Grade 2 piece All Your Love John Mayall + (11/03) Wishing On A Star Rose Royce + Samba Pa Ti Santana - Peter

One of songs from Grade 2

I heard “Wishing On A Star” in the local Co-op when shopping and thought that sounds a cool version. And is that Paul Weller I thought? And it was. So I’ve had a go at it while I had the jazzy Les Paul to hand. It features strumming patterns from the end of Grade 2. It is in G Minor. I overdubbed the vocal as it’s a bit boring without…


Very nice! I especially liked your percussive strumming and the full stops, and the solo bit was a nice overdub as well. And of course your pup sleeping in the back was sweet :heart:

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Very nicely done.
I love this recording, nice vocals.

Thanks. Glad you spotted that. This was actually just an experiment for me to see if I could overdub onto video, which thankfully I can.

There’s a lot more to Eric Clapton’s lead guitar in this song but I don’t know if I’ll get round to learning that…

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Most enjoyable, Peter.

Funny, the solo made me think of Peter Green rather than EC though I know this is off the famous Beano album.

@DavidP Peter Green: now your talking. Could it be the out of phase tone I got with the Strat? Not deliberate. BTW I’m working on some Greeny songs too such as “Need Your Love So Bad”.

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Not so much the tone as the notes and feel, Peter. But as likely as not it is just my limited appreciation and familiarity with EC when playing with Mayall.

In my humble opinion that was EC’s greatest period. Apart from “Crossroads” live with Cream that was his finest time.

Gary Moore also did a mean version of All Your Love. If I ever do the rest of the lead part it will be on a Les Paul.

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Hi Peter,
Nice :sunglasses: :clap:
nice that overdub :sunglasses:… super the dog :smiley:

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I’d single out that double album when he was Derek, with Duanne, and the other Dominoes :grin:

He sure did, just enjoying that right now. After Montreux performance spotted this: GARY MOORE - all your love live at The Ranelagh pub, Brighton - YouTube

And EC was playing a LP when he played with The Bluesbreakers.

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Fancy going down your local pub in Brighton to catch Gary Moore! Must have been shortly before he died. I think he sings this an octave above me…must try harder.

I believe he swapped that guitar for another LP with Paul Kossoff. That’s my other guitar hero of course. Apart from Rory Gallager all played Les Pauls.

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For those who are wondering why I am so transfixed in this, I was playing along with Justin on the iPad. The song in the lesson has both the chords and lyrics which saved me having to learn them…

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That was some very laid back playing and singing, great stuff Peter. I couldn’t tell you were following along to anything, I thought you looked really comfortable.

Hey Peter, I’d missed this when you posted a few days ago. That was awesome stuff, you’ve got a nice feel to your playing and building in some nice touches with the stops and hits. Solo was a terrific addition.

Be very proud of that, sounded great! Bravo :clap: :clap:

@SgtColon @Notter Thanks very much Guys! I’ve now reached that part at the end of Grade 2 where Justin tells you to stand up to play. So I’ll give that a go next time. Cheers.

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That was great Peter! I love the Beano album, and you nailed this one.

Really good Peter, a really nice bluesy feel to your performance. Your solo bit worked well too and your vocal was great. Well done.

How did you do the solo? Did you have it on a looper?

@sairfingers hi and thanks. No I don’t have a looper. I discovered quite by accident that on Garageband on a Mac you can import a movie and edit the soundtrack. I actually did the Garageband course on JG a couple of years back but forget about that completely. So I added the second guitar part via Garageband on my ancient Mac. On the PC laptop I also have Magix Audio Clean, Music Maker and their Movie Maker and I have since discovered how, via Movie Maker, I can add video not just audio of a second guitar part.

Edit: PS: @sairfingers Music Maker is similar to Garageband; are these called DAW’s? And on Movie Maker you can also add other audio instead of video but adding video is cooler.

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@sairfingers This is an edited down video showing guitar solo video added. The editing is a bit ropey but I did this in iMovie on the Mac and the synching is better in Movie Maker but I wanted to try iMovie for the first time. Anyway it shows the idea. This is all part of the new guitar learning journey!

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Thanks for the insight Peter. Very interesting.