Greensleeves and a Christmas bonus

I’ve been working on my roll chords, so I’ve been doing Greensleeves as per Justin’s lesson. I’m really not keen on the piece of music so I’ve done the recording, with its flaws so that I can move on.

With not liking Greensleeves I thought I would do another one as well and what with the time of year that is just around the corner I thought I would treat you all to a Christmas bonus. :smiley:

Critique and comments welcome.
Thanks for watching.


Those roll chords are coming along just fine Stefan!!
Lovely played! With a clear and crisp sound!
Well done :clap:
That christmas tune should be played constantly through the Christmas Stefan!! :grin:


Well that was a very early Christmas Treat indeed and also came as a bit of a surprise to me. I had a feeling that you were going to treat us to imminently to a rendition of Don’t Look Back In Anger when you posted your recording issues thread. Both pieces are coming along really well, Stefan. You’ve made really good progress getting those rollin’ chords under your fingers and the picking was crisp and clean. You’ve still got 34 days left to add the vocals to the last piece :smiley:


Well that was an early stocking filler Stefan. Two well played pieces with clear, crisp note picking. You just need to work on speeding them up a bit and learning the lyrics and you’ll be all set for Santa’s grotto. :smiley:


Beautiful Stefan. Nice smooth and relaxed playing. A treat for sure!


Ho ho ho, Santa Stefan has come early this year, it’s still November!

How can you not like Greensleeves? Time to get on your medieval outfit and duel.

Coming along nicely. Looks like there is some tension with your rolling chords, is that right?

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Making good progress, Stefan. Sounding good, just needing a little more practice to become really fluent.

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Hi Stefan, I had to smile yesterday, when I saw your post, as I’m practicing those two tunes currently too (I admit, I get a bit tired of Greensleeves with time, this tune definitlely wasn’t the reason why I started to play guitar, but it teaches me a lot). Your rolling chords are coming along nicely and speeding it up a little to get it more fluent will just be a matter of time. Good work!

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Nice attempts Stefan! Greensleeves requires a lot of practice (as almost any fingerstyle piece longer then 15 sec :sweat_smile:) and your work (not) in progress is coming along nicely. But if you don’t feel this Blackmores’s Night vibe no reason to stick around. The carol was nice and gentle although it could be played little louder?

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Oh, what a shame :smiling_face_with_tear:, I just started thinking about getting renaissance lute :sweat_smile:.

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Hi Stefan,

It’s a pity that you give up Greensleeves after this because there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of timing and smooth movements, and it can really be very helpful if you want to do something more in this style.
The Christmas song get the like and went much better and made me long for it too :sunglasses:.

But I’ll have to practice one/two /fifty/hundred times more if I ever get that (easy ??? :woozy_face:)We wish you a merry christmas almost fluent/error-free :see_no_evil:


:rofl: I won’t miss your NLD :wink:!


@tRONd Thank you for the listen and comment Trond. I think my wife would have something to say about that if I did. :smiley:

@Socio Thanks James. :joy: I have contemplated it but just need to get authorisation from
@Notter Mark before I can put out an Oasis cover. :wink: Ooooo, I never thought of singing along to it. I’ll give that a bash.

@sairfingers Thank you Gordon. I’ll work on speeding Slight Night up and I’m going to give singing a go too.

@Eddie_09 Thank you for the listen and comment Eddie, it is much appreciated.

@jkahn Thanks JK. It is but it will soon be here, so I thought I’d best get working on it. I remember hearing it at infant school and I didn’t like it back then, I find it a really sappy tune. I’m not sure if the tension is with the rolling chords or just trying to get it right without making a mistake, I was sick or recording it. I’ll have a play without recording and see but that could be a good spot.


Hello Stefan, that was a very interesting listen for me, as, until now, I haven’t known what rolling chords are. Funnily, I’m currently working on a song (on and off :see_no_evil:) using this technique without knowing that it’s called that way :grin:.
So I watched your fingers closely.
Greensleaves looks really tricky. I can still remember, how much I struggeled with Happy Birthday :sweat_smile:.
But I think, you really did well on it, despite your mentioned lack in enthusiasm for this song :slightly_smiling_face:.

Silent Night was a very nice tune. And no, I don’t think, that it’s too early for playing it. I haven’t started practicing x-mas songs yet, and already feel a bit stressed, as time is running so fast :fearful:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:!


Sweet! So pretty :smiling_face:
And yes, really crisp, clear picking, and very nice tone. I enjoyed listening to both of them :smiley: :sunflower:

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Your finger pickin is real precise Stefan. Very good!
I really enjoyed your music.
Your guitar sounds real lush (not to mention it’s a real looker imho) too man. I like it!
Thanks for sharing.

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That is the question! :grin: But I already read your answer to Jk…anyway, I love her so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think you did well to choose another melody after being diligent and understand what Justin wants to teach us through Greensleeves. IMHO no need to keep working it if it doesn’t motivate you, better I think to choose another one and another one and…:grin: In my experience getting really smooth and fluent chord melodies takes so much work, like singing them in your head, find them on the fretboard and get those pesky chord changes on time…without messing things up in the fingerpicking :exploding_head::see_no_evil: I think you’re doing very well and you just need more practice to build more fluency, they already sound sweet to my ear and timing is good as well! Bravo :blush:

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Good job on BOTH of those songs. I don’t finger pick, but I would like to start learning how. Keep practicing, and your speed will improve.

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@DavidP Thank you for the listen and comment.

@Helen0609 Thank you Andrea. There is plenty to learn from Greensleeves but I found Silent night more to my liking. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing yours at some point in the future.

@RadekSiechowicz Thank you. Yes, it is very complicated I have to say but no, Greensleeves wasn’t fuelling my fire so I was glad to get it out of the way. Thanks Radek, I’ll have a look at my sound settings in Reaper, maybe needs to go up a little more.

@roger_holland Thanks Rogier. Yes, there is but my heart just isn’t in it so I’ll need to find another piece to work on I think. Time to start working on a Christmas song my friend, it is just around the corner.

@NicoleKKB I was like you and had no idea what there were. I kept seeing them mentioned but figured I would find out soon enough. Thank you and both counts. Oddly enough Silent night I thought was very similar to Greensleeves in a way.

@Avalon426 Thank you Jasmine, for the listen and the comment.

@HappyCat Thanks Jim. Thank you, it was a purchase earlier this year and I do love it. It ended up being a toss up between my Yammy and a Faith, Blood moon.

@SILVIA Thank you Silvia. I will be having a look at something a little more inspiring, one that will motivate me to work on it.

@defkon Thanks Donny. Have a look in to doing some, hard but very rewarding.


Thanks Helen, unfortunately it won’t happen anytime soon.

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