Some Updates & Grade 3 in the App!

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:
Hope you’re all doing great.

I just wanted to tell y’all that we’ve been working hard on the website backend to improve things like our payment system, user experience, site speed, and other essential work!

:soon: Coming soon to the website is a Strumming Machine… a completely free tool that will be loads of fun to play with. :slight_smile: More on that soon!

And big App news! As you probably already know, we also released Grade 3 in the app. Exciting times are ahead! You can now learn all 8 orange modules from the app, including recommended songs for each phase. Enjoy!

Justin’s newsletter is out tomorrow… stay tuned for more news!

Laryne & Team


That’s great news :star_struck:. Thanks a lot for sharing this information, Laryne :hugs:.

I’m glad site speed is being worked on, will be pretty excited to see that improve. It’s been pretty slow recently. Gotta have a fast site!