi. Great production, playing and singing. The video was nice as well. You two sounded great together.

I didn’t realise Adi was singing at first as I’ve never heard him sing that low before.


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Thanks Stefan, yes trust me it took a few attempts to lower my voice to that level :laughing:

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Hi there,
Glad this one struck your fancy! Thanks for you kind words of approval!

Be well and take good care,

Hi Roger,
Gosh - I am sorry in that I almost missed a reply to you as I got out of sync in answering here! Thanks so much for the kind words and your observations! Glad this one was kind to your ears and the vibe was fitting. I have to admit this is not exactly what Bro does… but I am up for anthing!

All the best mate and take care!

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Wow Kevin,
Thanks a ton and good to know we passed the “Dylan” test of time. Are you sure the link I posted to the “original” is not the 'bootleg" session? In it they sing differing words and the timing is really off? Have a listen if you get a chance and let me know!

All the best,

Very nice! I can hear both of yours love for the song, and the interlude is sweet. :clap:

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Fantastic production, Guys. Every bit as enjoyable as the original.

Excellent performances all round and nailed the mix, just the right amount of 'verb, levels all spot on.

As I was listening I was wondering about a little panning, just a wee bit off centre, on the vocals to introduce just a slight separation. Did you try that or just stick with following the original which also seems to have the two voices dead centre?

Congrats, take a bow, and what’ll you do for an encore :smile:


Hey Phil,
Thanks for checking out cover and all the best to you!

Hi Lbro/Adrian,

Great collab.
Never heard the original (I think - though I did go to see a Johny Cash tribute some time ago and he may have performed it - I only recognised a few songs - was dragged along by Mrs D. )

Your vocals contrast nicely.
Had an honest, “earthy”, quality to them.
Cool production - thought the video fit well with the vibe of the song as well.


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Hi both,

I love this song, and I think you both did a fantastic job at covering it. Nice tones, relaxed and confident playing, same for the singing. Just a good job all around :wink:


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Hi Gordon,
Thanks for the kind words! This one for me was hard to sing as I could not hear it well enough to sing my part. It took some doing, that is for sure.

I completely agree with you that the original was messed up. One of our goals was to do what they did, but clean up the timing and lyrics issues. I think we pretty much succeeded there…

Thanks again and all the best to you!

Awesome job guys…Bravi! Both of you! :clap::clap::clap:

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Very nice acoustic performance from the both of you. You both harmonized together really well. Well done. Always good to hear from you both!

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Thanks Helen! Glad you approve and hope you keep well!

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Thanks so much for the spin and comments! All the best to you!

HI Rossco,
I thank you so much sir! Glad this one struck a chord with you!

Hi Eddie,
Glad this one was a great way to start your day! If I just had 50 million more folks that thought the same way I could retire a rich man! LOL

All the best and take good care!

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