H0415's Learning Log

Thanks @ Richard_close2u for the suggestion of making a log of first year/1550 hours journey.
I first started from Beginner Grade 1, just practice chords and strumming with"NitsuJ ",about 2 months (3-4 hours everyday)
Then I start more comfortable of changing the chords of Grade1 so I start to add more to the practice eg:learn Travis picking with thumb pick /Finger exercise/memorize notes in fretboard/try not to strum the wrong strings(E/A/D) and Finger stretches,in this stage(took me about 4-5 months) I usually practice about 5-6 hours every day
I passed F chord about 6 months from the start and I started to practice electric and use more of not just first couple frets(so I start practice 5 positions of Am pentatonic scales),also I start learning more and more finger patterns,to now most basic chords I dont have problems of change them in any songs.
I started learning lead guitar is just last month because I want my first year have something to showoff but it is hard song anyway progress looks good so far,may still take couple days(I guess) to finish the song Ive been practice for a month(3 hours a day)
After one year Im still in part of Grade3 and Grade5,I can’t solo/improvise,but I do have decent skill of playing guitar.

Also here is my daily practice routine if anyone want more details of my practice and it only post about my guitar routine(Please delete if this is not allow)

PS:also here is my one year progress if anyone wonder what will be like:

Thanks for read


Wow :open_mouth:!

1550 hours in 1 year. That’s a huge commitment. Not only for the hours every day but because It has to be hard sometimes (both mentally and physically) to be playing for so long.

Btw I love the idea that you post both the natural time (1 year) and the actual time (1550h) you’ve been practicing. This is something I love to do too every time I post a video. I think it is a much more accurate way to answer when someone asks how long you’ve been playing. For example, It took me 2 years to reach 220 hours of playing. I think, this way, people with less time every day than us to practice won’t feel overwhelmed by our progress in “so little time”

Cheers and keep it up!

PS: Btw, you post the total of hours in each exercise by month, but I’m curious about how you organize each day :blush:


Well said, Edgar. Significant difference between duration and effort, in learning guitar and many other things in life.

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