Guitar cover stained my guitar body :(

The same guitar cover that was supposed to protect my guitar now I noticed
has made my guitar body black

I tried a guitar polish but the stain does not go away :frowning:

I think the stain will wear off from playing if it is on a place your arm is brushing over.

To be honest, you didn’t really need that product in the first place; especially the picture of the dude playing it while it is on made me cringe a bit; this takes away sonic properties of your guitar.

I recognize this …hhave you posted this on Acoutic Guitar Forum lately?
I pass by from time to time but it seems those people are only pondering about which Martin they should buy. :smiley:

Yes but for exercise I thought it could protect my guitar, I have two from the same buyer
the first one a red cover did not create that issue on my classical guitar and have been using this a couple of years but the second one I got the black one that I just used on my Martin made a mess

Guitar polish is for polishing you guitar. You clean a guitar with cleaner. Try a moist(water) cotton t-shirt. What type of finish does the guitar have? That will determine what you clean it with if a moist t-shirt don’t work.

I can see it says Finish : Satin

You may have to live with the stain. Satin finishes are hard to clean without making the finish shiny. What does Martin recommend?

I do not know what Martin recommends will try to google :slight_smile:

Taylor makes a satin finish cleaner. I just bought two bottles by mistake. Too bad you’re so far away, or I could help you out.

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Thanks. this is not available on amazon probably need to find similar product :slight_smile:

I would go with this pic to amazon, they are generally good here in the UK when something is faulty or causes a damage to your stuff. I would try to send them pics and try to get something more out of it, after all product them or 3rd parties through them sold caused a fault to your product.

Send pics, say guitar is now damaged, it cost me X and I want some kind of compensation for that.

That looks like the exact same picture given in the review page in January 2019? So if that’s the OP picture then may be past the time period to put in a claim for damage? If its not then may be worth reaching out to that reviewer to see what happened with their case at same time as raising complaint with Amazon?

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That is me I gave them 5 start when this happened to my guitar I made it 1 star

I chatted with some body but all they do is to ask me to go to seller and contact them instead

Can’t you order it directly from Taylor using that link I posted?

TaylorWare is currently not available for direct shipments outside of North America. The site says so even if they do they do not have what shipping option amazon has. the international shipping fee will be huge and won’t make sense.

What about this one?

Enjoy your guitar’s new found bit of unique character, relic’ing and road wear. You are a rock star now. Good times! What, do you want to play a museum piece?

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Guys I contacted the seller he gave me this message but what I do not understand is that he is saying a guitar is supposed to be in an environment less than 25% humidity :slight_smile:

I 've contact the supplier in order to find solution and unfortunately they don’t have any result or thought yet. as mentioned it never happened before.
Im owner of 40 acoustic guitars and it also never happend to me with any of my guitar. Im using the black cover and red cover as well.
I belive that the finish of your guitar contains acetones, and acetones, with time will absorb humidity. In this case, a spruce top guitar MAY get ”slightly darker”.
Guitar have to be stored in DRY environment (25 % OR LOWER ).
Have you tried any guitar polish to clean it?
im using this:
There is also lemon oil which used for cleaning the fretboard,
i belive that it can take the black color off but dont use it.
it is too strong material and it might damage your guitar top as well.
Lastly, I REFUND you with amount of 31.27 USD ,

That’s crazy. Humidity of 25% or lower for any extended time will damage your guitar. Every guitar manufacturer will tell you it should be kept around 45-55%.

It sounds like they’re going to give you no help, so unless you can figure out how to sue someone in another country, you’re probably on your own.

I have never sued any body in my life :slight_smile: At least the guys should put some warning or some thing in Amazon page