Hallelujah - Fingerpicked cover by JK

I’m currently consolidating Grade 2, and I thought it would be a good idea to post videos showing where I’m at with the major Grade 2 skills. Forces me to make sure they’re all OK before moving on to Grade 3. I’m keen for feedback and constructive criticism.

The recording practice is useful too, each time I learn something. Looking at other people’s vids, I reckon I need to pick a tidier place to record than our home office - but right now our house is a total mess with renovations!

Before learning this one, I’d heard the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah, but it wasn’t really my thing. No idea why I decided to look at the lesson for this song, but I did, and then really enjoyed the Leonard Cohen version of Hallelujah. The way it’s cynical to me, the struggles it highlights, they grabbed me. I decided to adapt it to fingerstyle as Justin hints at in the lesson. I play it a fair bit to keep me honest that I’m fretting the F properly, and I love the song now.

This one I recorded off the guitar’s pickup - and tried to put a bit more effort - and volume - into singing after the feedback on the last video. My singing still has a long way to go. A couple of minor mistakes in the guitar playing as well but I’m happy with most of it.

Anyway, here it is - Hallelujah, fingerpicked.


That worked great!! I think your fingerpicking sounds good. Nice crisp sound, nice chord changes. The tempo sounded nice aswell.
I have never tried this before, but i will put it on my list for the future.

Im also one of those that likes the master him self Mr. Cohens version better than Jeff Buckley’s version.

I liked your version a lot. Your voice is as dark and deep as Cohens :rofl:

I can imagine its a tough one to sing when you go down that low. Maybe its a bit easier for you if you go up a little bit on those lowest parts of the song?

Keep em comin and rock on :metal:

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Good job on the finger-picking and the F chord, JK. I enjoyed your low, slow, drawled delivery of the vocal, sing-speaking the song.

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Hi JK,
Nice played,… man man you can almost communicate with elephants from miles away … such a low voice …
Have it been pointed out to you … that if it is possible … , your thumb something further forward,…no problem with this song, but it could get in the way later on the road this way,…
Greetings Rogier

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Good stuff JK, not an easy one to play finger style at all. I’ve had a few stabs at it but it’ll definitely form part of my consolidation for Grade 2 when I get there. I’ve got someone to aspire to now :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks Trond. Yeah I have a pretty deep talking voice, still figuring out my singing voice. 40 years old and that’s new to me.

Buckley vs Cohen - no doubt Buckley is a guitar master, the tone of the song comes off as a ballad to me. Cohen’s dark drawl drew me in, so I thought I’d give it a go. My singing is not talented enough to fine tune much, it just kind of went there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Matching pitch is hit or miss.

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Thanks David, the song has truly kept my F honest. No hiding buzzes when you’re fingerpicking the high strings.

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I’ll have to add elephant interpreter to my list of talents :joy:.

What do you mean by the thumb - move my whole hand forward over the sound hole?

We’re all on our own journeys Mark. For whatever reason I loved playing this song. Btw, your three little birds fingerstyle was great - could tell you’d put a lot of time into it!

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As for your thumb, there’s a nice picture posted here somewhere of how your thumb should be in relation to the rest of your fingers…now you pick “in” your hand…I’ll call on the photo help techniques, otherwise he probably knows where to find it… @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Good work and nicely played throughout @jkahn
I occasionally like to push and stretch people along their way … now you can play in the key of C, here is a challenge: can you transpose and play in the key of G?

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Might need a bit more music theory for that one, or maybe just chuck a capo on and do the same thing :joy:

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of that. Try it. Then pin point the root notes of the chords, writing them down as you go. Hey presto. You have transposed to a new key. Take the capo off and play them as open chords in a new key! :slight_smile:

Wow, that is a deep, low voice you have. It invokes Cohen! Nice job! You kind of started out slow and gained steam as you went! All good stuff!

Keep up the rock’n vibe,

That was a tasty bit of fingerpicking JK.

A great song, covered really nicely.

Like LBro has said, your voice does invoke Cohen.

You did a fine job JK !!!

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@jkahn indeed, I love seeing and hearing everyone’s different journey.
I’ve stuck with 3 Little Birds all the way through and do like playing with it. The finger picking version I stumbled upon really as a song to begin doing vocals to, took a fair while yes but I hope worth it!! I’m actually using the song at the moment as an experiment with palm muting.

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Awesome Job Jkahn! I really enjoyed this! Nice fingerpicking! :smiley:

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Cool version! Loved the fingerpicking!

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Do I hear someone calling for a thumb? That would be a photo I spam with :grin: I am sure Ivan doesn’t mind at all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: