Goin' Down Slow

Awesome ! The percussive aspect, absolutely right on ! Congrats!

Thanks a lot Denis. Glad you liked it.

Hi Sebastian,

You are into Eric Bibb, how wonderful! I am a fan too.
You played it magnificently! I only wish I could approach your level of mastery!

Now you should find yourself a harmonica player, and tackle these songs together :wink:

Grey Goose, Eric Bibb and J.J. Milteau


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Hi Tjeerd,

Indeed that would be cool. I can play a bit of harmonica myself and bought a harmonica rack once. But that is not easy at all :joy:

Great to hear your into Eric Bibb as well. Not many people know this fabulous player.
Thanks for the song example and Happy New Year.

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That was awesome playing Sebastian. I really, really enjoyed that. What a great groove you had going on.

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Thanks a lot Stefan.
Glad you like it :slight_smile:

That was so great, I love the blues, acoustic blues, and fingerstyle, so you’ve captured everything! Really enjoyed your playing. I have to laugh because I’m right this moment trying to put together a multi angle video of a simple blues piece, and your video is exactly what I’m trying to do (with a much simpler piece). What’s your process for the switch between different views? And the view that goes from close to far showing the transition was an excellent view, how would you get that without a life person zooming out while you were playing?

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Hi Mari,

Thanks for taking the time to listen. Yes acoustic fingerstyle blues is such a great genre of music.

The multi angle video is something with which I’ve been struggling as well. When you have 2 camera’s it’s rather easy. But I guess they would have to have the same specs, to make sure you don’t see a difference in the image. And I only have one camera, so …
I record first out of one angle, until I have a recording with which I’m pleased. Afterwards I play along with that recording and film from a different angle. So the second angle is kind of playback.
That way of working was explained to me by Joe Robinson, who does this as well at times. (If you don’t know him, do check him out. His playing is mind blowing)
When you know the song pretty well, the playback does not take a lot of time.

One thing you have to take into account is the light. If you can film at daylight, I believe you’ll have the best image. If not, you should use a lot of white light. I still have issues with lighting. For example this video took me half a day of color editing to get it like it is now, because I only had 1 white light.
I just bought new spots and will try out Three-Point lighting, which someone who I know who is in film suggested.

The zooming out is done when editing. I use the free version of Davinci Resolve, which is quite elaborate. There you have the option ‘Dynamic Zoom’. So that part is not done during filming.
There is a free Mac, Windows and Linux version.
In the beginning the program is complicated, but there are a lot of tutorials online and once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a lot of fun. Cause there are so many options and effects to use.
In the video below, for example, I only added a part from another angle in the bottom right corner. (as of 0:59). If took me a while to figure that out though.
If you decide to use that program and get stuck, or have any other questions, let me know. Maybe I can help you out.

And keep me posted on the outcome. Love to see you playing.


Thanks for all the info, Sebastian! ‘Free’ is a price I like, so I will check out Davinci Resolve. Spending lots of time on figuring tech out is not something I like, so we’ll see if that program works for me. I don’t need to learn all the intricacies of the software though, just a few things (to start anyway).

Loved your version of Deep River Blues, thanks for including. The extra angle at 0:59 was a really cool addition. I did record a short little piece yesterday, trying out iMovie, to see if others had input on multi cam recording. That post is at Multi-angle recording - questions - Gear & Tools Talk / :computer: Hardware, Software & Recording - JustinGuitar Community. The point of the post was to try all the features I could figure out on the multi cam capabilities of iMovie, so I know there are way too many transitions. I recorded it using 2 iPhones simultaneously (we just upgraded our phones so I actually have access to 4 phones). I will be checking out any suggestions to see if I can make some interesting multi cam videos without having to spend too much time learning tech.

Thanks again!

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Amazing, very well played!

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Thanks a lot Serhat :slightly_smiling_face: