Guitar Challenge - Play your favorite short lick or riff here!

Thank you Rogier for starting this thread, it is fun.
Here is a lick that I enjoy playing


Inspired and inspiring topic Rogier.

After reading through it, enjoying all the contributions, I just wanted to join the fun, despite not having picked up a guitar in weeks.

I saw the brief discussion as to the difference between a riff and a lick. A favourite lick is beyond me, but I do have a favourite riff. So here’s that riff plus a lick, neither played especially fluently, but hey this was a moment for participation over ‘perfection’. And can’t do too much harm in 20s :laughing:


Hi David :smiley:
Good to hear from you ,

That makes me a little sad ,

And this is 100% the most important ,so I be back at :smiley:

And cool sunglasses:


Rogier, your wish is my command :sunglasses: :joy:!
It took me some time, as I first learned a lick out of a book I recently bought, nice one, but when I had it down and was going to record it, I suddenly saw a very strict copyright indication in the book, no copying, recording, publishing, sharing, etc :sob: … (I mean, a very simple lick based on the Em Scale…didn’t expect that…) so today, new try, out of YT’s variety of very easy beginner licks…
So, these are not my “favourite” licks (but my first two recorded ones). It’s a beginning and my way to salut you and contribute to this awesome thread of yours :slightly_smiling_face:. I apologize for my humble setup and video editing, but couldn’t do more at the moment.


Hello Andrea, and welcome to the world of YT recordings :star_struck::hugs:.
Those are two really nice sounding licks :smiley::+1:.

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@DavidP Super cool, David! 1st riff instantly recognisable, love it! Like the 2nd one too, very nice :sunglasses:

Andrea!!! Yuss!!! :metal::astonished: So great to see you playing… and BOTH acoustic and electric?! AWESOME! :smiley: Both sounded great to me, you got the blues!! :sunglasses: More please!! :pray:


Wow so much talent in this post! And some really great ideas and licks people enjoy playing, cool cool cool! :fire:

Rogier, thanks for such a wonderful challenge. Why no one else thought about it before?! :smiley: :smiley: Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t join a challenge. An actual quick video without much time needed to train up for it, what else can I ask for?! :smiley:

So this is my favourite lick, it’s one that Justin teaches in his blues leads studies. I don’t even know who first came up with it, but pretty much every rock star plays it! This lick made me realize I can actually learn to play some solos that are faster than average! So guys if I could learn it, you are also able to!

Beauty of this lick is that it’s totally movable as I did in the video - basically A minor pentatonic scale in two shapes. On top of that when you learn how to play basic concept (fig 1), and extend your fingers to play second solo (fig 2), you just add a little bend with your finger and you get to Jimmy Hendrix classic lick! Hope you guys enjoy it, and I am now going to search for a drama I have missed in last few days :smiley:


Watch the guitar skills @nzmetal. Good playing.

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Oooo, I’ll get back to this one day :joy: :rofl: :joy:

But I hope that someone with more knowledge of this will not correct me, I am 99.9999% convinced that you should not copy pages from your book (that wouldn’t be nice either) but play those licks and post them ,there is absolutely no problem with that…as long as they don’t belong to that one Eagles guy :grimacing:… and probably you may not make money with them when you become popular on Youtube …
And you will even be warned twice by Don H (via YouTube)… So no worries…

You played nicely COOOL :sunglasses:

And to everyone else I like to say it’s so great that you’re so enthusiastic :sunglasses: :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :man_bowing:… I’m sitting behind my computer even more than usual with a big smile. :blush:

And through all of this I have become even more aware of the licks that I like to hear and the licks that I play automatically and take for granted and would actually become part of the group favorites … :smiley:

And last night I suddenly knew what my first lick was that I could play (without knowing it was a lick) before I could tune my guitar, I play that often only for one to hear normally… but I will play that later for you all :grin:

Greetings :sunglasses: :man_bowing:


@NicoleKKB Thanks Nicole, a nice point to start. I love that, short and sweet or quick and “easy”, good training for the RBS :joy:.


I thought, this wouldn’t be such a deal, as a lick is so short and you may not find out who’s idea it was originally…I see it for a riff…yes, as it gives a song a unique recognition value, but licks used by all those big blues players out of a “toolkit”… I don’t know. At least, I learned two other licks on top, so it led to something useful :sunglasses:.

That’s how it should be! And it gives us some reason to break a bit out of the daily routine! :heart_eyes:

Jey, there are miracles happening :dizzy: :rofl:

:heart_eyes: Thanks! I’m hoping for the best :slightly_smiling_face:!

Watch this space! :innocent:


Wow Adrien, as always, a pleasure to listen :star_struck:!


Finally got some decent audio set up on the laptop, so just played catch up on the recent additions. No critique from these quarters, just congrats to everyone for having a go. So a big well done to

@Malz York sounding good Mal
@DavidP Nice bit of Black Night there DP
@Helen0609 A couple of recognisable phrases Andrea, well done.
@adi_mrok Adi guess someone had to drop a repeater, nicely done sir.



Where are my guitar videos?

Do you have an ad blocker turned on? YouTube have now stopped videos from being seen if you have an ad blocker running. I use Brave and had to turn the ad blocker off to see any video. Hope that helps.

Hi Malz :grinning:. It was a Facebook link to my guitar videos. How are you :smiley:

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Hi Gagan, I saw the links and clicked them when you posted them, but couldn’t view them like nzmetal said - maybe a mod removed them because we couldn’t view them. Can you try uploading them to youtube instead and posting them here again?

Nice work everybody that’s posted, never joined a challenge thread but I feel the itch to contribute this week :slight_smile:

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I have been really enjoying all these licks so I thought I would throw something in. This is an oldie from The pretenders - back on the chain gang. It would definitely sound better on an electric but here goes anyway.


Catching up on some licks & riffs, so fun checking out this post! :smiley:

@Malz missed your one earlier sorry about that! Real tasty! Gorgeous tone! :heart_eyes:
@adi_mrok ooooh love that! It was like a little lesson in what a difference some extra speed makes to a lick, loved it mate, shredding up a storm! :fire:
@Eddie_09 That’s cool to see how that one’s played mate! Great share! Always enjoyed that track from The Pretenders, looks a fun one to play :smiley: :+1:


:guitar::pray: @nzmetal

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