Goodbye Daphne… Hello Cindy!

My ‘Daphne blue’ Harley Benton (a birthday present to myself earlier this year) has been prematurely greying, as she likes to bask in the sunshine by the window and watch the world go by.
This may have brought around a midlife crisis. She announced the other day, during a long-overdue string change, that she wanted some tattoos and to be called ‘Cindy’ from now on. Who am I to argue with musical muses? :roll_eyes:
Stingy git that I am, I refused to take her to the ink parlour and pay good money for something I should be able to sort with a £1 permanent marker :laughing:
She requested a selection of designs based on circles and ‘x’s, themed loosely around communication and peaceful protest against injustice.


  1. CND Peace logo.
    This universally recognised peace symbol was designed for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. (CND, CiNDy, geddit?) It’s based on the semaphore signs (flag signals) for the letters N (flags 45 degrees lowered right and left) and D (one flag up, one down): Nuclear Disarmament. They’ve not gone away folks!

  2. ‘Silent Protest’ logo.
    I designed this a couple of years ago and use it as my avatar here, so it also kind of says ‘Brian’s guitar’. Speaker crossed out, indicating silence; Dead Kennedys logo on the right for punky protest.

  3. Bluetooth logo.
    This might seem very ‘corporate’, but is a ‘bind rune’, a rune composed by superimposing H (ᚼ, Hagall) and B (ᛒ, Bjarkan), for Harald Bluetooth, the Viking king who united Denmark and introduced Christianity there. It pushes my Danish heritage buttons, promoting communication, unity etc.

  4. Icthus or fish symbolizing personal faith. I’m attracted to the more radical ‘anti-establishment’ messages in the good book than promoting power structures.

  5. Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil logos
    Three of the six members in our ‘nuclear’ family are climate activists. Two of my offspring have been arrested four times last month. Sigh :roll_eyes:
    The organisations/actions aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but do play a role in my life and I admire people who take action to try and improve the lives of others.

  6. Let x = y
    Ok, this falls into the political arena, as it was a logo I proposed for the Women’s Equality Party when it was set up a couple of years ago by Sandi Toksvig and Catherine Mayer. (Technically, I’m a founding member). It was inspired by Laurie Anderson’s song Let x = x, and I thought it would be perfect, as the only real difference between males and females is a y chromosome (Geddit?).
    My suggestion fell on deaf ears…

  7. Last but not least, I cancelled the lily-white pickups and selector switch. Everything must be black :black_large_square::sunglasses::black_large_square: Maybe I’ve been listening too much to Johnny Dowd Johnny Dowd - Danger/blind Painter Paints Black - YouTube with my recent eye problems.

If you have read this far…
Please send help! :rofl:


Hi Brian,…
Read in a minute,…super, isn’t it :sunglasses: :grin:

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I’m saving a screenshot of this as our first positive, non-derogatory conversation :laughing:

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Well then, a deduction from what I have already said, but I am bad at keeping up appearances,… She has not really become more beautiful, but she has aged with more character, you have that nice in common with each other… :joy: :blush:
I love the signs and without breaking any rules,…your the man,and i join ( with no T :laughing:) :sunglasses:

while I’m typing I suddenly see this pop up CRXP :grimacing: :confounded:

But Really ,…enlarged on my laptop and when I look at a distance (2/3 meters) I think the guitar looks much better, so on a stage :sunglasses:

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Great explanation Brian thanks for sharing. Although it looks great I am a bit sceptical when your forearm you hold on guitar body geats sweaty if tattoos are not going to blur and you will get your forearm tattoo then :grinning: x=y I really like the meaning of it, shame it wasn’t used

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You forgot the feet on the fish.

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Haha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
This fish is not nibblin’ on that bait, Rick.
I reckon I’m sailing close enough to the wind as it is…
I put one foot wrong and I’m overboard again :laughing:

close enough …close enough???
Was I not clear enough (again), :joy:…it is sometimes such a pity that I cannot respond in my own language and everything has to be in English, unfortunately I have to, despite my verbal limitations :unamused:

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Great job Brian. Perhaps a coat of lacquer now to protect all that hard work?

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… Sez ‘permanent’ marker on the pen.
No sign of smearing in 48 hrs.
Yes, it will wear down at 10 - 11 o’clock, but if I can resist ‘retouching’ with my pen, this mutha’ will count as custom relic’d and be worth a fortune! :laughing:

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You did that with a marker? Great job!! And here’s me, fooling around with masking tape etc…
Maybe i’ll go the marker route too…

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Good grief! Next you’ll be showing us your tattoos, piercings, scars and birthmarks. Play that virtue signaling billboard of a guitar all ready! (I kid out of love and respect) LOL

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Thank god the site was only down for 48 hours ! Who knows what would have happened to poor old Hag !! I think the blue numbers are very catching and assume there is a reference chart on the rear of the body ? Does the neck represent an M25 gantry now ?

No 3 is cheap glasses that you will no longer need.
No 5 is very much like the post op picture you shared. Ah Jim Lad, pieces of eight !! Just an auld salty sea dog …aaarrrrggghhhh splash !
No 7 looks very much like 2 single coil pups ?

Jeepers, I thought I told you to make use of the down time for practice !!

Joking apart very you Mr L !



You have a sense of humour with your art as well then :joy:
I think it looks pretty much OK, longevity is a bit dubious but can easily be retouched or remodelled so no harm done! On the positive side if it was p1551ng you off best do something with it in case she starts to get neglected, can’t have that can we :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love it


Looking really sharp Brian! Hope Cindy likes her makeover!

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Cindy …

I like how this topic is triggering memories …

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That looks super cool. I like how they mean something… unlike loads of tattoos these days.

Reminds me a bit of what Tom Morello does to his guitars, although your art is higher quality.

You’re more of a complex beast than I thought… some contradictory stuff in those symbols

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:laughing: That’s awesome! Love it!
Love your description of everything too :smile:

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Goodmorning Brian,
Ik zie je tikken :grin: maar,…
I actually want to say Happy NPGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

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