Guitar Challenge (Songs) - Various Songs of Neil Young

Welcome to the Guitar Challenges. Each ‘challenge’ is basically an open invitation to anyone and everyone to play a song, an improvisation, a study-piece etc and post a recording – just for the fun of it.

So, whether you are a relative beginner learning the basic chords and strumming pattern of a song, a more experienced player adding a little fancy fretwork, if you want to do a little finger-picking, or you want to sing and play at the same time … you can join in with these challenges.


  • The challenge is to yourself.

  • These are not competition threads.

  • There are no prizes for making the ‘best’ recordings.

  • There is no shame for being at the beginner stages.

  • This is for FUN!


If you do want some constructive advice and feedback on your playing then that is cool. Just ask. Otherwise this is all about positivity, encouragement and having a go.


Over the years many people have shared recordings of Neil Young songs and he has certainly featured many times in Justin’s song lessons.

There was a Challenge in the original Forum for a single Neil Young song - Harvest.
I have chosen to widen the category to include any of his songs.
I have collected together these recordings - all originally individual topics in AVOYP - to act as a springboard for this new Challenge.

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@Richard_close2u October 15, 2009

@Katja July 22 2010

@Tourniquet October 07 2010

@Tourniquet July 08 2011

@Bytron08 November 24, 2011

@knotworthy October 05 2013

@Bytron08 August 31 2015

@Sweed July 26, 2016

@DavidP October 08 2017

@schlaffenwagen October 23 2017

@DavidP January 04 2019

@mc5316 April 01, 2019,

@Bytron08 August 17 2019

@Bytron08 August 18 2019

@sherlock833 June 23 2020

@RodC October 01 2020

@Bytron08 October 04 2020

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@surewhynot December 24 2020

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@CYPGMB July 05 2021

@cloudguitar July 10 2021

@SandyMusic December 05 2021

So I tried my version of “Buffalo Springfield again” to learn this fingerstyle with a muted hit and it was a challenge in the begining. Tried a couple of takes inluding the harmonica and never got it a 100%. So this version I have to settle with at the moment. Messed up the second riff but I guess there is always “room for improvement”.


@DavidP hope you like this NY song.



I certainly did enjoy it. Mix feedback is always subjective … my 2cs … I’d like the vocal a little more forward in the mix. The licks sounded challenging.

Another NY song I didn’t know … hardly surprising given his body of work. And Silver and Gold is another album I have never listened to.

@sairfingers What did you make of this one, Gordon?

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@MapleBrain @DavidP

Great song and great version Eric. Like David, it’s not a song I know. NY does have a huge body of work though.

I really liked the percussive mute technique you used, I thought it came across really well. To then play and the riff and some harp too! Well done.

On a slightly different note. This new community site seems to be a lot busier than the old forum ever was, I’m finding it very difficult to keep up with everything and I’m already spending too much time browsing the site. If David hadn’t tagged me, I doubt if I would have found your song Eric. I tend to ‘watch’ for new songs over in AVoYP.

@sairfingers @DavidP thank you guys for your replies. It was (is) quite a challenge to play and sing at the same time (or playing the harps). Needs a lot of practice.
And true it is really hard to keep up in this new community. Too much sometimes… but the AVoyP section is a good place to go. I will post any new songs there from now on.

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Hi Eric, really enjoyed that. I am a bit hit and miss with Mr Young so not that aware of his vast catalogue but it all sounded good to me. :sunglasses:

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Loved it, Eric. Really liked the harmonica in there, too.

Yeah, I agree. It’s almost like a firehose you have to sip from. Easy to miss stuff, especially if you just browse through “latest.” Drilling down in the categories that most interest you helps a bit, though.

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What you can do now is visit the Progress & Performance Category. Then you will see all new posts made in all the sub-categories.

You can also set up to watch these categories and receive notifications.

My concern in doing that is that one may easily miss questions from people needing help.

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I’m going off topic here. Sorry Eric. I started trying to welcome all the new people to the site. I’ve given that up now, there are just too many and as there is no quick way to identify who you’ve already replied to……… But I’ve said all this before.

Wow i just realized alot of my recordings are on here! Thanks close!! Ill have to check all the others out also! Also I have this one to. Hey Hey My My Acoustic Cover - YouTube

Justin did a great lesson on Harvest Moon by Neil Young. Unfortunately, the vocal is very difficult for me so I wobble in places. Nevertheless, I learnt it from this great teacher of ours so I thought I would upload it here as well.

Let me know what you think and if anyone has any tips for reaching those high notes (other than castration) then I’m all ears :smiley:

Peace and love, CYPGMB


It’s a great song and you do a smooth, free-flowing cover my boy … lovely stuff. :slight_smile:

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Wow Iain that was terrific. You sang the song beautifully and hit all the high notes, so no need to consider having bits of your anatomy removed!

Your guitar play was excellent with loads of interesting chord shapes and embellishments too.

Well done, that’s a super addition to your set list.

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Your vocals are good as always… lovely rendition… your fingers are like a fine ballerina swirling around the dance floor.

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Well played and sung, Iain.

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I found that for hitting higher notes I have to take a deep breath before I sing the high note…I have no singing training at all, I just figured it out on my own when I tried singing “Silent Night” this past Christmas. I couldn’t sing the the third line of each verse until I took a fast breath right before… that really helped

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Well done Lain. Your voice works very well with that song and the playing was spot on.

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Hi everyone!
Thanks for the kind comments and thank you to Richard for moving the topic to a more sensible place.
@SandyMusic I also try the deep breath before trying for the high note as well. It definitely helped but I still felt as though I was reaching for a peak that was a bit too high for me :joy: oh well, it’s good to go out of my comfort zone for a change!