Girl From The North Country

Cover of Dylan’s Girl From The North Country, recorded in September of 2020.

Girl From The North Country (Dropbox/WAV)

Just acoustic guitar and vocal.


Beautifully played and beautifully sung :ok_hand:t2:
Good lesson anywhere for this one?

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Thank you!

I think I had found a lesson for this online years ago, but I don’t remember where it was and I can’t find it, now.

However, it’s just a few chords and a repeating fingerpicking pattern. The chords shapes are G, C/G, Emin9, and D/F#, and you can capo it wherever best suits your voice.

I just learned how to create tab in my music engraving software (Lilypond), so I’ll see if I can create some tab for this.

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Here you go:

Girl From The North Country (standard notation + tab) (Dropbox/PDF)


This is brilliant. Thank you so much! Now it’s time to get practising :smiley:

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I enjoyed your playing and singing on this track.

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Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

Well Jason, Country ain’t my sort of thing but it doesn’t mean to say that I can’t appreciate what you’ve done! I really enjoyed your playing and singing, your performance and production was excellent; very nicely done! :+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you, Darrell.

I usually don’t think of Dylan as country (more like folk), but I can see where you’re coming from with that. As a side note, I do enjoy country, but not modern country that you hear on the radio these days. I like the older stuff.

I see from your profile that you have a bass uke. Very cool. A few years ago I was thinking about picking one of those up, but I never did. Which one do you have, and how do you like it?

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Hi Jason another beautifully played song. I’ve listened to all your recent AVoYP migrations so please take this reply for all of them.
You’ve created quite a collection. Well done my friend.

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Thank you, Gordon; I appreciate the listening and the comment. :slight_smile:

It’s a Makala bass, it’s the lower cost brand of Kala; it’s great fun to play once the strings have stretched. It sounds really nice clean almost like an upright string bass, give it some dirt (carefully) and it sounds good. On reflection I would probably have been better off buying a short scale bass but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as much fun. It’s never going to be sold or swapped so that should give you an idea of how I think of it.
I like Dylan and often get mixed up with what genre you should put him in, yes you’re probably right about folk, with me it’s an age thing :joy::joy::joy:

Very nice. My interest is because I think uke bass would be fun and it doesn’t take up much space. (I’m running out of room for more instruments – and I don’t want to sell any!) We have a couple of full-sized electric bass guitars in the house (my son is learning bass), but I think a relatively small uke bass would be an excellent addition in my office/home-studio.

I have a Lanikai concert uke (koa), but that’s my only ukulele.

Can depend on which “period” of Dylan is under consideration… :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, I remember this one from before. Spot on and super sweet track sir. Well worth bringing over to the new forum. :slight_smile:

Definitely for fun but can be used for a tone you won’t get from a solid bass.

I have a Mahogany low G tenor made by Doner which is very nice, an Ash high G tenor made by Freshman, a Solid Acacia Concert hand made in Portugal and a Zebrawood Soprano handmade from a kit by me. I have had a few more but sold them in favour of my current ones.

I really liked your version and although it’s a relatively simple fingerpicking pattern you still gotta deliver it…which you did. How did you record? Sounds very nice. I am working on Buffalo Springfield again by NY at the moment but recording is tricky with acoustic.


Thank you!

How well does its acoustic sound project for sitting around and jamming (say, along with an acoustic guitar)?

On this track vocal and guitar were both captured (at the same time) with a Shure PGA27 large condenser mic. I also recorded the guitar’s internal pickup along with that and mixed the two sources in my DAW.

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Another stunner Jason ! You keep racking them and stacking them and we’ll just sit back and enjoy the show ! Super production and performance. :sunglasses:

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Nice job, was not familiar with this Dylan original from “63 ?” although it seems to have been covered by many. Now interested in learning it. Thanks
Waylon Jennings RIP among many did the country version of it pretty well.

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The Uke basses don’t really work very well acoustically, they’re too quiet - there are some made based on a 3/4 size guitar that are better and have metal strings but as they’re custom made they tend to be a bit expensive.

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