Good RIddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day

Hello Folks, been far too long (again…) but I’m 100% still at this guitar thing :wink:

Time to share again with a consolidation song for me that’s been in the works for a while. It’s not the most confident of starts I’ve ever had but has come out better than I thought when I was recording!! I’ve never really done thumb strumming before and it’s far harder than I’d anticipated!!! Any pointers on that specifically will be very welcome.

Above all a very belated happy new year to you all and hope that 2023 brings much happiness to everyone.

Notter :slight_smile:


Being too hard on yourself Mark, that came out fine. Thumb strums sounded clear but no tech tips for me on that, as I do something different each time. Picked intro worked fine as well but no doubt someone who doesn’t know the song will think you spluttered. Think @adi_mrok got called out on that once and had to explain it was on the original.
Welcome back and a good new year to yoursen !



Nice job Mark, I think that was great. Nicely switched between picking and strumming. It is a great song, I enjoy playing, it is harder than it appears.

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Hello Mark, that was lovely :smiley:.
Finger picking, strumming, and singing along is a real challenge, but you did a great job on it :clap::+1::slightly_smiling_face:.
I’m glad, you’re back on the forum. I’ve already been wondering a bit, whether everything is okay with you, as I haven’t seen any posts from you in a while :hugs:.

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I love this song. What, no swearing at the start? :wink:
I can’t strum with my thumb at all due to long girlie nail, I strum with the back of my index finger nail.
I don’t think it matters much if it sounds ok.

Love your guitar, I tried a faith when I bought my acoustic but I couldn’t afford it :cry:

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Hi Mark good to see you again in this forum section and best wishes in 2023 to you too! Was hoping that your new year resolution was not to limit amount of time on learning guitar :grinning:

Bit on a more subtle side but sounded very nice to me overall. A few dead notes but barely noticable to be fair, strumming with your thumb sounded all fine to me although probably was a bit of a challenge for your flesh :grinning: I play it with a pick personally but again all up to a personal preference :wink: all the best!

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Very well played Mark! I can’t offer any advice on strumming with the thumb as it’s not something I am that good at. Good to see you back on here! Look forward to hearing more of your posts!

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Thank you all for the warm comments, not that i expected otherwise!!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner - We’re all meant to be our own harshest critics right? just maintaining the natural order of things :wink:

@philsmith - Thank you sir, you’re right definitely harder than it appears but a song that you can really develop different skills with over time, single note picking with a pick for the intro, first verse and outro is the next evolution, but pleased to try out a different fingerstyle pattern for this one.

@NicoleKKB - That’s really sweet of you to say, thank you. All is definitely okay thanks :+1:

@LizW - As Justin always says, if it sounds good… :wink: I’ve been really pleased with the Faith, there’s not a single thing about it I’d change (although it is due some new strings soon!!)

@adi_mrok - Thank you chap, the resolution is completely the opposite for 2023, have no fear! As I mention above I’d like to play it with a pick in time to more closely match the original, an early goal for this year and this song specifically. Thumb flesh relatively unscathed, so far anyway :rofl:

@Eddie_09 - Plenty more consolidation songs to crack through and get posted, I’m itching to hit grade 3 but need to knuckle down first. Appreciate the listen :+1:


Happy new year! :slight_smile: I enjoyed the performance very much. :clap:

Considering you’re just getting started with thumb strumming, I’d say you’re a natural thumb strummer. :smiley: I still can’t get along with thumb strumming and can only use it for more delicate parts.

I’ve noticed that when you are finger-picking, your hand is a bit open and in the air. I found it helped me get better at fingerstyle as I started to get my hand less floaty and my fingers closer together. Doing less hand movement in general.

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Thanks Kamil!
I definitely prefer strumming with a pick but it’s nice to develop other options for sure. Good observation with my hand on the finger style, thanks.

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Good to see you back Mark and well played. Love the song.

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Good job!!
It sounds great, I love green day songs

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Welcome back, Mark, good to see and hear you again.

Lots to love about this recording, all of the comments that formed in my mind as I watched already made.

So I can but add :clap: :clap: :clap:, wish you well, and look forward to the next one!

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Hello Mark, that was so very well played! :star_struck::clap::clap::clap: Switching from fingerpicking to strumming and back was very smooth as anything else. About thumb strumming I can only say that it sounded good, I tend to do it softer and it’s the only way I can strum my steel strings without irritating my ears, yours is more energetic and sounds good the way it is. All the best for 2023!

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Well played Mark, I enjoyed the song and it is been a while since I heard it last time :slight_smile:. As for the thumb strumming, longer fingernail(s) help but it still be generally slightly “abrasive”.

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I don’t usually let them grow to be honest, maybe this could be the motivation!! :rofl:

Hey, another new guy, you could go do a post on the introduce yourself section :joy::joy::joy:

It’s been a while Notter!

Playing looks like it’s going well, sounded good. This is a good one to get into with a pick. Yep it’s tricky but great practice.

I noticed some picking timing issues at the beginning but you quickly sorted that out. Thumb strumming sounded good. I sometimes strum with my thumb and index together as if I’m holding an invisible pick, have you tried that?

Hi Mark,
Good to hear from you…and super to hear you play and sing :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
I loved it,…
And i also see that you are already doing a good job with your thumb strumming, but that your thumb is much too stiff together with your hand … put more relaxation into it and it will sound smoother, and it doesn’t work for me personally nice with a longer thumb nail because then I get stuck in the string (but that’s probably just me)

:wink: Fair, or maybe there should be a confessional section…actually second thoughts, maybe not!!
Thanks @jkahn , hope you’re well and progressing like a madman still!! I’ve not tried that as a strumming technique, will certainly give it a go :+1:

@roger_holland thanks Rogier! Good observation, I hadn’t really noticed / thought of that, thank you. Appreciate the listen and comments as always.


Hello Mark, as one FVBMB owner to another: that was good! The Greenday version, for me, takes a nice melody and gives it a slight edge. WIth you, not using a plectrum, your vocal tone and the sound of the good ol’ FVBMB, you’ve created a very soft version that I think works great. Only a few dampened notes (and who doesn’t get them?) to iron out. Great job!

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