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Great song and great lesson. This is a dreamer for me so quite a bit of “reach” but something to aspire for.
Question about the available tab. There seems to be a bit of differences from the tab to the way it is being taught. I see this across several different songs and thought there may be a good explanation. Mabye it is just a different voicing from a different transcriber. The way Justin is teaching it IMO usally sounds better than the tab. Is this just a difference in transcribing, Or perhaps transcribing from different performance recordings? Is this perhaps more accurate to with the original if there are two guitars playing, while the lesson embraces the sound to be made by one guitar part…?

why is this?

For example E.g. at min 9:00 there is the Gm/Bb which is taught with the D Shape and added Bb on 6th string. It sounds wonderful and more like the original. The tab seems to be using a 2nd, 3rd and 4th string triad with the Bb on the 4th string vs larger chord.