Grade 1 Test ANSWERS

ONLY when you've done the test - no cheating!!

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100%. Thanks for making this clear and easy so far, Justin.

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I got 1 wrong Justin, great course, thanks a lot !!!

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100% for me, loving the lessons so far, thanks

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@ruckerbarry @Martin1971 @Riko83

Welcome to the Community and congrats on that test. Why not tell us about yourselves and your guitar journey here Introduce yourself ... - JustinGuitar Community



100% :smiley:

Thanks for making this all so easy!

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I found it useful to go through this test again, months after I’d done it before. This time, guitar in hand, I listened to the interval, recorded it, paused, then found it on the guitar. This way you can tune your ear to the frets and also check answers with additional sight cues. Great stuff Justin!

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After letting my interval training slip over the last 6 months I’ve come back to it and got 100% off the bat. Goes to show Justin’s method works.

@kevguitar that’s a first step to transcribing so well done :grinning:

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Thanks Dave. I’m new to this conversation stuff and don’t use any social media platforms, but this seems like a good community. I’m in Redmond, Washington. How about you?

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I’m from Chippenham in Wiltshire (South of England).
This is indeed a great community. You will find lots of advice on any musical topic you can think of.
Happy learning

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90% for me on the first try. Mixed 2 4th with 5th intervals. It’s a great score, though. At the start of the course I was getting just a 60-70% on the app =)

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3 MONTHS DAILY PRACTICE and I got 60%. Wow!!! everyone else found it easy to get a 100%. Doesn’t make me feel like I can ever get passed this obstacle.

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I spent 4 days a week for 4 weeks picking out the intervals on the guitar. I took the test and got a 70%.
I started using the Train Your Ear app for another couple a weeks. took the test a second time and got an 85%. Would like to do better, but I am going to move on so I don’t become bored.

I got 4 wrong.Thanks justin

Got 3 wrong. I’m very happy with my result, because all my life I was told I was tone deaf.

18/20. Thanks for the guidance!

100 percent for me too!

Harder than what I expected

100% so far. This has been really enjoyable and great to learn. Thanks Justin :slight_smile:

100% first try !
Thanks Justin !
I love this course . I dont find it boring at all :grin: