Grade 3 is now available on the app! 🎸

Hi everyone!

We are very excited to announce that Grade 3 has now been released on the app for you all to enjoy and continue your guitar learning journey!

8 new modules of learning content including instruction on barre chords, how to sing along whilst playing, navigating the fretboard easier, open tuning, using vibrato and much more is now accessible!

We hope you love the new lessons and please let us know if you have any feedback about Grade 3 on the app in this thread! :slight_smile:





Fantastic news for App users who have been wanting this extension to its scope.

Well done all for the massive effort in achieving the dream.


Due to health issues, I wasn’t able to follow the community within the last weeks, so I’m a little late. Thanks a lot for the complementation of Grade 3 to the app and thanks for the ongoing efforts to make the app a even better experience for users. I’m currently consolidating Grade 2 and still using the app (song work). I still get a lot of benefit out of it, a great tool to get a feeling for the rhythm and timing of a song. I don’t see the app as training wheels that should be screwed off after Grade 2… for me it’s a great starting point to get the basic structure and tempo of a song, before playing it without support. Hopefully some more songs for Grade 3 will be added in the near future!


Hi Andrea,

Your absence has been noticed, nice to see you again :mending_heart:
Speak you later :wave:

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Oh, that’s good to read… I really was kicked out completely :see_no_evil:, glad to be back, really missed the daily routine of reading and exchanging informatione here :guitar:.

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Not sure if it’s a bug, but I don’t see any practice routines showing for grade 3 (on iPad). There is for instance ‘Module 15 practice routine’ but it is just a video, without the actual practice section like in previous modules.

This is a deliberate omission. As I understand it, the thinking is that by Grade 3 students should be able to focus on their own specific musical interests and weaknesses, and come up with their own practice routines.

Speaking for myself, I miss the structure of the earlier grades…but I guess we all have to leave the nest sometime.

Also, check out the same grade 3 lessons on the website…I think I saw some suggested routines over there…maybe in the Notes section under the lesson video.

Ah right. I was a bit confused, as the grade 3 lessons on the website have a set practice routine still like the previous grades, with the ability to add the routine to the website practice tracker.

You are correct…it took me a while to find it…but it’s there on the website, as you say.

I never liked the Practice tool on the website, and still don’t. The simpler approach taken with the App “just worked” for me. Though I know there are many here who have the opposite opinion.

So I don’t know why it’s not in the App…seems like an unfortunate omission.

@MusopiaApps any explanation?

@Tbushell @aliomenti

We are looking to add this to the Grade 3 section of the app very soon and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by its omission at this moment in time :slight_smile: