Half The World Away - Oasis (Cover)

Hey everyone!

As promised, here’s my crack at this song after seeing @Buncey version (that you can find here):

I know my last one is still fresh but I actually recorded them the same afternoon, and did some editing on it today finally.

Basically I did the same thing as in the I Wanna Be your Cover but without any delay or reverb, it made it sound too “artificial” and that’s not what I wanted for this.

I’m very impressed at what some compression and a little bit of EQ fooling around can do. As always, tips on the production/playing/singing are welcome, don’t hold back your punches.



Hi Kevin,
Greatly played and sung, I also like the setting to look at … and your voice sometimes almost seems to go to distortion (?). (no idea what that’s called now) (raw blues edge?)
I think that could sound great on other songs if you ever dare to try that, but maybe it’s not clear what I mean at all.
Anyway this was good :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

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Nice job… never heard this one but I liked your version. I think you have that capo in just the right spot as your vox came out great! Not really much in the mix I can comment on as it was good as is.

Keep it up,

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I have to say I was really impressed. You sound like a professional performer. I think I can speak for all when I say you have an excellent technique and wonderful voice that left us craving for more. Great job! I hope to hear more of your music soon.


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Very slick production Kevin. Vox and playing spot on and love the black and white video, very atmospheric ! :sunglasses:

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@LBro check out the @Buncey version in the link above. Not half bad for a first AOVYP :wink:

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That was amazing!!! Bravo @KevinKevan!!! A wonderful take on a fabulous song. I love that you really built the energy up to the end of the song and then on the last “I don’t feel downs” we came back down to your final resolution - that you don’t feel down!

And blimey, I wish my F-minor chords were as solid as yours.

I do hope you’re out gigging to real live audiences? Because you should be!


I did, both are very good!


Fantastic Kevin. Love the dynamics in your vocals! Brilliant stuff!

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Your performances Kevin are really getting better and better with each recording, wowza your voice is really ringing out here beautifully, I could totally go to a real life gig of yours and buy you a beer afterwards :grinning: great job Kev!

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You’re taking leaps and bounds Kevin and sounding very good.

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Okay, I spotted the easter egg, all the Oasis stuff in the background… recorded the same day as I Wanna Be Yours but they’re not in that video! Nice staging :sunglasses:.

Awesome man. I love what you’re doing with the setup and recording, makes me want to do a better setup for mine to make them look better rather than in the room I share with the kids stuff at home.

Oh yeah, the playing! The performance! Super good. You keep outdoing yourself. Great playing and singing, gotta love it.


Another great Oasis number Kevin. Well played and sung. Bravo!

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Well that was excellent stuff Kevin. Great singing and like @roger_holland said, a little bit of a husk in your voice at points, sweet. Playing was also excellent. Loved the sunnies, how Gallagher are you? Mad for it, our kid!

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I wish I could sing like that!

Perhaps the only small piece of advice I could give is that the treble on the guitar seems too pronounced in the recording.

But that’s really just to say something. Bottom line is: well done!

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Wonderfully played and sung, Kevin. It was a real pleasure listening (and watching) to it :smiley:.

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You were on a role that afternoon, Kevin. Playing and singing is going from strength to strength.

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Fantastic Kevin. Really well played and sung. It has been a pleasure watching your progress. As @DavidP it is going from strength to strength.

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Wow! Thanks everyone, lots of responses and great feedback.

roger_holland Thank you Roger! I’m doing the Chris Liepe Discover Your Voice course so trying to push it and experiment a bit, I’ll have to try it with other tunes!

@LBro thanks LB, it was a tricky one to figure out, cause on the verses it was just too high for me and decided to try the voice one octave lower.

@SDKissFan thank you Jeff for the kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m liking the results I’m getting spending more time with each cover, instead of recording and uploading it quickly like I was doing, it’s good to see others enjoy it as well.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thx Toby, I thought it worked pretty well only cause I was wearing a white T-shirt :sweat_smile:

@Buncey thank you Liane, it’s common for me to get more energetic as the song goes a long, and with this ending worked perfectly!
About the F-chord, you’ll get there, I didn’t think it was possible for me to play it consistently well and now I can even play A-shape barre chords, just keep at it.
I did a couple of gigs with friends earlier this year but nothing in the horizon, I do hope to record some demos of a couple of originals by myself and hit real life OMs on a regular basis soon, and see what happens :rofl:.

Eddie_09 thank you Eddie!

@adi_mrok haha thank you Adrian, I’d like to get invited to that beer as well!

batwoman Thank you Maggie, just playing a lot these days :slight_smile:

@jkahn good eye my friend, the Gallagher brothers are with me (in spirit). Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad you liked it. I’m really enjoying working on the production of the audio and the video on these last 2 covers so I’d encourage you at least to give it a try!

@sairfingers thanks Gordon, someday I’ll get to cover all of their songs at this rate haha

@SgtColon thank you Stefan, let’s just say I was feeling supersonic :sunglasses:

paolopitari thank you Paolo, could be something related to the EQ on the production on the recording. I tend to crank up the treble when I play the electric as well, so it’s a good thing to watch out.

NicoleKKB glad you liked it Nicole, thanks a bunch!

@DavidP thank you David, spending more time on each song really shows, I’m liking it a lot.

@Socio thank you James, it’s been a great journey and I’m excited to continue learning and playing (and seeing everyone in the Community do the same)

And to those doubting themselves, this was my first AVOYP, back in July 2021, I believe it was in the old forum…

Not to say I’m great or anything of course, but I’ve learned to enjoy learning and playing my favourite songs and that shows, instead of getting anxious for getting it “right”.
Keep at it, you’ll get better!


That was really great, Kevin, excellent playing and vocals sound amazing! We’re hoping to go out tomorrow evening to hear some live music, 1 guy and his guitar for a couple of hours. You could very easily get those kind of gigs.

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