GNS - March 2023 - Noodling along to a power chord progression

Hey, guys, it’s been a while since I posted something here. So a while back I kinda composed a simple song with power chords: F5, E5, G5, A5 and D5 just for the gag of it. And decided to record myself. This is after sixth take:


Great practice for your power chord grips!

As a listener, I had a bit trouble feeling the vibe in some sections and going along. This was because of various breaks in the rhythm. Your creation can become a training platform for bot power chords, strumming and rhythm though.

Check out this video and try to apply these tips and it will start to sound like a song real fast!


Bravo, since I am starting the power chord module I can appreciate your chords sounding nice, crisp and clear. Something I am struggling with.

I’ve been wanting to use the dice method to compose a song, I like what you did.

My critique- Since that was only your 6th take I say keep playing that song. It will eventually become yours and one day you’ll bang it out with feeling without thinking about it. It will rock!

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Your power chords are sounding good Aurimas. Keep at it, you’re going in the right direction.