Guitar song app - should I get it now or later?

Have a question for you guys,I anm doing Justin’s free course for right on,money’s tight just bought a new house,renovations you know.Bought his timer app and will buy his guitar song app in a while.Want to get the basics down better and learn more chords,just know a ,d e,Should I wait till i learn some more chords before I use the trial,dont want to waste a week.

The app is best when you’re at the beginning of your journey, once you get to a competent level many find they stop using the app.

So I’d say get the app straight away if you’ve just started.


As long as you can switch reasonably comfortably between A, D and E (doesn’t need to be perfect) and can strum a bit then the app is worth a look I’d say. It allows you to filter so you only see songs that have those chords. If the full annual purchase is too much you can dip in and out with a weekly purchase and even though that would be an expensive way to do it across a year, if you just want to dip in and out when you have some free money and free time then it’s another option

So get the app and look for songs that use these ( Glory Days… ). I wish I had the app from pretty much the start of this journey, I got it as I started grade 2.