Guitar wireless system affordable?

Please recommend a guitar wireless system for most home use but not bad if I can use it for busking ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Are you using with an electric or acoustic guitar ?

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Electric guitar mostly but I have accustic too .

I’ve been quite happy with the Line 6 G-10. I understand that the G-10S is even better.

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thanks, I can see somebody asked if I use acoustic guitar or electric guitar. Does it make any difference? I also have a multi effect and looper pedals with my electric guitar

It would depend on whether the wireless system works with active or passive pickups.

I got my electric guitar yesterday so have no idea what is passive or active the electric guitar is
Yamaha - Revstar Standard RSS02T

If the guitar needs batteries, it has active pickups; common in acoustic-electric guitars. Passive pickups don’t need batteries, common in regular electric guitars.

I have both: my Dean Zelinsky Tagliare has passive pickups, my Taylor 114e has active. The G-10 wireless system works well with both guitars.

OK than I need a wireless that works with both :slight_smile: Active and passive

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I’ve got the G10 and love it. So much better performing without the cables.


It will depend on the guitar as to whether active pickups are an issue or not. As Line 6 state on their website:

In some rare cases, the guitars active electronics are wired with inverse polarity. In this scenario, the original G10T transmitter’s electronics can go into a protection mode that keeps the system from being functional.

I have, personally, experienced this with a Line 6 G10T. The solution, for me, was to go for the G10TiI:

The new G10TII is designed to be electrically compatible with instruments using active pickups and preamps, without the need for an adapter.

The Boss WL-20 has also worked for me with no issues.



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Ouch $400 here

I don’t know how that compares with the Line 6 GT10 system where you are.

In the UK (at Andertons, for example) the GT10 with GT10TII is £209, compared with the WL-20 at £153.

The GT10 is better than the WL-20 in many respects as it has a base unit charger. However, Boss has equivalent in the WL-50 which is £182.

The original mk 1 G10 system is £119. I think these are now discontinued, so you can get some bargains, but that has the older GT10T transmitter which may not work with some active pickups.

Personally, I think the WL-20 and WL-50 are better made than the GT10 which, in comparison, feels a bit fragile to me (and I know someone who has broken their one by knocking it).

The WL-50 also has standard 12V supply and a form factor which makes it much more suitable for mounting on a pedal board, if you ever want to do that in the future.

If these are too expensive, there are cheaper alternatives from Nux, Alesis, and Xvive. I have no experience of these.



This is the only G10 thing I can find.

TBH I kinda feel a decent wireless system should be next to no cost these days?

That’s the older one. If you have active pickups it may or may not work.

The cheapest unit I have seen was £99 which is roughly 200 NZD with a straight currency conversion. You also probably pay a bit of a premium on top of that.



From that site there is also this:

That is, I suspect, about the cheapest you will get a wireless guitar system for at this time.



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Thanks, not terrible, but too much for home use I think for now

I did some extensive research about 2 months ago for myself and after some bad experience those plug and play set(the wifi signals interfered).

I went for the “AKG WMS 40 Mini Instrument ISM2 – Thomann UK” system. It works on a single AA battery and the 30 hour rating is not a lie, I practice about 2 - 3 / hours a day and i cant remember when I last replaced the battery :thinking: . The sound is great and the transmitter is light.

Invest in some decent rechargeable batteries with a high mah rating and enjoy the freedom :metal:


I’m on a budget so bought these on Amazon. Surprisingly they’re absolutely spot on. I can wander around my entire flat while playing, quality is excellent, no noticeable latency, and I get about 5-6 hours of play with each charge. Not bad for the budget price.

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If it works for you, perfect! Other wifi signals gave me issues with those kinda plugs :slight_smile: