Grade 3 Test ANSWERS

No cheating now!

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Ouch! I was over confident… After having passed grade 1 and 2 very good scores without training, I thought I could take the test of grade 3 with no specific training. Wrong… I got 12 out of 20 only :frowning:
I will practice using your tool, Justin.
Once more, your course Is great despite the fact I had to spend 2 weeks without my guitar which wouldn’t be taken on as cabin bagage by Transavia for less than a the price of an additional seat (my Stratocaster is smaller than the usual 110x55x45 cm3 that regular airlines allow to carry on small musical instruments).
I’ve been practicing on a fake neck the passed 15 days and I am happy to go home to my beloved guitar today :slight_smile:

After daily training, these pay days 100% right! Ready to move on.