Gone Gone Gone - Cover by Pkboo3, OH49 & LBro

Wow wow wow I loved this cover.
You guys are awesome. :clap::clap::clap::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Hi Roger!
Thanks on the collaboration! I agree we now have multi-trac and mix tools second to none. It is a long ways away from the mono-track recorder I had as a teen - LOL.

Not sure on the “quick and easy part”… This song was anything but easy… LOL - Maybe that is what you meant? :slight_smile:

Take good care!

By easier I mean … collaborating over a long distance and no longer needing a studio like in the old times etc…That was all A LOT more difficult…or…so now a little easier… :grin:

Oh I see Roger, yes indeed. Now we can collaborate with folks from around the world. Reaper even has a deal where you can run the project on both ends live. I have not looked at that real deeply yet… You make a great point though!

Take good care,

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Hey, hey! Thanks everybody for jumping in here for a listen. I appreciate the invite from LBro and enjoyed working with him and @oldhead49 . I guess I sparked a wish to collaborate when LBro saw Brian & my latest endeavor. It’s truly been fun and rewarding to have done these. Also helps in the learning process in all areas.

@Richard_close2u Good to know about T. Bone. Sounds like an incredible career.

@adi_mrok Yeah, I was wanting to add some guitar in there too, but soon realized, umm, NOPE!

@DavidP Yeah, the added vocal dB was good too. Both good. I’m pleased! p.s. will be thinking of you tomorrow. You take care.

Hehe, Hey @brianlarsen ! Yep been busy lately. Time for some “me” time now :wink:. That song took some work. It just worked out that way with me doing him and him doing her; with each of our vocal ranges, I guess. I’ll listen to the two song links as soon as I can.

@CT Oh, I had to go back and pay more attention to what you were talking about. You opened my eyes - ears actually - to that. Thank you.

@Bytron08, @Socio, @sairfingers @RonG, thank you for dropping in and listening and your nice comments. Appreciate it so much.

Hi LB,

Feel your pain. A simple to tweak to remedy - cue complete remix.
Well worth it in this instance though. Vocals sit nicely in the Producer’s Cut.

Cool song. Love that driving beat.

Vocals are a treat. Really enjoyed the “wilder” parts.

Great job all round. The band done good.


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Hi Digger,
Thanks for stopping by and taking this in. I also found your comments interesting. I was not aware of “cue complete remix”. So I searched on it and came up with some cool stuff. But I suspect it was not what you are referring to. Can you explain more, or perhaps share info and or a video on this technique?

The “wilder” parts were furnished by Pam. Our wild Texas vocalist gal and I think she did a great job there! I could almost hear her screams from Texas up here in the Pacific NW. LOL, JK there…

You take good care and all the best!

Super good guys. As with many others I hadn’t heard this song before, but it has a pretty cool 50s/60s vibe like @DavidP mentioned. Sounds like it’s influenced by surf music and rockabilly perhaps?

Regardless great all round, quite enjoyed it.

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Well done y’all, I really enjoyed your take on it!
Great playing and singing and excellent production!
More please :+1::+1::+1:

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Hi JK!
Thank you for the comments. I worked pretty hard on this and never really sat down to think about the 50-60’s type vibe it has. I did think about the Everly Brothers version though, as they wrote a pretty cool song. You can take that in here:

It is great to post something that allows others to expand their listening experience! Even better when you and others are brought enjoyment by it!

All the best and keep up the vibe!

Hi Darrell,
It is rewarding to hear you liked our take on this one! Thanks for the kudos too! If there is to be more, it might be a while. This one was no gimmie. I know other collab mates and myself included have Fall chores to contend with and that will keep us out of the studio for a bit. But your comments will help influence our decisions going forward on what to do!

All the best to you!

@Digger72 Aw, thanks on the “wilder” parts. :smiling_face: It was fun to give it a try.

Now that would be cool… Though I don’t think I have ever heard @Digger72 on vocals… I really think he should try!

Come on Digger, you can do it!

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Hi LB/Pam,

Before I teamed up with Katja I used to try squeaking out the odd vocal. Someone in the forum said I sounded like Marianne Faithful meets Ozzy. :slight_smile: Lol. I reckon it might have been Lieven, but I could be wrong.
I think the last vaguely decent thing I sang was about 8 years ago. I might try and dig it out - though dread what it may sound like now.

Regarding cue complete remix - I meant often when I try to mix on the vocal and I make the slightest adjustment I end up having to remix an whole track. I reckon I spend 70% time trying to get the vocal to sit right. It really is my nemesis - and I’m never 100% happy.

I’d like to hear you guys take on a B52s track. I reckon you could nail it.


Hi Digger,
Hum, I don’t think I ever heard you stretch the chords via a recording of them? But what if you backed up Katja on a number? You could layer yourself and with your mix skills, could make it sound good.

I see on the “cue complete remix”. I was hoping for some magic dust that made it simpler to mess with the vox tracks. I was real close on headroom and did not want to relevel all tracks to make it happen if I could get away with it. I just barely did…

I took in some B52s songs and did not really find a tune to my liking. Do you have perhaps a link to something you were thinking of from them? When working with Pam and Dave, I always am on the lookout for a good M/F duet and some doable but interesting guitar play.

Take good care and be well!

Hi Gordon,
Good deal this went well with you! For something I never heard, this album is pretty good. Who would have thought a mega rocker like Plant of Led Zep fame would turn in such a work?

I think the Producer’s Cut was worth the extra effort as it came out pretty nice.

Thanks again for the spin and be well!

Hi li’l Bro,
Sorry I can’t help butting in here, but @Digger72 did mention the band that defined fun music for this teenager in the late 70s :smiley: :partying_face: :tada:
I’d be surprised if he wasn’t referring to songs like


On the off chance that you plumb for the first one, I would happily offer my collaboration services to perform Fred Schneider’s role (tambourine) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hijack over and out…

@Digger72 @LBro @brianlarsen LOL, I actually did something patterned after B52’s style a while back. I was put in touch with someone indirectly, with help from redrhodie, whom sadly we haven’t seen on here in a while.

Let’s Play a Game

It was another vocals only.

LBro is this OK to insert here? If not, I will take it back off if it allows me to.

Anyway, on the second one Brian posted, you can do the “ Ooh, ooh, ooh part! :rofl:

I don’t see any issues with it here!


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Thanks all for the listens and comments.
Fine work here Pam and LB.
I knew LB was a rocker, but, Pam, I think you’ve been keeping this part of your vocals under wraps. Hope you let loose more in the future. I thought you sounded pretty amazing in this one.