Hallelujah cover

Hi all. I have to apologize for being a bad forum member as of late. Work has been totally crushing my guitar time. But I told myself I was going to have some fun tonight playing a song from the old beginners book from Justin that I’ve never tackled. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.


Hello bad Tosh :laughing: nah only jokin’. It’s good to see you again. Even more, it’s good to hear you sing and play.

Hi @ToshS. Great song and well played. Thanks for sharing. Can’t bring myself to sing yet…

Well played Tosh, a good cover of Hallelujah.

Hi Tosh,
Bad Member, bad member foei…Now that we’ve had that :grin:,…good that you’re picking it up again,I liked your performance to listen to :sunglasses:

Nice rendition Josh. Well played and sung.
Good to have you back mate. Been wondering where you’ve been of late.
Work getting in way of guitar playing is an obscenity in my opinion :rofl:

Cheers, Shane

Great to see you back Tosh. :wave:

Missed your deep JC vox :wink: they work really well with this song. Solid performance as ever, as Clint would say no nits from me.

For reference, you can drop the YT link straight into the post, as the are auto embedded.

Don’t be a stranger.



Hey, Tosh, ever so good to hear from you again, missed your presence here.

Cash meets Cohen … glad you’ve not lost the old magic.

Stay well

Really enjoyed that Tosh, well done! We all have periods where unfortunately “normal” life takes over, coming back is all that matters. :+1:

Thanks. Great to see you too!

Work getting in the way. That is certainly obsene! lol

Great to hear you again Tosh, good to see you still manage to find some time to play even though work can be overwhelming from time to time. All sounded cool to me, with Cohen’s and your tone you hit the nail in the head, well done!

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Nicely done there Tosh, a good listen.

Welcome back Tosh, I wondered where you’d been.
That was a great version of the song. You can sing and play Cohen & Cash! Well done.

Thanks Gordon. Actually, I wasn’t that familiar with Leonard‘s version of the song. So when I checked it out I was surprised to see he had a deep voice as well. Seems like a good fit for my style. Honestly, the harder part was getting used to the different rhythmic feel. When you’re used to just doing boom Chicka boom all the time and then changed to 6/8. :joy:

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Tosh, my Man!
I’ve given up apologizing for absences. It’s just nice to see old faces turn up again :smiley:
Not only do I think Mr. Cohen’s voice suits you better, but you’ve also reminded me of a song I should learn.
Vibes :sunglasses:

Great to see you again, David! Thanks for the comment

That’s a great approach Brian. Would love to see your take on this song and will be watching for it!

Good to see you back and posting Tosh and a great way to do it as well.

That was a great rendition, I really enjoyed it. Super stuff.

Glad to see you back, Tosh, Great job on your impressive performance of this great classic. Fits your voice so well.