Guitar upgrade from Fender CC-60S to Baby Taylor BTe-KOA

Dear community,

I am playing around 1 year and I freshly jumped to Grade 2, so I am thinking about some “reward”. Last weeks I got in my mind I want something from Martin or Taylor… I found Baby Taylor BTe-KOA and I like it.

I would like to discuss with somebody if its good idea to sell “big” Fender and go to 3/4 Baby Taylor. I have feeling that my actual Fender is too big for me in hands so I would sell it and buy something smaller. I would like to know if there is any known disadvantage and I can use daily for anything that Baby Taylor like I am using my Fender to this day. Its labeled as “travel guitar”, but I think it should not be con for anything… on forums everyone is saying it has strong sound, it is semi acoustic - has electronics and its shorten only for one fret.

What do you think about this idea?

I have to mention that this is just speculation and if I decide I first go to the store and gonna try it on my own. :slight_smile:

My Fender CC-60S Concert Natural

My dirty mind for Taylor Baby BTe-KOA

This is me holding my actual Fender, doesnt it feel its too big for me also from your look?

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If you want a small body Taylor, I would consider Taylor mini.
Baby Taylor… Did you see the bolts going thru the fretboard?
Well, if you are a Taylor Swift fan - they have a signature Baby Tylor :slight_smile:

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@Alexeyd Hello, I checked that and I think biggest “problem” for me is that is has “huge bottom part”. Without thinking… I wanted that Baby Taylor because its more like Dreadnought than this jumbo style or how to say it.
Taylor Swift is not reason for me to go this brand… I just wanted something… I dont know… known branded with high quality?
I saw bolts. I guess they are for fast disassembly? Thinking about it can worn out if you use them a lot and need to repair guitar.

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Have a look at the Sheeran by Lowden range. They do two sizes (W and S) based on the two smallest Lowden sizes. They are made in the Lowden factory in Northern Ireland and the quality is fantastic.


Hi Michal, can’t help with the Taylor, but I would recommend not to sell the Fender and keep it for alternate tunings, if you can and if you like the sound of the Fender. It’s quite handy to have a second acoustic in different aspects down the road. As far as I know, the Fender is out of a basic line and I’m asking myself, if the revenue of the sale will be adding so much to your budget for the Taylor?

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  1. If you can afford a new guitar without selling the old one - don’t sell it. There is no such thing as too many guitars
  2. If you can, just go to guitar shops and try out everything. Minis, for example, are all different. Choose by sound, then by playability, not by the looks. Though, I don’t dismiss the looks :slight_smile:
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@MB13 Nice idea, but I think main problem for me that guitar feels too big is because of its shape, check red “bad” and green “good” below. I looked on Sheeran guitars and all of them have that… “wide butt” or how to say it. :smiley:

@Helen0609 Thats good point, but right now I got my first ever acoustic guitar. Its not in best condition, but I can repair it by myself. I am thinking about selling Fender not because its bad, but sometimes it feels too big for me and I dont wanna store so many guitars at home. Right now I have 2 acoustic and 2 electric guitars. And if I am thinking about changing guitar why not jump for something “better”.

@Alexeyd 1.) I understand to you but I think I wont have that much space or will to play them all. Right now I have 4 guitars. :smiley: And a little cashback is good everytime.
2.) I think that would be best… I just wanted to talk about this with you all so I dont go there like “lost tourist” and I can go and aim to something that I really “need” to try.

I am not sure, but I think that approved teacher Lee Mead Batten has Martin D28, thats aboslutely out of range for me, but I like that shape when I watch him on Club meeting. Maybe difference for me between “fit and not fit” is only JUMBO vs. Dreadnought.

I gave up on dreadnoughts. Grand Auditorium is the biggest body size for me, and I still prefer OM size, or smaller. Dreadnougts hurt my right shoulder, and are generally too big. Jumbo is even bigger. If you don’t play unplugged in a big room, there is no reason to suffer :slight_smile:


@Alexeyd When I checked that Grand Auditorium I found Martin is making this guitars… but I found in my money range they are from High Presure Laminate. Found on the internet its not good material for guitars. What do you think about that? My budget is about 870 dollars, I can but I dont like to pay more than that for guitar right now.
So thats good point about that Dreadnought… definitely something I will be aware of when I visit store, thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: This one does not look that bad, but is has that HPL
Edit number 2: I like that Taylor Koa, because its from wood and it has everything ebony

I once got exited about Taylor Koa guitars…
I watched every review online…
I went through several guitar stores on Manhattan, and tried at least a dozen of those, and a few with a Sinker Redwood top.
And neither sounded good to my ear.
So I got a 714CE Ltd. Taylor, with black sassafras back and sides and a Lutz spruce top. Because it sounded fantastic. When I played a first couple of notes on it - I knew this is the one.

My point is - try them ALL :smiley:

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@Alexeyd I am starting to feel like I am deciding about which brand and engine of car I am gonna buy. There are so many options and everyone “has its own”. :smiley:
I think I am in stage where I just have to go to store and try it on my own…
How you are talking about trying different guitars I can remember year ago I did not pick Fender first, but Takamine GD10CE… and because I wasnt able to play anything , I could do only three chords without strumming and with long time… so I got recommendation from local seller in that shop that its best choice… well after 14 days I still couldnt play it like my old much cheaper guitar and it feeled so… “strangy” or how to say it like it does not belong to me. Now I checked it and its Dreadnought with cutaway… I think its gonna be really hard for me to find “that one”. :smiley:
Also thanks for pictures and video, really great guitar. :slight_smile: Guess the price is GREAT too. :smiley: It is not buyable in my country anymore. :smiley:

Well, playability is also a function of a setup. I do my setups myself, meaning truss rod adjustments, saddle and nut heights etc.

Are Alvarez guitars available in your country?
I really like those. Great value for money.

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@Alexeyd Checked Alvarez and its available in my country. Pretty good pricing, but I still want to stay by that Taylor or Martin… if I start mixing it with another brand my brain will explode, because there is so much to think about even between two brands. :smiley: I also can buy guitar on Thomann. Thats where I bought ebony nut and saddle for my Fender so I did on guitar “my touch”. Also changed tunners for selflocking Gotoh golden, love them.

Gotoh are great.
Top of the line Alvarez will be so much better then cheap Martin…
But it’s your business :slight_smile:
Whichever guitar makes you practice more - you should get it.

@Alexeyd Thats interesting point… is it 870 dollars not enough for good guitar in brand Taylor or Martin so it makes more sence to put that money in different brand for better value/quality?
Practice is OK… when I get up at 04:40 to work… sometimes I skip breakfast so I can “eat” that nice Fmaj7/C in the morning. :smiley:

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With brands like Martin or Taylor, first $1000 goes just for the brand name :slight_smile:
If it is cheaper than that - it’s not made in US probably.
Nowadays, Chinese CNC do great job quality wise. And for $700 you can have an all solid wood guitar with great playability and sound. Even with some decent electronics.

@Alexeyd So is there any specific thing I should look for? Because like this it looks like my current Fender offers to me much more than 2 times more expensive Taylor/Martin. Gonna have a look if something like Fender Mini or Baby exist… maybe that would solve all “problems”. :smiley:

If you can physically try some guitars - this is the best way to choose one, IMO.
It’s not about the features list, it’s about the sound and the feel. Again, just my approach.
As for Fender acoustic guitars - I never tried a really impressive one. Acoustic guitars is not something Fender is famous for. Maybe try Yamaha’s, they are pretty similar to Fenders, shape wise.

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Hi @carreta. I went through this same struggle six months ago when I realized my Fender CC-60S was too large for me to play comfortably. Not caring so much about brand name, I tried many models and settled on an Alvarez AF60 acoustic-electric which I really enjoy. The smaller size (especially body depth) makes a huge difference in playability and it is decently priced. I’m not looking to perform on stage, so having the full sound of a dreadnought is not a problem. Good luck with your search.