Good value looper

Hi, Does anyone have any good suggestions re a reliable and economical looper. I use a Line6 MKii 30w for practice. Unfortunately doesn’t come with one.


Hi Shane,

I have the same and am very satisfied…

Ps:Type in looper in the search box and you can read ahead for the next few hours if you want to know more

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I bought myself one of these and I’m happy with it. No pun intended of course. It does what I want.

I think the Boss RC-1 seems to be quite a popular choice with some people though.

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I like the Boss RC-5 because it has built-in drums/metronome and it’s really easy to adjust the tempo.


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I bought the Ditto X2 looper because it has two pedal buttons, made it easier to learn to use,

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Got a Lekato basic but functional looper from Amazon. Seems good. You will need a power supply.

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