Happy Improv With Backing Track

Hello ,
This is one slightly older than the previous one in my Learning Log but I tried to download a few times but it didn’t work every time… This one is no better than the previous one, but I have to hide a little less in the dark log of mine :blush:
It is the 2nd one I have done with a YouTube backing track and it is actually an exercise for when I get a guitar pressed into my hands in a bar or party… I don’t prepare anything and I have heard the backing track a maximum of 2 times. …if I continue this, I’m sure I’ll reuse backing tracks to keep making something better…with the few things I’ve done (very early on with the Trio+ too) I can already see that I’m starting to get favorite licks (but more about that later in another topic)

Ps:the speakers are behind a table behind my phone that also records this sound and the guitar amplifiers are to my left… so I still have a nice leap to make in terms of sound quality :grin: :sweat_smile:
Greetings ,Rogier


A very tasty bit of improv there Rogier. It was good to see you getting into the zone as that’s when you let your fingers play with feeling. Beyond my play grade to give any meaningful feedback or tips. So I’ll just sit back ans enjoy another listen as I relax on a day off.

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Hey Rogier - that was great, some lovely melodic lines in there, beautifully done.

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Hi Rogier,

that’s a sweet improv, great vibe and feeling in it! :clap: I felt like you really zoned in and let it go. Cool stuff and beyond me to offer any substantial advice - not that far into the improv-journey yet.

Take my Like and groove on! :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing.

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Hello Rogier :smiley:

Just found your latest video and listened to it (twice in a row :wink:)

What a treat for my ears :clap: :clap: :clap:
Well played and a pleasure to listen to.

And I’ve learned quite a lot from your beautiful example. A few days ago I tried an improvisation myself as an exercise for a lesson in module 10.
An improvisation along a two minutes backing track using the major scale and played just on the thinnest strings of the first three frets.
I quite enjoyed it and liked the result, but listening to your great improv demonstrates what it can sound like … with lots of practice … and talent … one far day :grin:
But I’m motivated now to practice it a lot more. Thank you for sharing :sunflower:

Gunhild :lady_beetle:

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Hallo Rogier,

Very smooth and enjoyable bit of improv you’re serving up there! Can we have a second serving, Alsjeblieft? (I recently downloaded a translation app… hope that Alsjeblieft means please!!!:face_with_peeking_eye:) Keep the groove and have fun!!!


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Oh that’s super sweet and chilled Rogier. Just got home from a wedding and a week in Ireland. Suffering from jet lag (and too much Guinness :joy:) so this was perfect timing by you as I lie on my couch and drift away with some sweet tunes. :sunglasses:


Come into the light…… come into the light my son…. :smiling_imp: The light of AVOYP and away from the dark learning log…

That was sweet Rogier. Fitted the vibe of the backing track nicely. Very laid back jazzy feeling to it.


Nice to see and hear you playing again! You should do this more often to our enjoyment! Always a great pleasure to listen to your smooth playing and some good inspiration to do everything to get there in the future :heart_eyes: :hibiscus:.

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Hi Everyone,
To @SILVIA I’ll say in advance… I listened to you carefully last time with that wrist of mine, but these recordings are from that same week and when I posted those first recordings it was already weeks/months old, no need to post this disclaimer I was looking at that wrist this morning and I’m still not doing it right, now I haven’t been able to play for weeks and a week or so? but for a very short time each day, I will try to pay close attention to my favorite Italian teacher :blush: :smile:

@Socio James, thank you very much,
I think you can and you certainly know enough to provide me and many others with advice, you don’t always have to be able to do something to know how things can be improved, otherwise I wouldn’t have much to say at home :laughing:, but I understand you and everyone below in this tread…Thanks :sunny:

Hi Paul @mathsjunky
Thanks you for listening and commenting …I like that you liked it :smiley:
Greetings, :sunglasses:

Hi Lisa

I had completely forgotten that I was moving like that :upside_down_face:…I didn’t look at it again yesterday…I just watched it again…but weeks ago I did when I was looking for the other one…
Thanks :sunflower:

Hi Gunhild @Gunhild
Thank you , you are way too sweet :blush:
How great that you have also started the solo/impro/fretboard etc etc :smiley: (building a library in your head :exploding_head:) lessons, for me it only started to make sense after months of practice with/after the first blues licks lessons… I have been working on it for so many weeks/months that when I look at the problems in the world that there is, I could have used my time a bit more usefully :roll_eyes: :blush: :smile:, and Oooo I still have a long way to go…

Hearing that I motivate you is really great …and way more :smiley:

Greetings, :sunflower:

Hi Tod @CATMAN62
Thank you very much :smiley: :sunglasses:…But I’m busy enough here and “there”… patience :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

And no ‘alsjeblieft’ means literally “I’ll give you a guitar of your choice, I promise” in Dutch
:innocent: :laughing:

Hi Eddie @Eddie_09
You guys should stop making me blush so much, Thank you for those words
Nice weather there :see_no_evil: … even worse wetter than usual on the other side of the canal :grimacing:, I hope you made beautiful memories (or retained them after all that Guinness :roll_eyes:) …
You (and more over there) can definitely use this one here :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

Hi JK @jkahn
Thank you very much, :sunglasses:
And you have a good point :see_no_evil: and thanks to your last video I went to see how I had done that one again because I had forgotten, I haven’t played that one for a long time … but it was also hidden in my LL. So if I or when I can stop typing today, I know what to play for some time … and psss your Sweet Lick is my first “steal” :sunglasses:
Greetings :sunflower:

Hi Andrea @Helen0609

Thank you very much
Like I said about earliere, hearing that I can be a source of inspiration is something that makes me float :blush:
Who knows what the future will bring… now let’s take a long break with tea :sweat_smile:, shall I pour you another cup of tea or coffee? :smile:
:tea:/ :coffee:
Greetings :sunny:


Oh that makes me happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seeing as I also stole it :joy:

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Rogier that was lush with some very tasty twiddles in there. I’m glad you posted it in here as I don’t check out people learning logs :flushed: and I’d have missed out on this super bit of improv. I loved it.

P.S. I’ve decided, you remind me of Chris Rea. :smiley:

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Super cool laid back groove in that one Rogier, I really enjoyed that listen. You’ve inspired me to have another go at improv. I got back last night at midnight from two weeks in Spain so some blues will get me back into the swing of things as I look out into the garden and see all the autumn work that needs to be done! 26 degrees C suddenly becomes 9 degrees C and wet. :worried:
Well done my friend.

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Hi JK @jkahn
You let me play the 6th trick and after 5 minutes I was quite happy with it …but also an itch I was still missing something , then I looked at my video from when I played guitar for just over a year and a half and I thought that I got it absolutely oke and right … Ooo :flushed:then I went to Justin’s lesson Ooooo … I missed several notes/timing etc etc … busy afternoon and tomorrow Oooooo :see_no_evil:
But thanks :sunglasses:

Hi Stefan @SgtColon
Thank you for stepping by and the appreciation :sunglasses: and for confirmation that I only need to put the absolute learning processes into that LL (Actually, this was also intended for learning and assessment over a year or so by me alone :blush:)

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:
Sweet lord, do I look that old already? I thought we (okay maybe I) were just making old age jokes about BrianL :laughing:
Thanks :sunny:

Hi Gordon @sairfingers
Thank you and again someone who is pushed towards the right path (It should be fun quickly, otherwise it should be back to what is already going very verywell :sunglasses: )… nice to read.

And what a change in weather and country :flushed: , I have regularly thought of you over the past week when the news was on and they show us that the weather was even wetter than usual and now with all that extra misery :worried:

Here to dry and keep warm:fire: and for the coming weeks (??) :crossed_fingers: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: …(maybe if you start fondling enough gods and sacrificing half the people :joy:)



:rofl: :rofl: Not at all. I meat when he was a younger man.

FYI, Brian doesn’t look as old when you see him in person. :smiley:


:joy: :rofl:
I already thought that…although that would have been nice joke or from the resemblance is that your father or something, because :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:…when you said that earlier I went to take a look …about 4 years ago I was temporarily very thin, the similarity with some photos of the earlier but also the older Chris are shocking :flushed:… maybe I won’t tell my wife… he does have money and can make music really well and and… :grin:

be careful, because maybe that B is reading this and he’s been getting enough feathers shoved up his buttocks all day :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil:, his neck doe seem to be getting thicker :innocent:


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He’s had quite a battle with illness Rogier and I think he is lucky to be alive. I guess that is why he looks a little rough theses days. I’m sure she only has eyes for you. :smiley:

I’m just thinking Star Wars now. :smiley:

Okay, sorry, no more Brian love.

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Aa I just read it … more similarity… :grimacing:

Ha ha I never see her leave the house with eye shields on…

At the risk of disappointing a lot of people even more… of course I know that sentence I`M YOUR VADER, but I don’t know the difference between Star Wars and Trek … never saw 5 minutes of either
or perhaps included in quizzes and other films that it came along :grimacing: Sssorry… :smile:

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I came here to say this but JK beat me to it! You smoothie @roger_holland Rogier. Improvisation is my 2nd least favourite part of learning guitar, but this inspires me to try it some more :grinning: :+1:


Hi Ian,
Thank you for the sweet compliment :sunglasses: good to hear and have/find and keep the fun :smiley: