Gone Gone Gone - Cover by Pkboo3, OH49 & LBro


Gone, Gone, Gone is an album by the Everly Brothers, originally released in 1964. It was re-released on CD in 2005 on the Collectors’ Choice Music label. The title track was covered by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on their 2007 collaboration album Raising Sand. I stumbled into the song by Plant and Krauss purely by accident. I shared it with Oldhead49 and Pkboo3. They both loved the song and we decided to cover it. Little did we realize at the time how difficult it would be. The vocals, guitar work and mix were probably one of the hardest songs we have ever done. Plant; you do know Plant don’t you? He of Led Zeppelin fame? Sings about 5 octaves. I am not sure he can do that today, but he did sing this very high. Pam was able to cover him and I was able to cover Krauss an octave low. IMHO, Pam did a great job on her (his) vox, including the screams and solo lines. Oldhead49 did a great job as well and reported the strumming pattern was tough and nothing he had ever run into it before. But we persevered and are able to give you our version of this cover song. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did the challenge in producing this one. Coast to Coast Media was well represented by an East-coaster, Texas and West-Coast residents!

Enjoy and all the best. Let us know what you think!



Great cover folks. Old enough to remember the original and although I knew of the Plant Krauss collab only heard bits and pieces. This was great on all fronts. Vocals worked really well together and the track came across as slick as ever, well done you three !

Coast to Coast will need rebranding for Pam. Now I have heard of the American Panhandle and with Pam way down south in the Lone Star state you could be the American Triangle ?
Just a thought.

Good virtual vibes to you all.




Thanks Toby!
Wow - So far, you are the only one I know that heard this before in any form. My next stop is a full listen of the Everly Brother’s version. I bet they sing it high as a kite?

Nah, we can’t cut Coast to Coast Media out of the action. They own the label and our big fat record contract… LOL - They would send a flock of lawyers after us! Nice thought though… Is that the Golden Triangle or the Bermuda one? :slight_smile:

Be well and rock Madman!

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Well if I lived closer to Galveston, TX, it truly would be Coast to Coast. But all is well. Texas touches the Gulf.

Thanks Toby, for the listen. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Magnificent well done all of you, that was a terrific blast of rock n roll.
The Raising Sand album is superb and this song is a highlight for me. T Bone Burnett produced and played on it, a master craftsman who can do complex things with simple songs and still make them sound simple. I’m not surprised Dave had an interesting time with the rhythm.
Coolio indeed.

Very nice you guys! That sounded really complicated like you said lol. Thought it sounded good though! Never heard of the song either so thats a new one on me! Cheers!

This was really good, somehow I feel I heard it before although not sure in what shape or form. Or perhaps your production was so good I thought I heard it in the past :grinning: anyway cracking work guys, rhythm indeed sounds a bit out of the old faithful type of strum so no wonder it played some tricks on OH! Overall nice track and thanks for sharing :wink:

I talked to the CEO and He explained that Coast to Coast takes in the entire USA, save for Alaska and Hawaii. So the bases are covered, straight from the guy at the top… :upside_down_face: :zipper_mouth_face:
You heard it here first and there you have it!

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, another fine production from Coast to Coast Media.

@LBro @pkboo3 @oldhead49 all the parts sounded great and the whole mix worked well.

A catchy ear-worm rhythm. I’m hearing a flavour of that 50s/60s rhythm, often called The Bo Diddley beat. Given that Gone Gone Gone was released in the 60s, quite feasible for the rhythm to have that influence in it.

Loved the drum sound.

While the mix sounded good, I found myself straining a little to really fully appreciate the vocals. Maybe a few dB up there might bring both voices a little more forward? As usual, mix comment is really my taste and not a criticism of the final mix.

I’ve listened to the Plant/Krauss collaboration, though not enough to remember the song. Plant has done some really interesting things in this part of his career.

Nor do I know the EBs well enough to know it, so a first time for me. Just wonderful rock n roll from that era.

Once again, take a bow on another great collab!

Hi LBro, Pam and Dave…
Great collaboration :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:… very nice, for some things we live in such a beautiful time that all this can be arranged and made “quick and easy”…

Thanks Close,
I read a smidgeon about this T Bone fellow and agree with you for sure. The song was in 2/2 or cut time. The rhythm was interesting due to that. I know I had a dickens of a time with the syncopated drum pattern(s). As this project unfolded, we gained admiration for those before us that we covered. Skilled folks with ample talent! Down the road, we may do more of their songs… That is, if we are up to the challenges they present!

All the best to you and the misses!

There is no ‘if’. You are up to the challenge no matter the challenge. It has been a joy listening to all the collaborations that you have done to date. Each one has presented It’s own challenge and you have overcome them and produced some really good covers. Long may it continue. That was another good one. Never heard that song before and it was good to be introduced to it.

Hi David,
Thanks for the kind words of appreciation and suggestions. The “beat” was in 2/2, or ‘cut’ timing. Not sure if that is what Bo Diddley was up to, but it was the case here.

Well, well. We can’t have one straining ears to hear the vocals now can we? Via you suggestion I created a producers mix per below. Sounds simple to raise the vox +2dB, which is what was done, along with enhanced panning on Plant’s (Pam’s) solo vox. Yet when the vox was brought up it was like taking a finger out of one spot in the dyke and poking it in another. All crap broke loose and the mix was now over 0dB! Thus, there was much more to it in tamping that issue down. I hope you enjoy the special mix. To me your suggestion works. I think the reason is, that near the end of production I moved the vocals out a bit and the guitars/bass further out. Thus the stereo field area was increased and allow room for this to sound pretty good. The vocals did not step on the stringed instruments as much as I thought they would.

Yeah, I would say Plant has mellowed like fine wine, yet still has some in the tank to change genre and still be very good. I listened last night intensively to the Everly Brother’s studio and live mixes. As the creators of this song I will say those boys can write and their vox was great. They add another twist to this one.


All the best and take good care!

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Thanks for that, LBro. I think it makes a subtle but pleasing change in the overall experience of the song.

As for Bo, his was 4/4 and not the same but this has a similar kind of rolling vibe to it.

Gotta love 50s/early 60s rock n roll. The EBs, Bo, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Little Richard, and I am sure many others I am forgetting. From there come The Beatles. Throw in the more bluesy guys, like Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, the Kings and others and then there come The Stones.

BY the way, loved that slide show.

Gets around a bit, our l’il ol’ Texan lady, doesn’t she? :wink:
What a pleasant surprise to see this gem today.
Interesting gender-reassignment on the vox parts, but I guess it makes sense.
I agree with David on the level front and might have even gone further in the post-production mix.
There were a couple of absolute masterpieces on that album, in particular
Sister Rosetta goes before us and the Brennan/Waits’ Trampled Rose.
Don’t really mind which coast you talk about. I look out of my bedroom window and I see the Atlantic. You’re all on the opposite side. Keep on rockin’) and the Brennan/Waits song Trampled Rose.
Don’t really mind which coast you talk about. I look out of my bedroom window and I see the Atlantic. You’re all on the opposite side.
Keep on rockin’ :sunglasses:

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Yeah Brian,
Rumor has it Pam was over your way doing a collab project? LOL :confounded:
Thanks for the links, I will take them in!
Up just a couple of posts from here is a special “Producer’s Cut” YT Video post that raises the vox up about +2dB per @DavidP suggestion. See that for the song link and the bantar about the mix changes.

Uh, your stuttering over that way and double typed your reply near the bottom! Have you been drinking more than your normal tea? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks for the comments, have a great day/evening and take good care!

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Well @LBro @oldhead49 @pkboo3, that was something else. This track is probably my favourite from the Raising Sand album and what a terrific version you guys have produced.

Singing, playing and production were spot on to my ears. (I only listened to the ‘Producer’s Cut’ version).
The driving rhythm guitar and the drum beat rhythms were terrific. Vocals were amazing too.

Well done to all three of you! :clap::clap:

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Hi Byron,
Thanks for the spin and comments. Glad you liked this and that it introduced you to the song! It sure is a departure from Led Zep days for Plant!

Keep up the vibe,

Hey Adi,
I never did hear this one until about a month ago. Thanks for the comments and glad it worked for you! I am still working on that Old Faithful strumming pattern. The one in this song would be tough. Somehow OH picked up on it and did it up well I think! It all came together in the end and I am happy you liked it as much as you did!

Keep on rock’n and playing,

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Well done team! Loved that steady rhythm guitar and the Bo Diddley kind of vibe. Was very glad to get a dynamic change at about the three minute mark. Good stuff gang.