Happy 1st Community Birthday!


Hope y’all had a fantastic Xmas and New Year celebrations! I’m tidying my studio today and trying to get ready for a super productive and fun 2023!

It was the new community anniversary a week ago, and I wanted to drop by and congratulate everyone on building such an awesome and supportive community!

I know I’m a bit of an ‘absent dad’ around here, but it’s not because I don’t think it’s an awesome hang; I’m just so busy making and planning new stuff that I struggle to make time to hang out as much as I’d like.

When I do drop in, I’m always impressed by the engagement and support given to new learners and the friendships that develop. Also, the amazing diversity of the community in geography, age, ability and character!

The AVOYP area is thriving, and I hope that we can grow the ‘open mic’ vibes this coming year - I’m also exploring the possibility of some ‘actual’, as in real life, open mics around the world and how that might work!!

Of course, a supermassive mega thank you to the awesome community moderators, Lieven, Richard and David, who do an amazing job keeping it a safe, supportive and friendly environment for everyone to grow… and the super advice they provide also.

Wishing you all a fantastic 2023 filled with happiness and awesome guitar adventures!

Much love, J.


Hi Justin and team, the first anniversary of the new community is also the first anniversary for me of being a member of this community.
First, I just wanted to join and look a little bit around but had not so much intention to become an active member. As I saw, how supportive and friendly folks here are and how much time they invest to help others, it became a daily ritual to read (a lot!! :joy:) of posts and try to help others (relatively modest due to my beginner level). It’s a really special spirit here and a great place to learn from others. “Thank you”, to all the “supporting collumns” here!


I see Richard is typing, so I’ll keep it short to get in before him :rofl:
Have a cracking 2023, Justin.
Thanks again for building us this cool house to hang out in and esp all the resources for us to learn guitar with.
You da Man! :smiley:


Thanks to you Justin for creating the online lessons and content and learning environment around which our community exists.
Thanks for your generosity of spirit and desire to teach the world to play.
The spirit that permeates this community is no surprise or accident. A desire to help others inspires and informs our mindset.
Over years our purpose has been to foster a positive, encouraging and giving atmosphere in which mutual support - and friendships - can flourish.
The move from the old forum to this new community has seen a significant growth in the number of people actively engaging. At times the expansion has been rapid and dizzying.
Significant and noticeable is that the spirit within the beating heart of the community remains potent and undiluted. As our numbers grow so does the pay-it-forward ethos.
On a personal level, the 14th anniversary of my joining the JustinGuitar team has just passed (27 December 2008). It has been, and continues to be, a privilege and honour to be a part of the team.
Cheers one and all. Here’s to many more anniversaries.


Haha. It took me another 18 minutes of thought and word craft … you had plenty of time !!! :slight_smile:


@Richard_close2u @brianlarsen I’ll keep this even simpler then.

@JustinGuitar Thank you !



Happy 2023, :partying_face: :sunglasses: :bouquet:

And thank you for this platform in total and above all the enormous amount of lessons in such a fantastic order, with which you absolutely contribute to my life happiness and therefore people around me i help in different ways, with… and without music,…

The community the last year I want to give Richard, Lieven and David a big hug because without you this wouldn’t be such a success, … and the rest of the team behind the scenes (and sometimes a little in front of the scenes like laryne) thank you ,thank you so very much too, :heartpulse:

And yes, … you make a community with more, so you who read along, and tap along … Thanks :sunglasses: :bouquet: :smiley:



Thank you all from a newbie community member this year. Happy guitar years. :grinning: :smiley:


Big thanks and Happy New Year to @JustinGuitar and all who keep this amazing community going. Looking forward to another year of learning new stuff and practicing old stuff!!


Big thanks and happy new year to all for making me feel so welcome and at home in this wonderful community.

Big thanks to @JustinGuitar for making this wonderful learning platform and community.

I feel that I’ve come along way in my first year of learning with JustinGuitar and looking forward to seeing how far I can develop in 2023 and supporting those starting out in their guitar adventure.


When I started my guitar journey in Spring 2022 with JG, I had no idea that I would find so much more than just a place to learn to play a little bit on my new instrument.
Besides the fantastic lessons, I’ve found this wonderful community, which brought so much additional support and joy into my ‘guitar playing life’.
Thanks to @JustinGuitar for creating and maintaining this awesome place, and thanks to everbody involved for making this forum a warm and welcoming home for every guitar playing soul :hugs:.


Hey Teacher…I hope you don’t feel too much “an absent dad” because we all know that you’re there for us, to be helpful and inspiring with your lessons and teachings! Thanks to you and all the team for this wonderful Community, with a special shout out to @DavidP for being always so supportive with all of us and always sending thoughtfull feedback! And a very special thank you to all the members, that made me feel at home from the very beginning :)))


Big thanks and happy new year to all in the community and of course to Justin and his team for providing us the tools to learn to play guitar. I am playing for 3+ years but have only been a member of the community for a few months . I have learned so much and filled so many gaps in my playing with helpful advice from everyone on here, plus it has really helped me progress as a player and move in the direction I want to go.


Toby… you have the gift of synthesis :wink::clap::clap::blush::joy:


Like many here, I wasn’t on the old forum platform - I started playing a couple of months before the new community launched! - so haven’t experienced the changes. 1 year old! :birthday:

I can say it’s a useful, positive and sharing community. A ray of sunshine on the internet. It’s said the culture of an organisation starts at the top. No need to feel like an absent parent Justin, it makes sense you’d keep on doing what you do while the community does it’s own thing. Reduce time on social media, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks @JustinGuitar for teaching us to play and establishing the community here, and thanks @Richard_close2u, @LievenDV and @DavidP for running it! :hugs:


Hi Justin, many thanks for all the work you do for me on my Guitar playing journey, I have purchased a couple of your Courses Books and just love your online lessons on How to play Songs. I have just been learning guitar since 2015 in retirement thus about 7 years but did a lot of Technical learning and not enough in actual playing of songs which is what i’m doing now. Hope you have a great 2023 NY and look forward to getting your monthly News letters Downunder in Oz.


Happy Anniversary to Community and to Justin, Richard, Lieven and David! You guys are keeping up the Community at highest possible level and I am glad to be a part of it. For many more Anniversaries to come!


Wow. A year old already! :nerd_face:. Certainly has been some significant growth. Welcome to all those I’ve missed saying hello to this year.
Congratulations Justin, and a huge shoutout to Richard, Lieven, and David for steerin’ the ship so admirably.
A true community this is - proud and priveleged to be a part of it.

Cheers, Shane


Happy Anniversary to this community, thanks to @JustinGuitar for providing the space in addition to the lessons and guidance and setting such a positive and helpful direction. I have only known this new version, but clearly the ethos instilled throughout it’s lifetime, has continued to be strong and I thank all members old and new for being so supportive.
I feel this has added to my guitar learning journey and logon here daily to find out what’s going on and be with my friends. Thank you to @Richard_close2u @LievenDV and @DavidP for ensuring everything runs smoothly and stays in order. Even though we are mostly well behaved, having done it, I know there is likely significant behind the scenes work. Thanks to the regulars for ongoing conversation and banter, you know who you are. Which provides colour over and above welcoming new folks and being constantly supportive and encouraging. :cook: :kiss: The depth of knowledge that you all routinely provide is phenomenal
Here’s to many more years to come and hope that I am able to pay forward what you have all given to me.


Justin @JustinGuitar

Happy New Year to you and all of your team as well as the Mods @Richard_close2u @DavidP @LievenDV and not forgetting the rest of the community members.

Looking. forward to progressing with your lessons this year and the new ones you have planned.

Michael :grinning: