Great Music Documentaries/Biopics?

These are great and definitely still in my interest of genres. Thanks for the recommendations! on my list

I mean, is there a better doc? haha

Did anyone mention Get Back?

Ha, these sound awesome! Thanks!

Thanks for the links! Good stuff in here too.

One of my favorite musicians, will definitely check it out. Thanks!

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Great, thanks!

These are great recommendations, thank you!

Great, thanks!

Awesome, on the list now. thanks

Sweet, thank you!

Sounds interesting, thanks!

Haha, yeah I don’t disagree about biopics. Was mainly looking for Documentaries. These sound awesome, thanks for the list, appreciate it!

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Also bob marley one love is good movie

Squaring the Circle, the Story of Hipgnosis is a good watch. I posted about it a few months ago.



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Casting my vote for Ken Burns’ Jazz… in-depth history of Jazz & the musicians who embodied the genre… from the beginning waaaay back about 100 years ago to the modern era, it was a television documentary from 2001 and aired on PBS (Public Broadcasting System) here in the US… it’s pretty long but narrated by several people & really interesting!