Guitar Challenge (Lead Guitar) - Need Your Love So Bad

Coming along nicely David. All present and correct but as you say flow and timing is in progress. To work on the phrasing (on going :rofl: ) I dropped the Gtr BT into Reaper and looped each section at a time and focused on the timing of each phrase. It was the last lick that was tripping me up but not looked at it for 10 days. Maybe later this week but you are sounding good sir.

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Definitely a progress here David you are doing well, tone wise a lot better in my opinion so that is a huge improvement. Now it’s hust working on getting those bends right and you will so just fine! All the best :slight_smile:

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@EndlessRepetition @TheMadman_tobyjenner @adi_mrok

Thanks for the positive and encouraging feedback, guys. I really do appreciate the support.

Leon, took me a while to figure out SCOM but got it eventually. I guess like my weird thing it is something about a specific fret. And I suspect something quite small on the guitar setup. I’m not going to fuss since I have that tune down work around.

Toby, I will keep working at the licks, still some hesitation at times and flubs. And I have started to try and play along with Justin’s last slow play through from the end of the lesson. I cropped that out of the lesson video and can play it on a loop. When that is done then his full speed play through via YT so I can slow it down to the same speed and try to get up to original tempo. At present it is that last like before the diads that seems blisteringly quick at slow speed.

Adrian, I had a go with a preset on the amp as the foundation and that helped with the tone. Have tuned down I found myself over bending but every now and then it sounds right to me and the pitch meter confirms.

Happy days!

Yeah, still not up to speed with that one. Have the timing now, well had 10 days ago. It could well have gone to “rats” by now. Yet to plan this weeks strategy but it will be heavily Blues biased one way or the other. :sunglasses:

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Very late to the party on this challenge. But it is my first video post to the JG Community. Gotta start somewhere! :man_shrugging:

A slightly different version than the others posted. This one is called Take 3 on the Pious Bird… album. I chose that version, because I already had the recording among my digital library and because it doesn’t include the 1 1/2 tone bend. :grinning: I also like the more mellow (almost jazz-like) tone Peter Green had on this version.

My backing track is not the best (karaoke mode in Transcribe!), so there is still a little bit of Peter’s guitar bleeding through if you listen close. But I wanted the strings in that take that aren’t included in the other backing tracks I found.

Please be kind. I hate seeing myself on video.


Congratulations on your first video, :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:…and shame on you that it’s only now your first :smirk:…,you are gooood, :sunglasses:…very well played ,very very well…

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Very nicely done Thomas. Not familiar with that particular version but there are quite a few variants knocking around. Good to avoid that 1 1/2 bend its a killer. Look forward to hearing more from you.


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Sweet and tasty, Thomas. Well played, with a lovely tone. Bravo

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Thomas that was really good, well done on taking this solo! Great to see other folks joining the challenge :wink:


Super tone. That was terrific Thomas, just a bit too short. :smiley:

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:joy::joy::joy: ‘bout time we heard off you!

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Haha once I find some time for it absolutely as I love this solo!

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Congratulations of your first AVOYP posting Thomas.

That was some tasty playing. Very smooth and laid back. Love the look of that guitar as well.

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Created drums and bass in my DAW, then played the intro solo about seven or eight times. This is the best of those seven or eight takes. I was having trouble keeping string noise down (not so much muting, but “creaks” during sustained bends, etc). Maybe too much gain.

The guitar is my new ES-339 on its bridge pickup through a Boss GT-1000 Core (using a slightly tweaked “Brit Stack 57” patch). Went straight into the interface from the GT-1000 Core.

Need Your Love So Bad (Intro Solo)


Love it Jason nailed the essence of the solo and your new guitar soudned fab in here!

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Well that brightened my morning Jason. New guitar sounding mighty fine and as Adi said, you nailed the exercise. Top job.


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@J.W.C and I’m late to the party but loved it, Jason, played like a pro and tone was fabulous.

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Hey folks, sorry been a bit inactive recently especially in recordings section, but life and all :smiley: although I do still practice and am prepping up something pretty cool for Community’s Open Mic, but anyway this is not it :smiley:

This one was just for fun as this song keeps popping up on my playlist and it is so hard to resist trying to learn some cool sounding tunes, I decided I will give the intro solo a go especially that we have an existing challenge in here! Perhaps someone will continue the thread (hopefully) and my revival will bring some inspiration to folks :smiley:

Anyway I know the solo back to back thanks to listening it over and over again, so started learning it yesterday and decided to give it a go at recording today. I think it came out quite nicely although not too happy with some noise strings, perhaps gain was a bit too high. I will definitely put this one down on my list to learn it full back to back with singing, definitely an achievable one!

No playing around with Reaper or such, direct guitar via amp into my laptop and OBS, BT from youtube running in the background. Let me know if you like it and if there is anything else I should be looking at in terms of lessons learnt!


You really putting a lot feeling into your playing. Bends and vibrato with bends good job.

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Lovely tone, lovely feel, Adrian.

From a recording/production pespective, you are about 15dB below the YT norm and I was reaching for the volume knob to turn it up. I suggest you look at filters in OBS to add gain to the incoming signal to boost up closer to the norm. I think targetting a range of 3-6dB below the norm is a good idea.

Look forward to the entire song, what a fine day that will be.

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