Greetings from Oslo, Norway!

Nice to see that I’m not the only one craving that rock god feeling that you had back in your teens… :slight_smile:

My name is Christian and I’m pushing 50 next year and last week I decided that it was time to do something about this Rock God feeling. So, I’m starting this off as a winter project and hopefully when the spring arrives (April-May), I will have gotten past the finger-pain and will have learned something else other than “Smoke on the waters” :wink:

I spent a lot of time considering whether to start off on acoustic or electric, and after watching a lot of videos and reading up and down forums and articles, I found out that no one was able to give me the correct answer and I knew that just going for one of the choices wouldn’t give peace at mind.

So last week I went to my local music store and got myself some equipment:

Acoustic guitar
After getting some very good guidance from the local guitar hero in the store and trying out several different guitars, I landed on this:
Cort Earth 100SSF SB

Electric guitar
Almost the same process as for the acoustic, I told my guitar hero that I would not get peace of mind if I did not get an electric guitar. It didn’t need to be several thousand dollars (tens of thousands Norwegian kroner).

So, after some additional time spent in the store, I landed on this package:
Boss Katana 50MKII

So now I hope JustinGUITAR will show me the path to finally becoming the Rock God, or at least as I mentioned before, get passed the “Smoke on the water” riff :blush:


Hi Christian,

Welcome to the community and multiple NGD! Christmas’s came early :rofl: :love_you_gesture: :guitar:
Good looking guitars, have fun learning.
Enjoy the journey .


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Hello Christian, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
This was definitely a fantastic day for you, buying two beautiful guitars at once. And simultaniously, it was a fantastic day for the shop keeper :grin:.

And no worries, the finger pain will go away within the next few weeks. You won’t have to wait until Spring :slightly_smiling_face:.

I wish you lots of fun with your new six-string-friends :smiley:.


Hej Christian,
I’d like to say Velkommen but we already have enough ‘Viking Rock Gods’ in the community with @tRONd and myself :rofl:
You have landed on your feet, by not only choosing some of the finest weapons of war for someone setting out, but also by entering the leading teaching academy.
Looking forward to hearing your Ragna-röck :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:


Hi Christian,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
And you have already started well with the choice of gear… :sunglasses:

and ignore Īvarr inn beinlausi

You’ve already had the hardest part… Finding the right (online) teacher :sunglasses:
(and group of right people :blush:)


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Hei Christian :grin:
Kult med litt flere Nordmenn her… du har kommet til den rette plassen hvis du vil lære å spille gitar, bare følg kursene, ta deg god tid. Og ikke gi opp… går du fast eller trenger hjelp er det haugevis med folk her inne som kan hjelpe deg… viktigste er å ikke gi opp :grin:


Hey Christian! All the best on your start of learning to play guitar and congrats on buying your equipment. Nice set for “no excuses” :wink:!

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Så gøy at det er flere nordmenn her ja :upside_down_face:
Virker som JustinGUITAR er et godt sted å starte ja, jeg tenkte først jeg skulle starte via nettsidene, men har nå gått for appen. Noen tanker om dette? Eller blir det litt “hipp som happ”?

For you guys not able to understand all the “jiberish” here, just us Norwegians exited to see other “Vikings” has found their way to JustinGUITARS and I just asked Trond here, if it mattered if I used the website or the app…

I guess now in the beginning all that matters is to practice chords and have my brain and fingers work together. :joy:

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Welcome Christian, that’s some nice gear you’ve got there, we can all be our own rock gods :slight_smile:

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Use the app… its a great tool. Been a while since i used it so its probably even better now.
Start from scratch on the app and follow through. It used to be parts of the first module in that app. The complete is on the website.
The 1min chord change module in the app is brilliant, along with some other neat features.
And of course the play along karaoke thing… it is really brilliant. Try to start playing along as soon as possible, and strive to learn songs… it will sound awful in the start, but just keep at it…
one day you will crack the code, and all of a sudden it will sound better :grin:
Just dont get too attached to that app. At one point you need to throw that away and play songs without it :grin:

Masse lykke til. Og skrik ut hvis jeg kan hjelpe deg med noe…


Hello Christian and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Nice setup you’ve got and they look like a couple of nice guitars too.

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Welcome to the forum Christian

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Welcome aboard, Christian! :smiley:

That’s some nice gear you have there, congrats on the purchase! :slight_smile:

Wish you lots of fun on the guitar journey and playing around with the new toys.

Cheers - Lisa

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Welcome, Cop. very nice equipment you got there!

I agree with @tRONd, the App is great for the karaoke. What I do after I’m getting better with a particular song is slowly try not to look at it as often till I eventually wean myself away from looking at it at all. Then it’s great to use as just a backing track.

I mainly watch the lessons on my computer and use the app for song practice, though when I go on vacation at the end of the month, I’ll be using the App for lessons as well as my phone can use my data plan instead of trying to use my sister’s rotten internet!

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Hi Christian and welcome to the forum! :wave: :smiley: Several of my favourite bands are from Norway so you have some excellent local artists to pull inspiration from, depending on your musical preferences I guess :wink:

Looks like you have made some quality purchases. Can’t go wrong with a BOSS Katana, I have two! :joy: And that Ibanez is a beauty!! :guitar: :heart_eyes:

I can’t answer this for you specifically as it will likely depend on your goals and what type of music you want to play, but here’s my experience. I was inspired to play guitar so I could jam along with my favourite hard rock and heavy metal bands, but I had (somewhere?) read that I should learn guitar on acoustic first as it provides a stronger foundation. So that’s what I did for a number of years (on and off with long breaks inbetween) but it wasn’t until I finally decided I had enough of struggling down that path and got myself an electric that I really began to feel like I was making progress towards my goal. For me, acoustic had challenges which limited my ability to progress… strings are more brutal on your fingers, harder to bend and challenging to play fast. Also they tend to be loud making it difficult to play with others in the house (if they don’t want to hear you learning :joy:) and trying to play anything heavy on them is impractical and sounds rubbish (at least for a beginner). But once I got an electric all that became easier and opened up new worlds of possibility. However, I had picked up a few bad habits whilst playing acoustic that I’ve struggled to shake, the worst being that I put too much pressure when fretting the strings, pulling them out of tune. Therefore, if I was to have that time again, given my guitar goals, I would have done what you’ve done and got both, with the majority of my time focused on the electric.

Best of luck with your journey and have fun! :metal: :sunglasses:

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Sounds like I have the same goals as you and I have already “cheated” a bit and have some side projects here… I found this on the Justin site:

So this is what I’m using my downtime In the As&Ds practice routines for ATM :blush: 2 days into my guitar journey and I’m already spiring to be the next Kirk Hammett :innocent:

When it comes to the acoustic vs electric, I’m doing all the lessons on the electric guitar, but I do the practice on both. So, double the practice and double the finger pain… :metal: (No Pain, No Gain)


Hello Future Rock God :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum, Christian. You’ve found the perfect place - and you have some great gear. The guitars are beautiful :star_struck:

I’m sure you are going to have lots of fun and success on your musical journey :guitar:

Cheers from Germany :smiley:

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That’s the way, mate! :metal::joy:

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Hey Christian, welcome to the community. My best friend was of Norwegian blood and he so often spoke lovingly about Norway. Look forward to hearing more from you. Nice guitars.

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Hi Christian and welcome. Good move getting both acoustic and electric. My recommendation would be to learn new chords, techniques etc on the electric and when you have them down, consolidate them on the acoustic. It will keep you honest in the long run and gives you the best of both worlds.

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