Go Ahead And Break My Heart - Cover by Pkboo3, Kasper & LBro

I love to see these collaborations when they pop up :smiley:
Cousin Lars, who knows his way around the fretboard, happened to be listening in the background and commented how professional the whole thing sounded.
Well done! :sunglasses:

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I think we’ve bounced this around before and explored all the thoughts I’ve had.

On the breaking my heart theme, for guy/girl duets, you can’t get much catchier than
Elton & Kiki
My favourite, although a bit off the beaten track, is still the Jason Webly/Amanda Palmer Evelyn Evelyn about Siamese twins thinking about separation :laughing:

… with a little help from her friend :wink:

Well Brian,
Sounds like Lars is a good fellow! Thanks for the good report and comments! Now, for the professional aspect. No one has ever tossed money at our collaboration efforts, but I would be happy to accept you donation! :laughing: Just think, if you donate - then we too can call ourselves “pros”! :innocent:

All kidding aside, take care and be well,

Indeed we have… Though it has been a while and I thought that maybe something new crossed your music universe!

There have been a few good suggestions. I will have to see if any pan out.


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Hey there Catman!
Thanks for the kind words and I am glad this struck your fancy! Indeed, we are doing this one long distance. But I would guess many of our collaborative productions are of very long distance. In the past I have done a lot of work with @RomanS in Moscow. That is a long ways for the USA West coast! Distance these days is not an obstacle.

Thanks for the suggestions on duets by M/F. We have done one by Plant and Krauss, called Gone, Gone, Gone. That turned out pretty well and was popular on the Tube. T-Bone is top notch for what he does in my book. I also like the video you posted. I had looked at that song prior, but for some reason that I can’t recall, we passes on it.

Can you list the names of the 2 blues albums Plant and Krauss did? They have a few and I want to focus on what you are pointing to!

Thanks and take care,

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the suggestions. Not sure if Elton and Kiki are rocking enough for the crew and the vox is pretty high. Looks like a massive key change would be needed. Great song though and they performed it well.

Hah, yeah, I think you summed up the second suggestion well. “Off the beaten track”. I am not sold on it and my collab mates would likely shoot me!

“Oh” on Happy Together. Pam mentioned doing it. I did not realize she had a partner in crime! I learned something new, if true!

Carry on mate!

:grin:I’m surprised you didn’t recognize that velvety vocal. I thought you knew that!

Hey LittleBro!

The two I was thinking of are Raising Sand & Raising the Roof. Quite a few are slower than I’m guessing would be of interest for you guys, there are several though that are mor up-tempo & have a complex interaction of instruments & vocals.
My personal favorite is probably Rich Woman… the guitar sounds are very cool!!!
I didn’t know about your version ofGone Gone Gone, I will check it out!
Keep it fun & keep ‘em coming!!! :grin:


Well, I plead the 5th of memory loss. I simply can’t recall enough of the song to know if you had help from the great one!

BTW - Did you and Brian do a collab together? If so I will have to hunt it up!


Hi Tod,
Thanks for the comeback and scoop! I will check out both albums. Yes, you are right in that we tend to do the more up-tempo rock type stuff. I also have to interest a guitar player with something they want to take on.

On Gone Gone Gone - It was actually linked above. Let me try and paste that in here for you:
Gone, Gone Gone -Producer’s Cut- A cover of a song done by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant - Very similar type duet and a good one IMHO.

Hum, looks like it might work!

Take care,

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Just gave your version of Gone Gone Gone a listen… I think it rocks!!! Very enjoyable listen & I like the production! Would have been nice to see a few shots of you, Kasper & Pam… obviously people were a bit confused about what happened to Plant’s voice!!! :rofl:

Thanks for the link… I am not the most knowledgeable guy about how to navigate this site nor searching for particular posts!!!

Great effort!!!


I found the collab. It is pretty good and your video work was good. I recognized the opening part of the video and some of the song. But to be honest, I totally forgot about this one and it being the Turtles cover. Funny though, as you and Brian at first glance to me would not seem vocally compatible. But this showed it works!

Take care,

Good deal Tod,
Not a problem on helping you find this one and glad it was all good for you. I don’t know what folks thought on that post at the Tube. I mean it clearly stated it was a cover. On Plants voice, we had Pam sing Plant as she could get higher than me!

We had more hits on that cover than any I have done and I don’t get that part either. It was a good production, but was it 10 times better than any other? Hard to figure the Tube sometimes!

On showing the mug. Speaking for myself, I simply try and keep a low profile on the Net and don’t show my face often out there.

You take care,

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@pkboo3 @Kasper @LBro what a fine recording you’ve given us. Polished and easy on the ear from the first note to the last. You each make what is difficult to do sound effortless.

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HI Maggie,
Good to hear you are around… I have been wondering how you are these days?

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, there was a lot of effort in this one! But, from the sounds of what other think, it was worth it!

Be well,


That sounds so good that, since I don’t know that song, I could easy believe that I’m listening to the real song.
Very well done you three. Real tight.
A wonderful collaboration.

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It’s pretty much all been said above, but I’ll say it again. Excellent collab, very tight, a great listen.
One question for Kasper: I understand the tones and all, but why so many guitar tracks? I think there’s 4 guitars in the ref track you all used, a bass and keyboard - didn’t see the slide. Just curious as to why you do it that way as opposed to just playing the track front to back.

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That was absolutely fabulous guys. Hats off to one and all! :sunglasses:

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Hi @oldhead49

All those guitar tracks are actually covering the song from A to Z, it’s not some tracks for the first verse, then chorus etc. There are just a lot of layers, many more than the 4 you might hear at first. Some of the tracks are playing pretty much throughout the song, some are more sparse. A few of the parts are double tracked to sound more full in the mix, but mostly it’s different parts going on in various sides of the stereo field. But this is how you build up “that sound” - fat and full sounding, with small details poking out here and there.

As an example, take the second verse that @pkboo3 is singing over. Although that part of the song might sound “pulled back” compared to the choruses, consider what’s actually playing:

  1. 2 x Acoustic guitar. Double tracked, not playing strummed chords but those higher pitched “stabs” with “sus chords”.
  2. 2 x Clean guitar, playing that arpeggio riff that opens both verses. Small parts, but double tracked for fatness and requires its own tone and tracks
  3. Main crunch part, slightly panned left. Those crunchy “stabs” that plays throughout the verse
  4. Detail #1: slide guitar, kicks in at 1:48 with those mellow and mournful slide notes, using a clean tone
  5. Detail #2: Fade-in fuzz tone, fades in with the slide at 1:48 to provide a big fat distorted “pad”
  6. Detail #3: Crunchy riff, right side. Kicks in at 2:02. Building tension and leading into the chorus
  7. Detail #4: Dotted-8th rhythmic delay. With the crunchy riff at 2:02 but left side. Low in mix.

So you can see, just that second verse actually do have 9 completely different guitar tracks going on at the same time. The choruses then have double-tracked crunch guitars and double-tracked fuzz guitars… That’s 4 additional tracks. The the solo on top, as well as even more small melodies going on beneath that section… it quickly adds up!

Of course all of the above could be done live with a lot less detail, and still sound good. But I wanted to play around with creating this interesting soundscape, not that I was not limited by the amount of parts playing at the same time :wink: